The Overzealous Zanda (apostle of Ahriman)


I have a man in Argentina who mentors me in the cult of San le Muerte. He began to get flooded with work and so he began to pass it my way. The pics… no. The work did not fund that temple. It will fund the new one.


@KurtisJoseph Will there be any education on focused baneful sorcery (assassinations) in the course?


Thank-you Kurtis for those amazing photos now i understand it does help greatly see what you mean standing 3 cables on top of the Lightning soil in the urn, today i got out of bed and stood barefoot and sun gazed for 10 seconds because of the office building i had to wait until the sun to stair at it it was slightly painful, than went back to bed and i had the most vivid dreams my mind was acting like a Demon siren my mind was naturaly signalling for Demons and i didn’t have to do anything my brain was doing it all for me i check the time for sun set 5:20pm so 4:20pm i went out sun gazing it did hurt the eyes a bit while i was stairing at the sun for 10 seconds i think i might try again when the sun is further away.


Hey Kurtis I have no doubt about about your skills in the field I had made contact with morte through dream I’m excited for the second tome I was reading infernal warfare in BMOA as you may already know as our collective soul evolves Ahura Mazda grows weak in my case the bastard keeps sending egragore mercenaries after me in the book you mentioned the blackened fire defends against most astral attacks but they due to current conditions i am unable to keep it burning mainly astral spears and arrows in the video course could you do a section on defense against such annoying attacks


If you’re having troubles with spiritual attacks here’s my method for defense: Laugh, a lot.
Laughter is a powerful banishing tool. What I’ll do about once a week is I’ll walk around the house and just laugh the entire time while I visualize a solid white energy field covering every surface of my dwelling.

So far, I have never encountered any entities or spirits who mean me harm.


yes I am going to be sure of it. All rights will be performed just as they are within the temple without the interruption of explanation. Explanations will occur beforehand and afterward. The video course will cover all of the work within the text and much more. This is why it was not released with the book as the current continues to grow even after its publication.


The ever-burning blackened fire is the most important Cornerstone within this current. I know you mentioned before that you are already beginning the rites of infernal Warfare. This is indeed very dangerous. I would focus on making substantial contact with the three headed dragon in order to improve circumstances and until those improve work on the foundations of practice found within the text as well as the ignition of the black Sun. As you are right now every time you light the blackened fire of zohak it must be fed. My intuition tells me that a daily invocation of the noxious creatures of Ahriman may help. However this is not something I have personally had to apply so I cannot be certain. I know without a doubt the astral attacks are real. It definitely needs dealt with. They will only get stronger.


Not sure if this would be of any help but due to a seven day candle basically exploding on me one time I’m not comfortable with letting one burn unattended. I purchased some of these cages for various seven day candles with this particular one for my Blackened Fire Of Zohak. I now feel safer letting it burn continually and have for the last few weeks.


Consider that an awesome omen. Yes great idea my friend! I began using large pillar candles. Bee’s wax disipates and prevents the mess. I make them in seven day molds. However glass jar candles are awesome for receiving omens and interpretation of symbols upon the path.


I used to make my own candles but haven’t done any in about five years. I still have all my tools and molds but I just ordered some supplies such as additives, dye chips, scents etc. I promised my daughter before she went back to her mom’s at the end of the summer we’d make some together. She told me to make sure I bought enough red, black and purple dye for myself. She knows me so well. lol


Hey man, no offense, but that won’t cut it. In order to counter-act curses yourself (as opposed to having an entity do it for you), you have to understand how curses WORK. Curses don’t conjure up some giant grim reaper-like scythe that when swung makes your victim drop dead instantly. Picture your life force as a bathtub full of water. When a competent sorcerer throws a curse intended to kill, they are reaching down into that bathtub, and pulling the plug. This causes the water (your life-force) to drain over a period of time (usually around a year but depending on the prowess of the sorcerer), piercing and draining your energetic body. This not only turns your body against you but your environment against you as well, leaving you open to terminal illness, diseases, insanity, and horrifying accidents. When your bathtub is empty, you die. Different curses have different effects on the rate at which your water is drained, some focusing on the suffering of the victim, others on killing them as quickly as possible. Your “Laugh, a lot” method is the equivalent of getting shot in the chest with a .308 and putting a snoopy band-aid on it, or trying to use Aikido against a trained mixed martial artist. I know you THINK its gonna work, and that is fine and all, but the reality is you are going to get your ass beat like a red-headed stepchild, or worse: killed. I take the time out of my incredibly busy day to write this small novel in order to help you because you clearly need it, not to belittle you or make fun of you. I hope this helped.


Hey Kurtis how does that work? As a private contractor, if you are hired to kill someone you must provide proof of death to your client. How do you get your client the kill confirmation if the curse takes a while to fully eradicate the victim? Do you just spy on them to confirm their life is going shitty and their health has been taken from them? I know the sorcerer often receives verification that the curse has taken effect but the client could be anyone with varying degrees of skepticism. How do you verify your proof of kill so your payment is authorized? Does the cult of San le Muerte have their hands on baneful systems that manifest almost instantaneously or something? I have so many questions.


The cult of San le Muerte deals with the sinistral death and devotion to him. It is similar to Quimbanda. The Scythe bearer can cut the cords to life very quickly. He also can grant great wealth to his devotees. For his initiates this is often granted through acting as his will within the world and being rewarded for it. BMoA contains a similar entity called Astwihad the bone divider. I hesitated to devote myself to the saint of dark death at first. However many of the jobs I have got were for a good cause. A man beats his children and was responsible for the death of his mother for example.


Through faith in dark death and his priest the money is considered a dowry. Proof? They find the targets obituary.


Keep in mind many of these jobs come from Argentina. The clients go to my teachers “house of dark death” and give him the money. These people are very superstitious and their “faith” fuels the entire operation. They do not understand we are not even needed.


I was reading page 120 at 12:30am i red alternatively let the flame burn your hands that sounds crazy it would be agony and end up with 3 degree burns and end up with skin graphs anyway my hand wont allow to burn.


Bowling270 why are you always acting like such a fucking sissy? Lmao! Put your fuckin palm over the gawd damn candle until you feel like saying ouch and remove it. Lmao! Jesus Christ. You don’t have to melt your hand dude. ABWAHAHA!


Im sorry if i affended you of course i wont leave my palm over the flame all night, it was i was thinking i had to burn it for the hole evolution.


Hey you’re like the part of all of us that thinks of this (IMO, and btw to be deadly clear, not speaking as a “Moderator” here or whatever) - you see “Cleanse your ritual space of bugs” and you’re like “Where can I find a gold-plated ant-eater??!1!!” - I think you make things harder for yourself than necessary! :wink:

But that is also what many of us do, amirite?

(Yes, on this. NOT everything. But this, I am solid on.)

Bowling270, from what you’ve shared, you’re a bit of a nutter - and that’s JUST FINE. :sunglasses:

Be cray-cray, have issues - who doesn’t.

Yeah I’m just basically ranting now but just wanted to say, you might get called on your shit, but it’s YOUR shit, and you’re still taking leaps 99.99999% of the utter fear-filled useless cunts upon our lovely “world” will never take. :wink:

Shutting up naow… :smile_cat:


Kurtis im using some initiative now, Ebay website i put compass, Large black charcoal urn, Charcoal burner, box of Charcoal disc 8 packages of 10, i will purchase from the Balg catalogue where i purchase black magic of Ahriman the counter creation talisman depending on how many are there until i have $263 Australian dollars saved + $20 shipping it will be about September, the reason i added a military compass so i can put urn true magnetic north, ebay stuff free shipping, so there you go Bobs your uncle.:thumbsup: