The Old Ones

I’ve heard about them, but I honestly don’t know much. Here’s the thing: I’ve been sent with a task to find an entity who’s said to be hidden. I’ve already talked about it before here: A crazy experience!

I started to have more of a sense that it’s just not any typical entity, but someone who must be old and maybe powerful. I started hearing about The Old Ones, so I started researching a little. Then I started thinking that maybe I’m supposed to find one of The Old Ones? I don’t know why, but apparently he’s hidden, and I need to awaken him or something. Now I’m wondering if any of you may have even a slight clue?

I know I’m a little bit naive, but I’m just brainstorming here and thinking of possibilities. I was given barely any hints by the one who sent me the task. :~|

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I heard old ones?


Look into/for cthulhu
First thing that came to mind when i read this.


I was thinking about Cthulhu but wanted to see if anyone would think the same. It might very well be, but I’m unsure, lol.

:japanese_ogre: lol this may be i keep having the quote “the sleeper must awaken” pop up again and again in my line of sight :rofl: some reason not that surprised about this post. :thinking: :face_with_monocle: what are your thoughts @Aiden_Crow?

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Wow, that’s crazy. Yeah, now I wanna see what another person might think about this, so they can verify the possibility. I wanna make sure it’s Cthulhu before the 31st comes along.

I would say trust your intuition if you feel the call then contemplate exploring it a bit before the 31 to be sure.

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Yeah, 'cause the 31st would be a great day to awaken any entity :smile:

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Do Itttt :japanese_ogre: :rofl:
I may or may not be a bit biased with my opinion of this though :rofl:



Wait, so awakening Cthulhu will end up killing almost everyone or? O_O

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Lmao :rofl: awakening maybe i dunno about killing :rofl:

One Definition for apocalypse is revelation. As in all that is hidden becomes revealed.


I honestly don’t know. One the one hand, she could take a quick dip in the current and see if it’s what she thinks. On the other hand, that’s not how this one works. Gimme a second, im gonna read her.

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No. I have a colleague who freed Azathoth, you’re fine. We’re fine.

Talk to Nyaralathotep. After reading you it seems there is a connection between my father and you.

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You guys might wanna check the new MFWB post …especially if your involved in any way. I think you’ll like it :slight_smile:


What is the title

Hmm, alrighty. That’s really interesting.

Btw, is he someone who has yet to be awakened or?

The fun answer is find out :grin:
But from what my own experience has shown me to date not yet.

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Well, I may have attempted to try and wake up one of the old ones. I believe it worked, so now I’m unsure of who’s presence I am sensing, and who talked to me.

That’s why I asked if Nyarlathotep was already awake

he never went anywhere :grin:
I would suggest requesting clarification from them in a manner you can understand.

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