The Officially Unofficial BALG Help Hotline


Are you really clear on what your life needs to make you happier and fulfilled?


I have most of what makes me happy right now. I just need a few things to add to my list before I am stress free


Fair enough, sorry I’m not much of a listener, more a “try-this”-er. :thinking:

Not always helpful though. HNY! :smiley:


It’s more to the point.HNY most " real friends" don’t even get to the point.


A beautiful picture of Maha Kali to inspire and protect you, also to bump the thread.


Love the picture.



Pic to bump the thread


i finally understand that i wasn’t meant to be loved by anyone :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t need someone else to give you approval or to praise your accomplishments, Just do you.

I have similarly given up on relationships. So don’t feel alone.


I’ve been in such a bad state of depression and cry multiple times a day the past two months. I look back on my life and feel I’m not ever meant to be happy. This is coming from a person that’s been sexually abused through most of her childhood, raped at 15, married a man that tried to kill me and our daughter, abused me every single way, lost everything in my divorce but my kid, dog and car, got sick for 5 years and couldn’t leave the house. I finally fight and work on myself,improve myself, get better, meet the man I know I should be with and he’s taken from me by a bitch trying to boost her career and he’s not even dating her. Yeah I should be done. What’s the point of trying anymore? Even all my magic is blocked and it’s never been before. That’s how awesome I’m doing. :expressionless:


Im so sorry, I believe in you though. We as people arent meant to have easy live and that fact that you go through it shows your are damn strong. If you need somebody to talk to im here, just ask and ill pm you.


I could always use someone to talk to.



La Santa Muerte to protect you, I hope you all are have a great day!