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I’ve been contemplating suicide for a while now. Have a plan and a date. Just trying to find a reason to be alive. I tried to kill myself 6 years ago and almost succeeded. I was in a coma for a couple months but somehow I pulled through. Things got better afterwards, but now they have come crumbling down again. Even worse before. I haven’t been happy in 6 months.


please contact one of the numbers @Lady_Eva has provided, please you matter


I’m huge.
I’m standing next to an average sized muggle.


Mostly the reason not to do it is the people that are around you, that love you @Brittany . Can you talk to people that love you at the moment? May I ask which part of the world your from?

Remember you don’t have to answer, but if you want to talk we are here for you. And unfortunately I know the drill as a loved one of a certain person.


These are the numbers she provided:
Trevor Project; LGBTQ youth: 866 488 7386 (US)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 800 273 8255 (US/CAN), this is the suicide hotline @Brittany

Kids Help Line (Under 20): 1 800 668 6868 (CAN)


Don’t do it. It will not solve any of your problems and it will stop your spiritual ascent and will most likely make you stuck and bind on this shitty Earthly plane.

I hope it’s a good reason to you that many users here care about you and don’t wanna see you commit suicide, not just because you’re a fellow user or occultist, but because we genuinely care about your life.
@Micah is an outstanding example that we care about people like you.

Things will get better than ever, again, and will stay that way, just trust yourself and stay strong!

You’ve the power to make your entire life a beautiful saga :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to PM anytime if you wanna talk about anything, you will not be disturbing me by that :slight_smile:


There are tons of resources and plenty of people here for you. Put the blades down, unload the gun, and just talk with us for a while. We WILL listen, we want to hear your voice, no criticism, no alterior motives. If you dont want to talk here, PM us and we will help anyway we can. You have a lot of love and support here, tons of spirits and dieties see this forum through our eyes. We have your back.


Hey i always ask people to pm me for stuff not because I’m a creep, but because i tried to commit suicide(I’m better now) and a close friend of mine succeeded, i find that when given the option to talk about what’s on there mind, they do. It really helps a lot of people and make them feel much better. And if you needed it you could ask me for my number because sometime you just can go onto a forum and really need a ear to listen.

All of use on here love you, please pm me or ill pm you, i care for everybody here as if they where my own family


thank you guys so much. I’m trying to stay strong, it’s just so hard sometimes


Take it from a guy that nearly bled himself dry in the back of an 18-wheeler, how much more fun to stay alive. Even if it’s just to give spite to the people who want to see you fail.


Is it quite dark / cold where you are living? i have seasonal depression sometimes, where in the winter i get heightened anxiety and doubtful thoughts of myself, i have an LED ringlight, i heard that it can kind of mimic the ‘sun’ and make you feel better?? i cant quite remember the actual science behind it but my doctor recommended it to me. Try brightening the colour you wear in your clothes, or maybe try writing with coloured pens. I’ve noticed coloured pens are very very calming for myself and whenever i am depressed i write cursive in a journal. Depression is not definitive. You will never be sad forever, even if it’s a small laugh you have in a day or small things that you may see or read that you enjoy and made you happy in that moment. The storm will ALWAYS pass. Some people have it longer than others, which is unfortunate, but you are NOT alone. Do not give up on your ability and more importantly do not give up on yourself. As much as that seems redundant it is important that you know YOU MEAN SOMETHING. Stay strong. Do not give up. <3


I guess this would be a good place to ask. What, to you, makes life worth living? I mean, it 's all well and good to say that suicide is bad. But living 'cause you’re afraid of dying isn’t any better than being dead.


I don’t live because I’m afraid to die, in fact I’m not afraid of Death and when it’s my time I’ll welcome him. I keep living because of all the things I want to do in this plane, my time here isn’t over yet.


First of all there is no need to click that :heartpulse: button next to your post…people,this is some serious shit and let’s behave according to the situation :unamused:
The other day there was a woman/girl with her story how’s she living in a car all by her self and some of us gave a helping hand and words to lift her up.
Dear Brittany,I was 12 years old when the war started in my country-that was 1992 and my family was left behind in a surrounded city with grenades falling 24/7 and back then I decided not to get killed by grenades or sniper fire and after the war ended I also decided not to lose my life in peace-time.
You need to find that inner spark deep deep down and don’t you worry because there are all kinds of monsters dwelling there and there you will find your strength to live and succeed.
Monsters tend to live a long life.
I could rant on and on but this for now is enough for you to get your fangs&claws out and start shredding those dark cloudy thoughts around you…BE A MONSTER :japanese_ogre:


I live because im afraid of being forgotten, thats why i do as much as i can. i guess its silly but is just me, there are many reasons to live not just one, and being afraid of dying is a good one

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This Thread seems to be getting a lot of action, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. But I was just down in the scan thread, and I had something incredibly graphic pop in my head.

Somebody out there is thinking of hurting themselves because of missing a family member, I don’t know who you are, but I saw you. Female, jeans and a t-shirt, white or Asian, with hair down to the middle of your back. I think it was your grandmother or your mother couldn’t see the picture that well. I’m not sure why I do this right now, maybe someone is having me reach out to you, but if you are thinking of hurting yourself, don’t!

You don’t have to listen to me, my personal views towards the subject are pretty skewed on occasion, I’m pretty dark moded individual, but I’m not asking you to get a grip for me, I’m telling you to get a grip for her. Do you really think she isn’t sitting there in that room staring at you right now, do you think that she’s really enjoying seeing you sitting there crying? Live on, dammit.

I’m going to go down to the scan thread, and delete what I put there, I just hope you read this message, and I think you already read the message down there in the scan thread.

Original post

This is a blind reading not addressing this one to anyone.

I’m literally going off of whatever pops in my head at the time.

I sense incredible sadness almost as if the death of a loved one, or a loss of an incredibly tough battle.

I see someone on their knees crying, possibly the death of a loved one? I see them reaching out with one hand, the figure is a female wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I think she’s grabbing a picture.

Take the picture to a chair, hugs it before pulling out a photo album and flipping through it. The sadness grows more intense.

Oh wow…

I’m not going to describe what I just saw.

If you were thinking about hurting yourself, please don’t, I don’t randomly do these types of random scans just because I felt like doing it. I mainly just tweak and play around with my psychic senses here, seeing what comes through. But if you were thinking of hurting yourself, or going even further, get some help, please.


For her.


I really do hope you can find out whom she is :pensive:@anon72564005 If I could help in anyway please let me know

Some days I really hate being psychic.


Do you think you could focus on a name?

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@HellChild. I’m a high sensitive person. So for me live wasn’t that easy until I took control.

  1. I had big problems at home with my parents?
    At 20 years I’ve moved, got a job and got my own apartment

  2. I could not get good grades on school
    I finished my studies beside my work. And in doing that, i’ve finished my study with good degrees.

I had many jobs (always delivered), i did many studies (to get a better job) and beside that i went from hobby to hobby, until in my job and volunteers job i found what i love to do.
Helping people who are in need and teaching people.

So i’ve searched (even moved to another house), searched (vacations far away from our country), searched. until i found what i love. My house here not so far from the beach. Pretty quiet.

I love nature, i love people, I love the family member that i still see. I love coffee, my job, study. There is so much in life when you keep on searching for it.

Like Lucifer says. Cut everything lose until you are happy. And i truly am.