Important Message: Please Read

For Someone on Here:

I dreamed that a person off of here is gonna try to make two attempts at Suicide using sharp implements (knives, Scissors, etc). I dont know youre name, or if you plan on doing it tonight, or tomorrow, but I Soul Traveled to you and physically manifested both times to make you stop.

Look Homie:
I respect your free will and i know life can be fucked up, but no. Just no. Youre stronger than this shit currently fucking with you.
If you try Suicide, I will intervene and make sure it doesnt work. I dont know who you are, but I can sesne alot more shit than i tell people.
Please dont make me Pin point your location and have to take away the knives and shit.
Im not even joking homeslice.

If you need support, PM me and i will do all in my magical power to help you out.

The Grand Demon of Ascent


Bump. GJ @Micah




Yeah know who you’re talking about, seen it too. I feel where he’s coming from, we all at some point and sometimes some people here reoccuringly feel that way. We all at some point want to quit the mission but warriors support their battle buddies and complete the mission.


My message to that person and any others who feel these urges: Urges of suicide are the souls way of saying things have to CHANGE, because the current conditions are intolerable.
Seek inside yourself, and make those changes. Even if it’s nibbling at one piece at a time to turn the narrative around.
If you need spiritual healing from wound, do that shadow work, because you CAN heal.
Find the gods that correspond to your element and work with them actively on your changes and evolution and focus on your well being. Many ppl here are outwardly focused on sending curses…when we really need to focus on leveling up. Those conditions those spells are for will surely be corrected as well when we do.
Be well.


Sir, can you tell us if it’s a guy or a girl?


I’m sensing a guy could be wrong though


Confirm, I sense a guy too.


Shared to the other suicide prevention thread on here.

I don’t know who the guy is you’re talking about, I have a good idea, hell, I’m still suicidal here and there, from time to time, but I’ve got that under control.

Dude, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but does nothing to help the situation, it does nothing to help anyone else, and it does nothing for your spiritual Ascent, matter fact, it actually set you back.

Look, I’m not going to tell you what to do, if you have that many problems in your life, you have to make your own decisions, if you don’t think I’ve been there, I think that you’re sadly mistaken. Most everybody on this forum has had some time staring at the barrel of a pistol, or staring at the business end of a razor blade.

I find joy in living on specifically for the fat of giving a big middle finger to everybody who wants me dead. If for no other reason, live on simply despite those people that don’t like you.

I’m not going to tell you what to do, I don’t know your situation, I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I love you. Not because you are a member of this forum, not because of whatever branch of the military you’re in, not because you work in the dark arts, I love you because you’re a survivor, and being a Survivor means that you can overcome anything, and you can overcome this.


Would you want people prying into your state of depression? I don’t think they do either. Do your own divinations and remote views if you are that curious I’m not about to expose someone who isn’t wanting everyone to know their business.


Yeah, let the dude have his anonymity, I’ll just put my support right here for the guy.

Maybe he’ll hop on here, and scroll through, see the thread, and he’ll know that we are both giving him respect for his privacy, as well as support.


I don’t know who you are but if you are reading this, right now, let me tell you that you’re not alone in this battle, we are with you.
Please don’t kill yourself, I’ve been fucking depressed the majority of my life and I’ve thought about committing suicide many freaking times, and it is NOT worth it. You might be thinking that disappearing from the face of this planet will solve your problems, but it will stop your ascent and most probably will make you stuck and bind on this shitty Earthly plane.
You can fight all the crap in your life.
Trust yourself.

Feel free to PM me anytime, I will not judge you :slightly_smiling_face:
Stay strong!


It’s good to see so many warriors here. The powers that be want us to give in and surrender to our flaws. F them. Let’s change this world and show them this battle has shifted. It’s our time now. We all are tested, but we must stand firm. :muscle:


That’s prolly me Micah lol

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If I may, with the fact that the guy is having a hard time leaving this shity country that he’s in, and you obviously can’t practice openly, then we need to get the word out to this guy but how to go Gray. To the people that actually know who this guy is, I recommend that you give him some pointers on how to be basically invisible. The best thing we can do for this guy right now, besides giving him support so it doesn’t do what he’s thinking about doing, his show this guy how to blend in and become just another face in the crowd until he can actually Megan Escape. And if that means he has to take BALG off of his phone, then so be it, he can get back in contact with us whenever he gets around to it.


I don’t store any forum log-ins or bookmarks for this forum on my own devices, the best way to create a complex password you can easily remember is to use the first letter of words from a poem or lyric you know very well, for example, so that is one way to have a strongish password that you don’t need top store in your device.

There are several tricks and tips for doing naughty online stuff and among the most important I am aware of (though by no means an expert) are avoiding almost all chats like Discord, because they will roll over on you and hand out your IP address, and use of basic common sense like clearing cache and cookies, but this information can be found online.

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well I have been suicidal lately and thought about cutting my wrist via pocket knife in the bathtub however don’t think it’s me you are concerned about…

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No, we’re not talking about you currently. But your name has come up, at least inside of my mind. Put the knife up, and chillax for a little bit.


yeah I’m fine now after achieving kundalini meditation I don’t have suicidal urges the other ppl on here might still though…

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that being said look into chakra meditation and Kundalini energy it really helps you get centered and on the right path…

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