The Occult Jewelry Thread

Did you use magical inks for this wristband?

Not this one. This one is just plain leather with the Sigils burned in, then oiled :slight_smile:

I have a suede one though that I used dragons blood to color, but it didn’t take very well to it.

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Here are a few nice things I got myself for Christmas:

This nice Lucifer symbol necklace:

And I had someone 3D print a couple of these. It’s the transgender symbol with an inverted pentagram.


Skeleton necklace with smoke gliding through the clouds tailsman, designed for protection and good fortune, made from silver with my design, nice for Xmas.


I have that same ring! Of course I specialize in Necromancy, so what would you expect? Haha

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What a lovely thread =)

here are some of my pices:

I love all jewlery. Do you know is there any spirit eager to help you aquire a lot of cooties?