The occult and burnout


Without getting too personal, I have been involved quite heavily in the path for the past four years. This has lead to moving to a new city, starting a new relationship, leaving an old one, in the process of career changing.

The occult has been helpful but also a lot of time is spent with it and it can also obviously exacerbate any underlying issues you have.

I accept that and know that this path is demanding, but I am beginning to feel like I need to reprooritize my life and how much time I spend within the practices

Basically I just feel very tired, burnt out, spinning my wheels, and need more pragmatic help and therapy, I just need simple solutions to my obstacles without spirits

My mind is turning more towards ritual and spirituality that asks the Demonic for personal growth in my personality but aside from that, taking a step away from low magick and spells


If you’re not completely tied to ‘the demonic’ aspect of magick, I would recommend reading some work by authors like Neville Goddard (The Feeling is the Secret) and Florence Scovel Shinn (The Game of Life). For me personally it equates to significantly less burnout and far more enlightenment.


What do you mean in respect, to completely tied to the demonic?

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As of today, I can safely say “holy cow” to the results and intensity of my experiences.

Things have turned around ……


Hello. You have blessed me. These books are strangely indicative of something I’ve needed to hear and read and begin using for years.


Glad to hear it, my friend. Godspeed on your journey. :bouquet: