The Necronomicon simon

Is this a real book of magick when it originally from lovecraft

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This is a common question.

No. It has nothing to do with Lovecraft. It’s faux Sumerian magick.

Works pretty well though.

Please use the little magnifying glass in the upper right. There are a dozen threads about this book.


Keep your eyes on Pazuzu and 50 names of Marduk

Others are mostly lovecraft dieties

These are dead gods and few worships them so pour some honey on bread and give them.

Here is a story

Simon = Peter Levenda, which is no new information to many here. To his credit, he has written other interesting books.

I completed this. Walking all of the gates with this book.

I was very real magick for me.


Ditto this. Very real, very strong. Dont expect them to be like others though.

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image image image


Where did you find this?

This images are circulating on yt but it is not Simon Necronomicon

The images are all over the internet but they are originally from the site DeviantArt, which is a site where artists post their work.

Of course they are. They’re made up by artists lol

They look pretty cool though.


Made by artists doesn’t always meen its ‘fake’ … artists are not less then someone who does a ritual and imagins or visualises or the really delusional ones that actually believe the entity is there without they themselves projecting/reflecting it. So ‘fake’ and ‘Ofcourse cause they are artists’ is a really dumb thing to say… lovecraft made many ‘fake’ fictional things with the truth hidden inside…exactly what artists do and often even unknowingly, sub consciously…( wich causes the ‘mistakes in dogmatic rules)… but to answer your question, i found them on deviant art yes done by artist who I forgot the name from and i think they are pretty good.

Artists and authors, same thing different medium.

Art in itself is a current, a method , channeling, a way of practice , devotion And sometimes even Possession and sacrifice.

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How do you define ‘real’… nevermind you deleted your comment , and yes i know it’s said he didn’t believe in occult only took some inspiration, that’s what artists do, often subconsciously as i said. I don’t think you understood me fully.

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You are right

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Just my two cents here…

We had a former forum member on here Micah that, well fuck, evoked pretty much anything or anyone to fruitition, from horror movie villains to fucking Spiderman.
Yes Spiderman.

Remember guys, anything, even if it’s a fucking sketch or picture or anything really, given energy by us and enough of it could open up the possibility for it to “come to life” for the lack of a better phrase.

So what I’m trying to say is, even if it is artists sketches (which are damn good by the way, love it) it doesn’t mean one can’t use it in some or other way to manifest by magickal means.

I mean it is within the scope of possibility.

Do yourselves a favor and look for Micahs posts on here, there are hundreds. I was also like WTF…

Until I tried it…

Dark regards.


Said plainly… before we made languages and could communicate with writing and learning eachothers languages, art was the way of communication, and sharing experiences, describing things… and it comes naturally to us all as children we just loose it as we get older and brainwashed by modern systems… without art there’s no magick without magick there is no art… what attracts people? Art … its always art even dogma is once made up by a creative person… setting up a ritual is basically graphic design also… we are all made up from shapes and forms and they come to us subconsciously in our creativity… some people write it… some draw or paint it … some sing… etc but really its allllll related to magick (insert katy perry joke )

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Chaos magicians do that

No problem i know that stuff

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All good mate.

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I have to try evoking spiderman now :joy:

Go ahead… You’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Oh … or Catwoman … mmmrrreeew :joy: