The Necromancer - Beginning the path - Finished

I wish you all the success you will need! You didn’t have an ordinary life, as it seems!


Great work


In the past 48 hours, I’ve had two warnings from two different friends that did readings. They were complementary. Both spoke of a strong female deity that was giving the warning. In one, I was asked to contact her, especially about baneful workings. In the other, if gave the outcome of going through this process, but had enough of an ominous feeling to the reading that it made the reader uncomfortable. I felt bad for her.

When doing my daily prayers and offerings, including the Invocation of the Blood Moon, Santa Muerte asked to be last, even after the Blood Moon. Hecate came in and indicated that while she looks out for me, this was something else. Guess I knew who it was at that point.

Santa Muerte and I chatted for a while, mostly about dangers to myself and the need to keep specifics of baneful workings a little more on the low. Not just because of laws and wanting to travels to places where witchcraft/sorcery can get you stoned to death or put in prison. She indicated that drawing too much attention in this field makes you a target. She was really just looking out for me. It made sense if you’ve read notes from my other workings. So, I’ll have to be thoughtful in how I approach that. There absolutely will be baneful and non in this journey.


Santa Muerte was still faintly in my ritual space, which is a pretty good indication she planned on being called again. I was done for the night, so this was news to me.

I’ve only got 50 pages left to read in the book in my initial reading of it, but I felt I should flip through some of the earlier stuff.

“Name” was whispered by someone and I decided to look it up. Well, you need the Blade of Death for that, with is a drawn out process that requires materials I’m still waiting on.

Or did it?

I was shown the ritual I did in the Shadownomicon where I made my Shadow wand at the end. Each named Shadow touched it, “blessed it”, and imbued it with their energy. Perfect. I don’t have to wait for materials to evoke.

Santa Muerte was already coming forth when I dug more incense out and started dropping myself into the zone.

I called her forth and asked her to “touch, bless, and imbue this wand with the energies you feel would serve me”. She did. I then repeated this with Az Jahi, who also did it.

Azrael was next and when I asked the same from him, his response was, “You will get it when it has been earned”. All right, fair enough. I looked at him for a while and decided to respect his opinion. As soon as I turned away, I felt his energy come into the wand and heard a gravelly chuckle coming from his direction. Guess this one has a sense of humor when he feels like it.

With my new Death wand (which still needs to go through the process at some point), I set about the Invocation of the Powers of Death.

I have no desire for the Qliphoth or Sephiroth and this ritual starts this way. I went through it as written. What this has to do with one’s dead name, I don’t know, but I did get my dead name and, thankfully, it’s not something like Skeeter.

While I can’t say what it is, I can say it was nothing I was expecting. It came quick, fast, and clear. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s used throughout the book, so that’s one less task to still do to get up and going.


Awesome, my friend! :slight_smile:


Part of me must’ve been genuinely concerned it was going to be something ridiculous, like Tater. Or something I couldn’t pronounce. Or larpy like UberDeathWandDestroyer.


I kind of like Tater as a dead name. Darth Tater would sound even cooler lol


Darth Tater DOES have a ring to it… But so does Fried Tater… And Baked Tater…


Death Tater? Skeeter Tater? Tater Skeeter?

Ooo…how 'bout Skeeter Death Tater? :thinking:


I may have to go back into ritual…


Tonight’s post is more prep than action. There’s another group starting that focused on a smaller subset of goals that the Santa Muerte rituals will significantly mesh with. This, I am preparing to make some of the Myrrh and Frankincense oils needed.

Thankfully, these little vessels.mot only had droppers built in, but came with a funnel!

I did get my wife some roses, so I’ll.soon have another ingredient I forgot I needed for the Santa Muerte workings.


So, unglamorous, but the work must continue.

Not glamorous. But I’ve made some headway.

While I can energetically call on these same entities, that isn’t how some grow.

My flasks are drying. For ONCE, my atheist wife approved. Take it as it is.


I dreamt of the fish last night. I was being called to call her forward in this dream. Rather than go through my regular ritual, I felt I should do something different.

I called to the fish, evoking it, essentially and I noticed I could feel the presence of the fish - inside it’s remains. That wasn’t my original intent, but it decided to do this on it’s own. Normally, I call them back and then creat a link to their remains and I feed them through it.

It honestly threw me off a little. And not just that.

It decided that it wanted to rain with it’s remains as I use them for the Death Urn. It will get fed as I use the urn, essentially. I don’t know why it was interested in that and I honestly changed the subject a few times to go back and see if the answer changed. It didn’t.

I have it the agreement I’ve given the others. It basically has free run of the area and can absorb excess energy, but not directly take any from the living here. It also can’t disturb my family or pets. I did give it there option to opt out if it wanted to.

I typically make a “house” for the remains, but that’s not quite going to work the same way here. It will be housed in the urn. Still waiting on a few things to come in the mail, but at least some forward progress was made.


Last night’s ritual was The Kiss of Az Jahi. I enjoyed this one and found it to be a nice balance between actions and speaking. I typically don’t like wordy rituals because I feel it takes away from my personal experience, rather than enhancing it. But this one was nicely balanced and it was an experience, rather than a process, because of that.

I’ve been doing the daily prayers and could still feel Az Jahi in the area. Unfortunately, I had some time between the prayers and everyone else’s bedtime. I wanted privacy for this one and didn’t want to be interrupted. So, what does one do with some extra time? Prep work.

I’d made the Myhhr oil the other night, so I ground up some Frankincense and made that oil, too. I couldn’t remember if this was the only ritual that called for rose oil but it wasn’t going to get a lot of use. And the ritual called for dead, ground up rose petals anyhow, so I don’t know why there would be redundancy. Instead, I used a dead, but fresher rose petal and tore it into pieces when that time came. Ritual still worked.

With the bloodstone, I was going to break off a piece of raw bloodstone that I would then grind. There were two pieces she had requested of the lot I bought and I had been blooding those when doing her daily prayer. She had touched them and I considered them hers. She asked me to use part of one of those and I finally had my answer as to why she wanted two to begin with. One is to be used when bloodstone is called for in her workings. I crushed part of it up and put it in a little folded piece of paper while I waited for darkness and privacy.

Here’s a pic of my material prep while waiting. Her seal is upside down on purpose, so I’m not displaying work from the book. It’s not a publicly available one found with a simple Google search.

Note the purple candles. I couldn’t for the life of me find my red ones last night. The red one seen here was used as part of my first Invocation of the Blood Moon. While I wanted my candles to match, that just didn’t happen this time. She didn’t care, though I did ask to be polite. (I found both packs of my red candles this morning…)

When it was finally time to start the ritual, I set up a card table and arranged everything.
The stick incense was for me and not called for in the ritual. The Myhhr resin is part of the ritual, but I wanted a little more.

Making the elixir is a primary part of the ritual, so I took a few shots of some of the items going in it.

Finally, the charging of the elixir over the opened seal

This gets flicked around the area and while I felt a little self-conscious while I did it (no idea), once I got started, it became a pretty natural thing to do. I spread it all over my ritual space and the grass, since that is normally where the entities show up.

It’s at this point where the “kiss” happens. Since I had already had her in the area to begin with, she came quickly. If one is going to do this ritual, I would recommend doing her prayer as a light evocation to help this process along later when the ritual begins.

Following the kiss, there is a moment where you’re surrounded by Az Jahi and her power. It’s like a micro ritual space that basically the two of you are in together with the energies she represents. There’s some gnosis going on and one is encouraged to take note of feelings, impressions, etc…during this moment. Most of mine was personal, but I did get the impression that I should stop shying away from my darkness, that I should embrace it, use it, and stop worrying or being concerned with losing my self in the process. Not the first time I’ve been told this and it won’t be the last, I’m afraid.

The ritual was essentially done at this point. I cleaned up, finished off the wine, and called it a night. I did save some of the elixir in a container that will start smelling horribly soon, with the heat here. I don’t know why I saved it, but got the impression that I’ll be dressing a candle with it for a working I don’t yet know about. Guess we’ll see.


I just completed the Invocation of the Druj Nasu. I was apprehensive about doing it so soon after The Kiss of Az Jahi, but the thought of doing it wouldn’t quite leave.

I had done my prayers much earlier in the day and by the time I got outside to do this ritual, the space was clear. I had spent the better part of an hour listening to music to start sinking into my ritual trance state as I copied down the ritual into my grimoire. I’ve noticed that when I do this, I’m normally surprised at how fast connections to the entity/entities come. I get that I’m tuning into their frequencies over a longer period of time, but it makes the contact happen more easily and quickly, so I’m noting it here, in case it helps someone else.

I was still a little surprised when I felt a buzzing over my head and saw some flies circling. Then more, then more. I kept repeating the text and more were coming. On impulse, I started bringing them inside of me, which is part of the ritual, but there isn’t a defined trigger that said to do it when you felt X or Y. Instead, I started pulling them inside and continued repeating. I pulled more in each time I repeated it. Eventually, I felt Az Jahi come into the space and tell me to continue with the next part. I noticed that she stayed.

At this point, it felt like there were countless numbers of them inside and they weren’t all going the same way. I was expecting some sort of circling like I saw overhead, but it felt like there were small groups doing their own thing. I felt flooded with them and actually felt a little nauseous for a few seconds. I don’t know if that was energetic or psychological, to be honest. The thought of countless flies running through you isn’t the most comforting.

At this point in the ritual, the Druj Nasu are pushed back out and told to take a beholdable form. I did this and it resembled a vaguely female form, consisting of flies that were still in motion. She was about chest level. She didn’t speak, but gave impressions, instead.

I saw that I could use the fly larvae remains from the fish in workings that would be taking place soon. She (I keep wanting to say ‘They’) did let me know that I should do this invocation with them first, before doing anything like dressing the candle or whatever method is being used that time. I wasn’t given any reasons for this. It was almost like it would be a sort of test where we feel each other out. I suppose that makes sense, since this is a new relationship.

At this point the Druj Nasu left the area (unexpectedly). I looked at Az Jahi, who showed nothing. The Druj came back and handed me something. I could see a symbol, like a sigil or seal, and I was a little confused. Didn’t I just use the one from Connor’s book? I was then given the impression that this symbol was for this specific form of the Druj Nasu, when I worked with them. I also gleaned that not only were there others, but that each had to be worked with over time, depending on the “need”. So, whatever future workings were coming up shortly, this particular form was going to be the one to start with.

As soon as I thanked her, she left. I spoke a few words with Az Jahi and closed the ritual.


Another thing I wanted to bring up is that I’m noticing different spirits now coming into my space. In the past, I wouldn’t have wayward spirits show up much at all. Parasites end up as food around these parts, so I don’t have a large problem with those, either.

There are spirits all over the place in this area, but not normally in my spaces. But now that I’ve started doing these types of workings with the Angel, Saint, and Goddess of Death, I’ve noticed that spirits are coming around. The other day, one was in my kitchen doorway. Just now, one came by after the ritual, walked straight up to me to let me know she was around, and then left. Az Jahi was amused at my confusion.

They don’t all feel the same either, so I don’t know if it’s a combination of the dead and the different entities that serve the Angel, Saint, and Goddess. But some were clearly human at one point. The one post-ritual wasn’t.

I had gotten used to shadows coming in and out of my space when working through the Shadownomicon, but on a day-to-day basis, it wasn’t occurring this frequently.

None of them have seem to be coming to be moved on, so I’ll start trying to remember to write it down when I notice them (if possible).


Following this with much interest!!

Awesome work!!!

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I woke up with a message from a friend of mine on here, warning that Hecate had contacted them. It was a warning to pause my current path until some healing had been dealt with. What? I’m not a big fan of pauses that aren’t strictly necessary when I’m on a path. But if Hecate was concerned enough to go to this friend, I was willing to listen.

I called her up cold (hadn’t gotten out of bed at this point), so no pre-ritual prep and this showed when it took a lot longer than normal. Turns out, it was about an incident I found out about on Saturday, concerning neglect and emotional abuse of an elderly family member that has since passed for medical reasons. I had compartmentalized this to continue my current path. But this must’ve been festering more than I realized. I was told I could ignore the warning, but it would attract unwanted attention from some of these forces I’m delving into. I could see and feel the sense in this, so I agreed.

The candle is now burning.

Some of the strange impressions I’d gotten in the past entries were hinting to this. Keeping the liquid from the Kiss of Az Jahi (to use in a working). The hint of using the maggots and fly remains to dress a candle in the Invocation of the Druj Nasu. When that spirit came to get acknowledged, I’d left out that I saw a flash of Hecate, even though I knew it wasn’t her. I assumed that these hints would become clear and I’m honestly thankful for the warning and making sure it got to me.

(Obligatory safety note to use a mask and gloves where appropriate. Don’t die for your target.)

I carved the name of my target into a black, tapered candle and dressed it with Myhhr oil, then the elixir from The Kiss of Az Jahi.

I combined mandrake root, fly and maggot remains, bone powder, fish scales (and something else I couldn’t identify from it). Once ground finely, I applied it to the candle.

I then performed the prayer for Az Jahi and felt her enter the area. I followed this with the Invocation of the Blood Moon and called Az Jahi into myself to converse about the situation. There really wasn’t much more to say.

I then did the Invocation of the Druj Nasu and had to adapt the later part of it, since they were already present. I had first opened the seal Connor gave and then my own. This resulted in the female Druj Nasu form coming almost immediately. It also meant that most of the later incantation didn’t quite fit. Instead of sending them out of me and into a form in the triangle of manifestation I was sitting in, I sent them into the candle, to imbue it with their energy.

The charging, direct charging, happened at this point. I was connected to the Druj Nasu at this point and Az Jahi suggested I let them pull the emotion from me. I had felt I shouldn’t charge this candle until the and and had taken this on “faith”. Now, I was getting a sort of answer. To not only pull the superficial emotions, but the deep-seated ones that rippled underneath. I was given the impression that it would not only help fuel the working, but would act similarly to a deep, emotional cord cutting. Sounded like a win to me.

I consented and could feel the emotion leaving me and going into the candle. Parts of it still were as I blooded and lit the candle.


did you do the dead altar
and the nexus of death urn ?


Waiting for more graveyard dirt to arrive. I was given a workaround for it, but I haven’t posted it yet and want to feel the differences energetically. I’m not a fan of altars, generally, but will be making a very small one for this.