The mystic iron man

Hi guys so in studying the complex inner formation of the chakra system and many practitioners experience burnout after a massive ritual say for example you have a burn out heart chakra could you switch it out like a car battery and use practices like biokenisis to customize the chakra system and personalize it

From what i observed through the various occult authors here at BALG Enoch P wrote it was possible to remove the chakras complete from the body

In another case VK jahanom said he was able to fuse all his chakras into one masse chakra

I’m curious in cases like that could that explain why people who don’t know how to properly manage their energy network end up heavily relying on external sources of power for their magick to manifest example animal sacrifices

E.A. Koetting also has a video about this, starts at about 7 minutes in:

My take, and this is speculation as I do qigong not yoga, is that the western way of teaching chakras causes people to create thoughtforms that are fake chakras, because the original yoga teachings are not correctly followed or understood. The clue is that people talk about chakras an an isolated phenomenon instead of as part of the yogic teachings.

I spoken on this forum a couple of times with my experience watching these fake things form during a “yoga” class (not by a yogi, it was akin to a casual class taught by an aerobics instructor). I’d already been doing qigong for several years and had a certain level of awareness of my energy body, and what is a block and what is imbalance. I stopped the exercise and left them there for a while just to watch them, eventually I dissolved them.

That doesn’t happen in qigong, qigong means “energy training” and you study the energy centers, not just the “wheels”… meridians organs and many ways to move and balance the energy between them. Chakras are one part of that system, but the nadis are rarely talked about.

So then it makes sense to remove these thoughtforms and that they would restrict you, as you created them with preconceptions and can be viewed as energy blocks.

After doing that you should have cleared back to a clean energy system that you can use traditional techniques with more effectively.

So, I don’t think this is possible for the actual energy body structures. You’d just make yourself so sick you’d die. It’s like saying you could perform a heart transplant on yourself with a bottle of rum and a rusty spoon.

For the thoughtform fakes, speaking as an energy worker, yes, absolutely, get rid of them. Get rid of ALL energy blocks and forms that do not serve you in your system.

I think this is a separate issue and is based in not just ignorance, but following older, outdated techniques from bygone ages, where the cosmos was aligned very differently.

I do think though that it’s related in that they just don’t know how to cultivate cosmic energy, or even that that’s a far greater and more effective source of energy. I’m outspoken on how silly I think vampirism is for the same reason. My analogy is it’s like drinking from a dirty puddle created by the spray of a massive, clean waterfall and going “it’s ok I can filter it”…bruh! you’re right there, just drink all the clean water you want. :joy:

But people forget to step back, look at the energy holistically and think it’s static, but “the only constant is change”, especially now in these times. I think the energy of the world changes over time affecting how human magick interplays with it. In the age of Pisces it makes sense that offerings and hierarchy were what worked better. Now we are transitioning into the age of Aquarius which is about cooperation and innovation, I think “sacrifice” is no longer useful, and isn’t sacrifice at all when you are not giving up something you needed. Killing a pet store rat is weak, you might as well just burn the money you paid for it as that’s where the actual sacrifice is. The rest is an offering of emotional energy and food.

So I don’t think they’re reliant on external energy, I think their energy systems are actually just fine, but they could be using better tools.