The most incredible thing you have done

What is the most incredible feat of magick (or any occult related activity) you have ever done? What is your biggest claim to fame? Have you performed some mind-altering ritual which really stands out, or something which completely blew you away?

Have you gone through a life altering initiation, experience, result, or something that you simply want to brag about? It might be a baneful work, healing, money related experiences… anything goes!


I’m new still (about 1 year in) but there’s been a couple of satisfying results so far thanks to my spirits :candle::skull::crystal_ball: so one of them was there was a guy who I worked with in the past and he was a crazy person lol long story short he ended up threatening me, harassing me and my family and friends. I asked that I wouldn’t hear from him anymore and a week later out of curiosity I googled him and saw he got arrested and is being held on over a quarter million bail and it’s not looking up for him. Lol the next was i asked specifically for help with 1,500 dollars that I really needed that month for the family. The next day I ran into the gas station to buy a drink, while I was inside some douche had bumped into my parked car lol the car was kind of fucked up but only cosmetic and no one was hurt. His insurance claimed full responsibility and gave me 1,500 check and that was maybe a couple weeks after I had petitioned this. I thought it was bad ass that it was the exact amount I asked and that no one was hurt nor was my car messed up (except bent ) lol

I’m sure other people have a lot more deep stories but like I said those were the couple I could think off hand.


Super intruiging! Thanks for sharing - Can I ask what spirits you worked with to get the money job done dear Lady? And how you did your ritual? :slight_smile:


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I think being born and still being around despite all the seriously fucked up people, who “raised” me, and some I have met on my way, is pretty remarkable in itself. It’s a kind of magic, it’s a kind of magic! clapping my hands


At that time i wasn’t keeping a journal :frowning: so I want to think a little more about it just to make sure lol Because it could have been a couple of different ones I don’t want to give you the wrong info because it was a few months ago. In the morning when I’m more clear lol I will remember which spirit it was and reply :slight_smile:

My father lost his mental balance almost completely. So I worked with Raphael with almost insane intensity, within 24 hours, my dad was cured completely miraculously.


I have several things, but I can’t decide which one, so I’m just going to say something badass as the answer to the OP’s question.

That will not do, senpai… You have to share something.

@happyinside There is no need to be upset.

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I have heard some VERY good things about Raphael. I have just worked with him for a short amount of time and he was great. And I do understand what you mean by “insane intensity” because when you care about someone so much you will give your all and the spirit will too to protect them. I had that experience healing someone with Marbas.


Well after I got my head out my ass and decided to Adult again I got my husband a part time, seasonal position right next to our house. In 2 months I got him a full time and last week I got him an interview for management. He didn’t get the position but out of 17 applicants he was #2 and they want to get him into management when another opens. He’s only been there 6 months.

Now I’m beginning on my career goals.


Wow, great to hear. Firstly you are a great wife and very mature. Your husband is a lucky guy for sure.

What kind of techniques did you use, if you don’t mind sharing? Like did you just use visualization or did you use a spirit’s help too… or maybe something else?

I used visualization for sure but I work well with candles so employed those.
I did ask help from Morrigan and when I did Loki came to me and informed me for some devotion he’d be personally helping my husband. I was happy with that and so I made him a candle and some incense. He also asked I tell my husband he was there. I was like sure, but he doesn’t follow that sort of thing. Loki said it was fine just that he knew.


I’ve never heard of Loki (besides in the movies, I’m sure that doesn’t count haha). Can you please tell me about him?

I’m curious as to how he ‘came’ to you. How did he speak to you? In a dream, in physical form while you were awake? Did you hear him in your mind very vividly? Please let me know. :relaxed:

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Win a scratch card. I never made a profit before Expedite.


I practice magick for long time now, so I can’t say anything is incredible to me at the moment. The only things that I will never forget and will always feel impressed and proud of, is getting Lucifer’s and Satan’s voices on my audio recorder.

Lucifer’s voice came in one word, I wasn’t sure he answered me and kept calling for him until he said it loud and clear… “Lucifer”. His voice was smooth but filled with power. I had an impression that he was saying it with a little smile. like he found my doubts of his presence funny somehow !

When Satan’s voice came in, it was a full sentence with different vocals… started with a female then as he was speaking it changed to a male voice. And also was identifying himself clearly as “Satan”. That, I will never ever forget. I hear it in my mind right now as I’m writing this, like it just happened few minutes ago.

Those two events for me were and still are the most incredible spiritual experience I had. Another similar experience happened few months ago. This time it was Lilith! Also identifying herself by saying her name loud and clear, almost screaming but not with anger, more like pleasure or surprise… can’t describe it very well. She sounded very proud of herself when she was saying her name! Very strong personality.

That’s for me is way more impressive than any effect I get from magick. No matter how miraculous it is.


I went a little over the top with my money magic and was working on manifesting $3000. After 3 days I had $3000 in my account and $6000 about to go into my partners but he declined it.
That was just recently but my most memorable, unintentional moment is when I saw myself levitating. It was not a spell per se but it was one of a few awakenings to my potential power.
P.s havent tried to do it again.


i have a couple. The first one happened just as i woke up at 3am. i woke up to my room being illuminated with an extremely bright red. Every wall and the ceiling was covered in red…it almost felt like i was in a different place…in hell or something. i have no object that shines red that brightly, and to this day i really cant say what it was.

The second experience was when i sent dratalon to kill somebody. Now in EAs grimoire…dratalon is described as being an entity made of smoke. Some time after sending dratalon off to the person…the target came to me and described a dream they had of an entity that had a body made of black smoke which tried to strangle him in his dreams, and every time he’d try to push the demon off, his hands would just go right through it. That was a “holy shit…this stuffs real” moment for me.


I was meditating with Morrigan and I heard him. I listened even though he was interrupting because Morrigan allowed him in.

He is a trickster but, ya, don’t judge him by Marvel. I’d suggest looking him up here, he’s a complex Norse Deity. :slight_smile: