The most effective curse - which spell is it or ritual?

Hails. I need to curse and doom two people from my own family (two uncles) who worked in team to make my life miserable, they ruined the life of my parents and part of my life also. I woke up this morning full of rage and outrage and said to myself ‘’ No, I cannot let this go unpunished, no way ‘’!

Do you know a spell or ritual that is super powerful, fast and furious to curse and doom a person (or in this case, a pair of person who lives together btw, under same roof!) so that even D***h happens? Those people are very bad and extremely narcissists to a ''pig ‘’ degree if you know what I mean. I have no books on curses so it is why I ask on the forum for help.


Personally (based on what I know of Magick, of course there are other options too), firstly I’d decide wether to use a Demonic curse, Angelic, or just ‘your own’ Magick.

If I’d want to lay absolute devastation I’d use Demonic Magick, probably through Dra’Talon cus I’ve heard it works wonders.

If I’d want to make them pay for something that they did wrong, in accordance to the severity of their wrongdoings but no further than that (meaning that I’d want retribution but not their utter annihilation) I’d go with an Angelic curse. Tho of course Angels can lay devastation even beyond mere retribution, and that’s for you to decide.

If I’d want to just hurt them through my sheer hatred and resentment without involving entities, especially if I have access to their house or personal objects like hair, nails, signatures and this kind of stuff, I’d probably go with a curse performed just by myself.

You seem to be wanting their utter annihilation so I’d go with Dra’Talon or another demon.
See what you can find on the forum.

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Dra’Talon it is, Those people got plenty of warning and second chances in their life. I wish to resolve this once and for all. Thank you for your insights. If by any chance you stumble on a ritual like that here, feel free to link me. I have one question; is this Dra’talon a very long and complicated ritual?

I never used him, I was very close but in the end I decided not to use him because I realized the target would’ve probably died and I had second thoughts about that in the name of the love I had for that person in the past…

There are other topics about him on the forum, just search him up. From what I remember the ritual is absolutely not complicated.

Btw hear out the opinions of other people aswell, I’m no expert in curses, and tho I’ve been researching it extensively in the past year through books and this forum, I never performed one.

Thank you, For everything. I will research and take what fits best according to my soul. Many blessings to you

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I also saw on etsy a talisman engraved on a orgone piece they call it the
Dra’talon Triangle of Manifestation

I performed a ritual, in a dedicated space in my appartment. I used incense, my obsidian wand, visaulization, rage and energy towards the people. Dra’talon sigil on the altar I have made, I also used my vocal desire on which task to do. I also burned a wish in this name

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Sounds great, keep us updated with the results!

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Will do. :slight_smile:

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Rage seems to affect people even telepathically.

I read someone here awhile back who’d print out a target’s photo, go off into the woods, fly into a rage, and stab the photo repeatedly while screaming/yelling. Seemed to work for him!

If Dra’talon doesn’t work as wanted, try one of the military angels such as Tehyahgrah. They’re fierce. They’ve covered in Gordon Winterfield’s Angels of Wrath and Ars Aurora’s The Angels of the 7 Heavens.

I did in my wife’s uncle that way. She was molested daily by him between the ages 10 to 12, maybe up to 13, and this fractured her mind. It was a ticking time bomb that eventually also severely hurt our children and our relationship.

So I did a couple rituals from Angels of Wrath for him.

First brought down his defenses, then asked for him to have a stroke so he could hurt no one else and be tortured to death. The book says to not be specific about the illness, but I was. I couldn’t help it.

Sure enough in a month or so, it happened precisely as asked.

I don’t always get things as explicitly as this, but this time it worked basically to the letter.

Please make sure the punishments fits the crime for your sake, though.

Lots of people are narcissists. It’s what the west basically teaches, unfortunately. From Anthony Robbins to the movies to the music.

Perhaps try to judge them by the effects they had on you and your dad. The pain they caused, especially with intent. That might resolve any karmic issues (to avoid problems in the future) and can also be used to generate appropriate levels of rage as necessary.


Thanks. I did this ritual of Dra’Talon - after 2-3 days, the sigil is still placed on my copper incense bowl and the obsidian wand is still there. I dunno if I have to put that away now, once the ritual is finished. The paper is still inside the bowl, that paper was cut in pieces and some words were written for justice.

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You gotta see this…

I might even try this one on a “friend” that betrayed me.

I call mostly angels, but they keep sending me visions of this, and intuitions. They keep having me bump into real world evidence, too. It’s like they’re encouraging me to fight back lol. “Stand up for yourself, foo!” lol