Punish wicked men with this chant from Andromalius

This is a chant that Andromalius showed me that is to make your enemy be in torment, for you to have the control and have them beg you for peace.

As this is chanted you will visualize the intended person as if you were with them and whispering this chant to them and then visualizing them going mad and insane, having so many sleepless nights that they will come to you and beg for it all to stop. That they are literally on their knees begging before you or are alone and beg for it all to be over.

and the chant is:

wicked men have sleepless nights

wicked men have fear in mind

wicked men stay up all night

wicked men destroy their life

wicked is you,

(insert name of person intended)

(insert name of person intended) is wicked

a wicked man is (insert name of person intended)

and a wicked (insert name of person intended) have sleepless nights

a wicked (insert name of person intended) have fear in mind

a wicked (insert name of person intended) stay up all night

a wicked (insert name of person intended) destroys his life

a wicked (insert name of person intended) begs me to make it all go away

a wicked (insert name of person intended) begs me for forgiveness

a wicked (insert name of person intended) begs me to save him from his endless torment.

I have not yet tried this but I will do it and provide results here and I wish if you were to do this chant I would love for you to post your results under here aswell.


That is powerful! I felt that shit… I like how your building up the intention with affirmations at the beginning and explosively sending it to the victim & since you’ve pierced his energy body with explosive energy, than you build up the intention inside his body even further.

Oh man, that is basically implanting thoughts inside his body. Your victim must be mentally vulnerable for that shit to stay in there.

You should try it with a sigil and give some blood:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I do this sometimes when I have to, however I don’t do a chant, I just think of the target and the connection I have to it, but hey, … Doing a chant should definitely enhance it even further.


A wicked woman is correct too, right?


I mean…there is no rest for the wicked. Right?
Heh heh. Right?
Aight I’mma head out.


Yes of course. I forgot to write it in there you can use woman too!

@DebiDenice exactly. no rest for the wicked

@John_John If you ever try this let me know!

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Oj! This is intense!!

Woe to the man who crosses you!

I think I may just try this on a “friend” that appears to have betrayed me.

I mostly call angels, but they keep sending me visions and intuitions about this man and they’re not good. It’s like the angels are encouraging me to be less kind and more vicious. Lol.

Basically, I guess they’re telling me to stand up for myself.

On the other hand, I suppose you could you could use the same basic structure but use different words to repurpose this for almost anything, eh? Even something like intensifying love or a good relationship with your family?


love? nah…but it is a good idea. if I ever get a woman or close to have one.

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I love this chant! I tried it out and felt not only reassured but good doing it. The wick on one my candles looked like a person hunched over with their hands on their head as if they were enduring a lot of emotional pain or starting to go insane. I’ve been trying to work more with Andromalius. Do you have any tips on connecting with him? What was his energy like?


I won’t know for a while if it worked, but I have a couple of people keeping an eye out for the human stain who more than earned this, so I will eventually find out.

As I said the chant, I swear I could gradually see her face, frozen in fear, staring at mine. For extra oomph, I lit a black candle and blew it out when I finished.


I’ve been using this curse for some time. This is my primary magic tool. It’s like an AK-47. Works. Always.
I came to a simpler conclusion: Many believe ritual magic is the most powerful, but that’s not true. Too many things can go wrong. But then who would pay for magic if it wasn’t glamorous? The simpler the tool, the better.
Even one repetition works instantly and the enemy closes his mouth.
This ritual should be repeated daily. It is worth remembering it and repeating it in your mind when necessary.


Does your enemy know it’s you cursing them?

It’s normal for people to defend themselves out of fear. If such a person believes in god even a little, they can start praying for protection and you’ll get hit back like I did. But that’s how it should be.
Because of demons, people return to god in fear. Better for them.

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Yeah, I think I will skip this method. Don’t need return to sender blowback

Search for angelic magic. There are also some interesting things.


Leave the last part out