Evocation Of Dra'Talon

Oh dear, I misread the date on this page. I didn’t mean to revive a necro thread. :sweat_smile:


I evoked him while i was working under the direction of azazel. He appeared just as he was described in the Book of azazel " black cloak, blue aura, silent. Definately a scary vibe to him) i sent him on a few targets to whit 2 of them are taken care of. I dont think they have been “ended” but madness has definately set in. I saw many changes in my targets like anxiety fear, and a general sense of loss of sanity in different forms


I’d like to work with him when my astral senses are open enough, but I’ve been told that his presence is “toxic”.
Is it true?

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He is not to be summoned other then to be used as a demonic assassin. He serves no other purpose. Evoking him for sport would possibly yeild unsavory results


Just a question. How can you hate somebody so much that you want them dead? And how works karma in this?

I can imagine some people who mess up your life and then you want them out of the way. For example moving or changing a job. But going mad and die?

Another question? You’ve got more than one casualties? How on earth can you want so many people dead? Or am i reading this all wrong?

In some extreme cases. Murder and so on I can imagine something like this and I’m not asking about the motive. Just more the Karma thing.
And seeing someone who wants to try this to. Sorry that made me reply.

@Borgy karma is a path for asian cultures like samurai and the like. Some people do deserve to be “ended” however you release the desire for the person to be dealt with and some of the time ( my experiences) the person is merely removed from your life. Instead of being ended.


I know, some people are. But I was amazed with the word several targets and the outcome!

Look into the book bhagavad gita it may give you some insights for the need for death in this context.


There are people in this world who will bully others to the point of illness and who will gladly dance on their graves should they die. They will slander and gossip, spread rumours and destroy perfectly good people simply because they themselves will be shown up for their own inadequacies. These people are energy vampires and narcissists and really don’t need any additional assistance from this pathway whether it be left, right, middle or whatever.

These people leave a trail of broken lives and shattered careers and health in their wake whilst they for some unfathomable reason seem to continue in a role blaming everyone else.

I came up against one of these characters and almost had her removed but took the higher route - she knew she couldn’t get another job after HR spoke with her.

Now people like that who’ve affected so many lives with their malfeasant and small minded natures truly deserve what is owed them. If that happens to be a visit by Dra’Talon or Andras then who am I to question that or indeed attempt piss on their sorry carcass to put out the flames?


I had my fair share to. Still hurts me sometimes. I changed my live for the better so I’ve learned something from it.
But I truly understand where your coming from. Thanks!

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Thank you for the reference, I got it even in my native language. So I will read it!


Agreed, I was born into a Japanese Buddhist household and I don’t believe karma is a sound argument to letting people do what they want because we blindly believe they’ll have it coming to them someday. Complacency to bullies is not a good thing imo. Do what you want I say, take that hurt and anger and send it right back to the source where it belongs.

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Agreed. I am viciously against bullying


I am curious about methods of payment. Is this something common or what you felt like doing?
With King Belial it seems to be different, what is currently asked of me is to change something in my life. He knows that i also need some quick help on something and all i hear is ‘King Paimon’. And i do not know with what kind of offerings/payment to approach King Paimon.

Is it possible offer a few drops of blood to Dra’talon?

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I would always personally keep all of my own fluids to myself with Dra talon. I offer him raw steak,but I think he views the target as the offering in my experience.


So to be clear offering him blood of my own is not good but what about target?

How do you evoke Dra’talon?

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