The Misconception Of The Succubus And The Incubus

There’s a commmon misunderstanding of the succubus/incubus entities, and it has created a diversity in the viewpoints of their purposes of being with humans, or of their main purpose of existence as a whole. That doesn’t mean they are “perfect” beings and that every single one of them is good, selfless and pure of heart, everytime and everyday.

Some of them can be as bad as the worst humans out there. Some of them can have a parasitic behavior, without being an actual parasite. Most spirits have the capability of being parasitic, but the differences between a parasite and a genuine spirit is consciousness, selfawareness and the ability to make a choice. A choice is often made by specific circumstances or through emotional responses.

I actually dislike the word “succubus” and “incubus”, because it puts them in a box with no room to redecorate the space within. Their purpose of existence is not only about sex, either. They just happen to like it a lot, just like some of us. And there’s a lot of energy going on when it comes to sex.
What’s the purpose of being human? To find a meaningful and fulfilling life and development through life experience? Chasing our dreams, whatever that may be? Finding balance in life, perhaps?

These kind of spirits and entities can be just as diversive as humans, and when the relationship with them are consensual and within agreement, there’s a lot to gain from them.

They are loyal, faithful, loving and caring towards their partners. Very patient, too, because they often see things from a long term perspective. They are good teachers with several professions and expertise in many different areas. They value a balanced lifestyle, rather than an excessive one.

I never asked anything from them, other than their love, support, comfort and their physical presence. They have given me more than that over the years, of course, but it was given to me by their own choice. A token of appreciation from them, as I see it.

A common mistake in working with demons or any kind of spirit is, as I see it, excessiveness. Some people want to be rich and successful without doing any effort to get there by themselves. Excessiveness in itself, makes the fall more noticeable and harder to rise up again. Balance, in contrast, makes it easier to handle downfalls.

Believe it or not, but there’s a lot of growth in a balanced lifestyle. And that’s what my spirits have given me over the years, and still do to this day.



I agree with most of your points and perspective. However, on your angle of excessiveness there is a counterbalance to that. There are two kinds of excessiveness I’ve seen in my experience. There’s the kind that involves one to be rich and live like a king or queen automatically and then there’s the kind of excessiveness that accumulates over time after balance has been achieved. Balance can be based solely on perspective and total self-awareness. For example, to one person on the outside looking in on them, it looks like they are living like a king or queen. But to that person, on the inside looking out they look and feel like they are still balanced perfectly.

What does that have to do with a succubus or incubus? One may easily ask that question. Well, I would hope that my succubus would definitely understand both sides of every coin that I could set my sights(or their sights on for that matter) on and aim for during this journey of life. Otherwise, there would be a need for multiple succubi or incubi for each person in order to have a more defined sense of balance.


I can relate to that perspective based on my experiences with my ladies, and if you read about my experiences and what I’ve been through over the years, you know what I mean.

What I mean about excessiveness have nothing to do with being a King or Queen. You can be all that and still keep a balanced mindset. But when excessiveness affect other parts of your life, or of the lives of others, in a negative way, there’s nothing balanced about that. You wouldn’t overspend your budget with luxury at the cost of basic necessities, right?


That was answered by my mentioning by total self-awareness. Total self-awareness incorporates basic necessities and your overall personality. I was merely talking in terms of the big picture at face value.

It’s good to see you making posts and content again Succupedia :+1: I am happy with my incubus and he is happy too. And like you I’m also involved with a more prominent demonic figure now.


I mean that’s their species of demon, it’s not really limiting them or putting them in a box, it’s just what they currently are until they reincarnate into something else just as we are currently human.

other than that I agree with all your other points.


Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Great post, OP! I agree about the terminology putting them in a box, people often forget that pointer-patterns (myths and such) aren’t the defined scope of a being or class of entities, and so limit their interactions to concepts within the presumed range of energies. “Succubi” and “incubi” have far greater breadth and depth of powers then the terms tell! :slight_smile:


I think they are whoever and whatever they choose to be. The words “succubus” and “incubus” are relatively new, at least in comparison to their origins and heritage. The word itself is just 500 years old, invented by the Catholics and Jewish folklore. “Succubus”, by definition, is quite submissive and it means “to lie beneath” while the male equivalent of “incubus” means “to lie upon”.

Sex is an important aspect of what they are, but that doesn’t mean it’s equivalent to who they are. It doesn’t even define them. There comes times were sex becomes secondary, or even lower on their priorities. Well, depending on their capabilities to withdraw and sustain energies by other means.

If we put the species into the equation, a “Lilin” - if derived from Lilith - feels more appropriate than “succubus” or “incubus”. But that’s years of experience talking, with a different point of view.

It may start with the common names of “succubus” and “incubus”, but they’re so much more than a latin name for the missionary position of a male/female perspective.


Many succubus/incubus call themselves such, sure many may call themselves something else as well, whoever is a different matter as “whoever” isn’t their race. It doesn’t stop them from being their species of demon.

When common LHP, RHP, and mundane people think of them they think of sex but usually those people don’t have much experience with them to begin with to realize theyre not all about sex.

However, I dont think they can be whatever they want, otherwise many race of beings would probably start being whatever they want, we would start being whatever we want but we cannot we are in this moment human just as they are in this moment succubus/incubus/Lilin, I do not disagree with that notion that Lilin would be more appropriate if it works for them and for those who work with them. However, it’s only limited to succubus, and disregards the existence of their brothers/male counterparts.

So while I agree they can be whoever they want I strongly disagree on whatever, as in my opinion that’s people who confuse their thoughtforms/servitors with the actual race of beings.


I do think they can be whatever they want, just like we can be whatever we want. Mind you, I wasn’t referring “whatever” as something within their heritage or origin, but more of the definition of personal interests, skills, personality and profession. They are quite versatile, as I see it.

I don’t disagree with you, either. At least on the topic of species and ethnicity. I just don’t like the words of “succubus” and “incubus”, because there’s more to them beneath the layers.


we cant be whatever we want, outside of the astral which is the realm of imagination.

I got what you were trying to say but all you just mentioned goes into whoever not whatever, though in terms of profession then yes whatever they want.

I can understand the dislike for the term succubus and incubus, for a while I did not like it either because all you hear is “I want a succubus harem” or “I want to make a bunch of succubus servitors” and it just because overall cringy and disrespectful.


Yeah, what’s up with that, anyway? There’s so many horror stories of people getting exactly what they asked for, whether it’s sex or love.

…and more often than not, they see something within in us that makes them fall in love, so they can be “clingy” and attach themselves to us. Hence, the misconception of them being called “parasites”. When consensual, it’s an awesome experience. When not, it can real tough.

And, yes, there can be parasites that feeds of sexual energies and that disguise themselves as something they’re not. And there’s parasitic behavior without being an actual parasite. Just like some humans are.


over-fantasized brought on by too much anime :man_shrugging: combined with occult servitors/imagination makes for a bad mix.


Geez, teenagers these days. Not even animes do them justice of how they look. Not to forget of how they feel on a physical level.

I’ve seen both sides of the coin. There’s beauty and there’s beast, but both share the same personality, conscience and awareness. The more advanced they are, the more control they have within the phase they manifest into. The less advanced they are, the less control they have of the “beast”.


I a girl and my name is shreya. My age is 20. I have some questions for you and I want to show you something. Pm me please.

Quick question @succupedia, how long have you been with your Lilin wife? Make that two, is it just the two of you?


Hey @succupedia is it possible even tho one has never written a letter of intent, to write one to say Naamah(this is who Clara says is her mom) asking to make things stronger between us, maybe even help strengthen my senses and clairs.Maybe even restore my senses to how they were when i was a teen?Also as a way to start working with her?


You can read @succupedia 's journals on the forum here, I’ve comb through most of them when deciding to find a spiritual companion. He has stated now he has been with either one, or both of his wives for over 10 years now. Can see them clearly, and feel their emotions (yes, they have thoes too) succupedia’s accounts and writings are extreamly valuable, well writen and are the best resource I have found yet for, determining if a Succubus is right for you, how to ask for one, how to treat one, and his experiences.

Now use the search function, and maybe just maybe you’ll find if this is the right choice for you.

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There is nothing in your contribution that I could not agree with!

Especially the thing with the parasites.
Although I have only been in the field for about one and a half years, I have already had my first relationship with a succubine.
But it was more nightmarish than beautiful. She took so much energy away from me every time that I didn’t even have time to recover.
And that for a whole nine months.
I was at the end of my rope, and yet I am grateful for it. She taught me so much that was worth suffering so much in the end.
Through them, I can now feel the forces around me much better than before.
For about a month now I have been together with a new succubus.
And it takes so much less energy from me than my first.
And through my previous experience, I can now communicate with her much better.