The Meditation that got me started. A Powerful one

As promised, will be sharing my techniques and things I learned in my Retreat. Note that is meditation was not that much of a “technique” for me but more like preperation and I really believe preperation are one of the most important things. I would also add that simply lying in the couch being conscious of breath till I get calmed and after this doing hatha yoga then after this meditation would maximize the results of the practice, you don’t have to do the above if you are short of time but being consistent in the meditation is the most important thing.
Aslo it doesn’t have to be a tree, simply choose a place that you will be consistent because with meticulous practice you will sort of bless the space with your energies of calmness, bliss and peacefulness.

When I was doing this meditation three years ago I was doing it in a public park. People looked me weird but that was fine with me lol, aslo trees are very powerful energetically, they have the right energy needed for meditation. Since I experienced some profound truths with my practice Iet these “holy places” go and realized true stillness and control is found within. Not in trees, the sun, the spirits.

Best of moksha.



Thanks for sharing!

That 2nd meditation is one of my favorites as well. I call it “just being no thing” for myself.
Apart from the immense power and depth in it. It was also the first meditation that actually completely worked in combination with my ADHD riddled monkey brain without having to figure out some kind of work around in it.


very informative and interesting … thank you

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My pleasure :smiling_face:

Reminds me of the time when my teenaged self meditated under the waterfall in a hotel pool.