An Off-world Mantra/Incantation For Dark Illumination

I channeled this incantation three years ago and used it in my meditations to achieve various levels of samadhi and remain in there.
Even tho I said to myself to stop channeling, stop working with spirits and focus only on my meditations, it looked like my otherworldly friends still wanted to help me.

For one and a half years of my meditative retreat I still used spells and channeling because black magick is my nature. Finally, after three years I would describe myself as a black magician dressed as a Buddha wannabe.

Even tho my values changed, evolved.
This still holds weight and value for me.


“Casu Es’Mandala Es’Kasta Es’Asman, Usum devel.”
I remember, for maybe the first time ever I wondered what these demonic incantations meant. I focused on that question and got:
“I meditate on my Dark Enlightenment to Liberate/Illuminate the age of darkness”


Dark Enlightenment : also called Illumination. The Buddhist notion of moksha is the freedom of the jiva (living entity) which more closely resebles Ka in the kemetian tradition. Atman cannot be freed for he is already freed. Atman is the bornless one according to the gnostics. Moksha is a mental thing, not a spiritual thing.

Why dark? We go back to the Source, we refuse our monkshood, we refuse our peace and calmness and sacrifice it in the outer darkness. We call upon the lord of the dessert, Set and enter it. For us, Damnation is our liberation.
Suffering is our growth.

The cosmos isn’t as perfect as the current moment. Our liberation is the expansion of our godhood. Doing as we will.

Illuminate : here we share our Black light, the black magician inseminates the cosmos with black light. Share gnosis and use our magic.
The prince of darkness dethrones kings with the simple intoning of his Will. He opens the earth and let the heavens fall into that abyss.

Age of darkness : Kali yuga in the Hindu tradition and Winter of the seventh aeon according to the gnostics.
Sevenths Aeon: Seventh emanations farthest from the source.
Winter: the end of the Seventh, Before the start of the upcoming Eighth Aeon.


I do exactly what I wrote here, Because thats exactly what I did.
See at the last text of the first picture. That’s where you use the mantra.

I never needed to chant 108 times a mantra. The most times I chanted was five times. The incantations are bombs.



i will try in a minute and report back.

Update: it brings immense calmness and caltapults you into the present

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