The Mark of Lilith

At the very beginning of my occult journey I had paid a practitioner to perform a ritual for me. It was an attempt to bind me to a succubus (Daughter of Lilith). I cannot say for certain it worked or not as there have been some seriously questionable yet previously unknown things about myself I have only recently come to understand that may be inhibiting or blocking such an experience. I have felt very little if any contact from her and I’m unsure if she is even still around. Who knows… Anyways…

One thing that sticks out quite vividly is the dream I had the night of the ritual. I don’t really remember too much, but I recall Lilith being there, at which point I realized there was a brass/gold colored medallion/seal upon my forehead. I didn’t know a whole lot at the time, but I somehow knew that this was the “Mark of Lilith”.

It was a very powerful dream I will never forget. Yet, it also was not just a dream as I look back. I have since made Lilith a permanent altar within my home and I speak with her daily. She is my go to gal. I call her “Ama Lilith” when speaking to her.

So I have no doubt that the mark is real and is really there on my forehead. It is simply not visible in the waking world.

Has anyone had similar experiences with Lilith and being marked? Or being marked, more specifically on your forehead or perhaps by another Spirit?

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Have you read all of Lilith,there is info all over,from blogs to the amazon ebooks, I have seen people claim by dreams,signs,and scars to be choice by her,it’s a guy call Thompson .who has a Lilith may check tat book,and see if some of the book rituals calls may help you in you journey.

Being marked is a feature or working through the Ordo Ascendum Aetrynalis. I still carry a mark for this and I never tried to remove it. The idea crops up in religious literature and some are more dogmatic: I don’t personally believe in “the mark of the beast” as more than a human symbolic device, for example, usually used by the Catholic style cults to dehumanise people so they can feel good about attacking them.
But a real mark that you gain and accept during spiritual vision work has much more meaning imo.

If you try the search, just on “mark” there’s a few variations people had talked about before:


I’ve seen it online while searching out Liber Lilith. I should probably buy it and read it if its still available.

I can honestly say there is no fear in my heart regarding the mark. I don’t pretend to understand everything because I don’t. But I feel the mark offers me some heavy protection. I would imagine it basically means if someone fks with me they fk with Lilith. (This is of course my interpretation, though I think its pretty close to being accurate.) She is marking her territory, and that is fine with me.