The Magickal Job Seeker

I already used the search function on this, but most of what I found were old threads or just recommendations (“you should read the MJS book,” and not much more).

So, any experiences to share regarding this book?

I’ve been doing the rituals one by one, little by little, until I got a couple of interviews. I had one of them recently so I did the ritual indicated to be done before one day earlier, and the ritual to be done afterwards later that night.

I got rejected. No news of the second interview so far.

I know sometimes magick seems to backfire, only to show greater, desired effects later on, so I wonder if that might be the case with these rituals.

Any insights or experiences to share? Any “A-HA!” moments?

I also did a ritual from Magickal Riches to sell a property 5 months ago. Nothing happened so far.

And let’s not even talk about my failure with Magickal Seduction lol


I used this book back in October, I got a Zoom group interview. They didn’t bother to tell me I wasn’t hired until late April. (I figured I hadn’t been hired before then.)

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And did you manage to get any other jobs after that interview in Oct?

I haven’t. It’s a bit difficult because I’m trying to get hired as a flight attendant, so there are only so many companies out there. Plus they only hire 1-2 times a year. Only one was hiring when I was using Magickal Job Seeker. I’ve been applying since the beginning of 2019.

I’ve kind of given up because I am beginning to think my age is preventing me from moving forward.

I’ve used it. The effort was hugely successful, but I had also created a servitor for the same purpose, so I can’t be sure which to properly attribute the results to (or maybe both).
I wrote down exactly what I wanted (except I failed to specify that the work had to be interesting, it was the type of work I specified, just turned out to be the least interesting side part of that field).
The location, the office environment, the people, the salary. I got two job offers that hit everything I had specified within about 4-5 weeks.
With the salary I had specified the minimum amount. That was exactly the amount I was offered to the dollar (dang should have specified higher).
Again I don’t know if it was the Jobseeker book or the servitor or both.

Mmm I followed the instructions in MJS but said things just as the author says they should be said, without adding any specifics about salary or functions

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I followed the MJS instructions, but first I wrote out exactly what I wanted. Partly to help clearly set my overall intentions, but also to use these in the construction of the servitor.
As above, I’m not sure whether to credit the success to the book, or the servitor or both.
Either way, I think it helps to have a clear intended end state

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For whatever it’s worth, I would legitimately rate this book 100 stars out of 5.

I used it last year and it helped me land 3 offers within a 36-hour window.

Additionally, the offers came in it at perfect times and in perfect order, which made it very easy for me to use them as leverage against each other in negotiations.

The timing was nothing short of magical, as were the results

I just followed the instructions as closely as possible so I don’t have much advice beyond giving the book my highest recommendation

Edit: I should also probably mention that I worked with Seer on obtaining one of the offers specifically, and with Asmodai on being good at interviews in general. I used Demons of Magick by Winterfield for these petitions.


I’m also trying it. Still unemployed.

I just tried this again the other day and got an interview the following day. It went really well, but then I was supposed to take a test and said I would have to apply some other time (because I didn’t think I was qualified and I didn’t want to embarrass myself trying to do something idk how to do).

For what it’s worth, the magick definitely works, but whether we’re ready for it is a whole other deal.

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