The Magic Of The Swamp

Welcome to “Magic Of The Week” where we talk about one aspect of magic. This week magic, The Magic Of The Swamp.

They say that all places have their own kind of magic, and if that is true then what kind of magic would be in a place filled with life. Yet it always associative with death, what kind of magic do swamps have? Swamps are full of life, so it there magic life base? But if that is true then why do everyone speaks of swamp magic by linking with the undead? Is it’s magic life or death base? Or is it somehow both?

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Hmm… When I think of swamps, I think both death and life… decay and alchemy. It is primal, old and using what nature gives you. Actual swamps can be dangerous places depending on where it is, with alligators, at least in the Southern USA. Those are the swamps I am most familiar with. I can see many types of magick thriving in the essense of the swamp…