The magic number of enn reps - 108?

When I had an adventure with Joy of Satan sources, I discovered that enns or chants should be repeated 108 times. The description was that is double value of catholic crucifix which has 54 parts. Also the youtube channels that they have enns or chants like “Satania” or “Satan and sons” also have the videos where there is this number of repetitions. My question is: is that number helps in getting theta-gamma state which E.A. mentioned that is in my opinion “holy Grail” of every kind of magic? Or are there any explanations for this issue?

No, it’s an arbitrary number that means nothing unless you personally feel it does.

No repeat enn until you feel you are in theta gamma state

108 represents the ultimate reality of the universe as being simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite. 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga.

Even some mantra are specified how many times you should repeat them

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