The Lion’s Den (Journal)

I have had it suggested to me multiple times to create a journal so here it is I suppose! When thinking things through, I will probably be focusing on posting:

  • Blurbs of research that I find interesting.

  • Personal experiences with various things (mostly djinn stuff probably).

  • Some things about my spiritual identity and personal growth with certain things.

Anyway, I guess this is a start and I can’t wait to get started I guess! I’ll probably be pretty slow with things but I will try me best to really start filling things out!


I look forward to reading! Research and personal growth are of great interest to me. Djinn are fascinating to me so share away :slightly_smiling_face:

Almaqah, The Illusive Sabaean Deity

There is an ancient deity, long forgotten by many but was once important and heavily worshipped by his people prior to the influence of Islam.

His name is Almaqah and he was a deity of the sun, moon, and fertility (irrigation). He is known to be the Lord of the Horned Goats and was rumored to be the god that was almost exclusively worshipped by The Queen of Sheba herself. Many say that he is the male counterpart of the Canaan deity Shams (essentially the Akkadian deity Shamash), but I believe that he is a mixture of deities that come from multiple civilizations within Mesopotamia (similar to the deity Assur).

All of Almaqah’s sacred animals are bovid in nature and consist of bulls, goats, and the ibex (which are essentially wild goats). I will say that many scholars debate on whether he is a lunar or solar deity but through observation it seems that there is solid evidence that proves both of these claims to be valid or true.

I will also say that throughout my research in many areas of the Middle-East, the sacred animals of this deity as well as the association with the symbol of the circle with the crescent moon above it both have lunar and solar associations which makes it harder to discern without more clarification (a lot has been lost and new information seems to appear regarding him as time goes by so maybe my outlook will change with time).

Here are some links that give a bit more information about him, he overall is a very chill deity and I wanted to give him some love so here is a post dedicated to him:

Link #1:

Link #2:

Link #3:

Link #4:

Link #5:


The Apkallu

Who are the Apkallu?

The Apkallu were initially said to be the seven sages that were created by the god Enki to bring wisdom and magick to humankind. It is also said that “Apkallu“ is the term that is used for the pre-flood sages while “Ummanu” is a term that is used for the post-flood sages that were more closely associated with humankind.

With this said, the Apkallu grew more in number and it was also a title used by kings and human sages alike as a way to demonstrate to the people that they were ever-wise and blessed by the gods. Another interesting tidbit to add is that the Apkallu were considered to be genii (djinn) that are in the flying class of the species.

How were these beings depicted?

The Apkallu are commonly viewed to appear as half-fish and half-man. This depiction is probably the most common due to their connections to Enki and the Abzu. However, aside from this appearance there are two others that exist.

In their secondary depiction, they are known to have the head and wings of a eagle and have the body of a man. Through my own speculation, I believe that this depiction exists due to the eagle being one of the lesser known sacred animals of Enki.

In the last depiction, the Apkallu are known to have the body of a human, the wings of a eagle, were adorned with horned crowns, and are occasionally depicted as having the skin of a fish. This depiction is more mysterious but I would say that this form is probably inspired by the other two with more human-like features.




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Lately I have been having excessive dreams of a lion in a oasis shrouded in darkness. Throughout these dreams it has been both first person (seeing my reflection in the water) and in third person.

For the last year I have been mainly focusing on the two bovid forms that I tend to take on when projecting (ibex and ram). I always seem to be purely black or white whenever I am taking on these forms (I view myself to have the spirit of a djinn so I suppose this isn’t too surprising).

Is this a sign of change? Is the lion another aspect of myself that I need to further look into? Is the lion some form of guide? I guess this will be something I will have to get to the bottom of eventually.

Links to look into:

(This post is something I already started in a word document a few weeks ago, it still holds importance and is something I need to try to keep following up on).


Please post more regularly, amazing stuff.


Just so I can have this in writing -

I am planning on doing a tarot reading on the lion dreams that I have been experiencing in a previous post. Hopefully I can get things done and write it all out so I can make an update on things.


Simple energy work guides I wrote awhile back:

Basic shielding -

Understanding & Manipulating the Energy Body -

Third Eye -


Keep this up and you’ll earn yourself a bookmark. Solid info, thanks for sharing

The 72 Djinn

Facts & Information

Here are some facts about the 72. They are pretty elusive so I sadly can’t give too much information on them that is objective in nature:


The djinn sultan Fuqtus is attributed to having taught Solomon the names of all the 72 djinn.


The 72 djinn are attributed to causing illness and disease.


Sakhr is the name of one of the 72 djinn who is equated to the daeva Aeshma who is known to be the demonic king Asmodeus.


There is a djinn known as Asif bin Barkhiya who is renowned for taking Queen Sheba’s throne (he is speculated to be one of the 72 djinn).


The 72 djinn according to the Persians were closely intertwined with the Daeva. The Peris were possibly the only type of djinn who were generally viewed as benevolent according to the Persians.


Like I alluded above, some of the 72 djinn have a Goetic counterpart.


There is a djinn known as Umm al Subyan who is the queen of the Qarinah who is notorious for rebuking Solomon (Possibly a Lilith connection?).

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My Main Totem Animal


The American Idia moth has appeared to me on many occasions. The Idia americalis is found in forests throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is most common in western Oregon and Washington.


Idia americalis is our most common and widespread member of the genus. It is a small moth (FW length 9 - 14 mm). The forewings are a dull medium gray and are reddish brown to dark brown, darkest toward the outer margin.


  • Intentional.

  • Decisive.

  • Revealing.

  • Purposeful.


Moth symbolism is intertwined with the moon and it’s cycles. This spirit animal draws it’s energy from the moon and celestial bodies. This totem imparts to us the importance of simplicity and purpose and helps guide our actions to seek a higher spiritual calling. Moth symbolism teaches us to embrace a simple lifestyle and to avoid needless complexities.

Cultural/Spiritual Symbolism

Some Native American tribes say that moths are symbolic of prayer, healing and transformation. In other tribes, they are believed to be ghosts and are associated with death. In China, Moths are said to symbolize the souls of loved ones that you have lost. When it comes to the worldwide view of moths, they are seen as a symbol of the deceased.


My Main Spirit Guide


A’s real name is Hundun (混沌). Aside from the one given, his other aliases are Alaric and Shikyou.


A is male. However, due to his polymorphic abilities he can appear female.


A is a fiend in Chinese mythology that embodies chaos/disorder/confusion.


He initially takes on the form of an arctic fox to hide from those he doesn’t trust. When he does show his spirit form, he appears as a massive black dog or light colored fox with multiple tails.


A is a very protective spirit that likes to deceive and confuse others out of amusement. He is very stubborn, stern, and aggressive towards those who try to get close to me and enjoys causing havoc in my romantic relationships. When acting as a guide, A is straight forward although he can be cryptic depending on the situation.


Illustration of My Primary Etheric Form & Themed Attire -


Illustrations That Remind me of My Spirit Guide A -


Long Awaited Lion Update…

Now since I have more time to myself and can actually sit down and type things out, I thought that it probably would be a good idea to update things here.

In late June I did a few tarot readings in regards to what the lion means to me and why I keep having dreams amongst many other things in relation to them. My deck revolves around astrology and ironically enough Leo was the one card that stayed the same each shuffle.

  • The first time I shuffled I got leo, the sun, and fire.
  • The second time I shuffled I got leo, pluto, and air.

From my own interpretation of the first shuffle, I found that this reading was pretty direct and alluded to the fact that the lion is connected to my identity in a sense that it is a symbol closely associated with me alongside the goat.

  • Leo = Lion.
  • Sun = Identity; Willpower.
  • Fire = Passion; Manifestation.

When it comes to my interpretation of the second shuffle, the reading sort of conjoined with the previous one. What the lion means to me is clear and true and I shouldn’t doubt myself so much in regards to parts of my identity.

  • Leo = Lion.
  • Pluto = Life Cycle; Freeing confining mindsets.
  • Air = Clarity, Truth, Understanding.

Tarot Deck…

Barbieri Zodiac Oracle (I did a bit of research as well to help me further elaborate the meaning behind each card).


So yesterday Beelzebub decided that it would be funny to send three big ass spiders my way. I have quite the relationship with him and I’m not too sure if he did it to troll me (which is common for him) or to use them to send some kind of message. Either way, I could hear his laughter every time I went after one. I guess I will have to suck it up and check things out just in case.

Links that can give me a starting point whenever I have the time -

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Update -

I am still trying to figure out what is going on. Since I have written things, I did debate on whether I was right or wrong on Beelzebub being involved in these unwanted encounters.

I do have established relationships with Legba (Anansi) and Naamah, so I did decide to explore that a bit but came up with nothing. Naamah and I are so close that she picked up on my doubts and outright told me that she wasn’t involved. Usually when things manifest in the way that they are I can clearly feel Legba’s presence but didn’t.

Fast forward to a week or so afterwards, I finally get out of the house and hang out at a coffee place. I was so embarrassed because as I was sitting on the couch surfing the web I had seven flies swarm me and they didn’t leave me alone in the slightest until I left. Since then every outing has involved the pestering of flies lol.

Spiders at home, flies everywhere else; At this point it can’t be anyone BUT Beelzebub. In the past this boy has trolled me with spiders hence the reason why I did automatically point my finger at him. However, he has never been this persistent before. Usually he does this to joke around.

I know I should probably sit down and properly contact him at this point, but something feels off, not quite right. I get the notion that he is unsettled, perhaps he needs my help with something. I guess I will see what he needs, wish me luck on this endeavor because I feel that I am really going to need it lol.