The limits of magic

Now I’ve read a variety of posts on this but normally in relation to other threads such as: how to get an ex back. I’ve heard from my reading and lurking in this forum that magic is often limited due to our own lust for results. But is there anything magic cannot do. I’ll start in the hopes of promoting healthy discussion.

Magic does not allow you to physically travel through time. I preface that with the word physically as who knows we as magicians may be able to astrally travel through time.

I’ve also heard that magic does not allow you to turn someone that hates you into a thrall such as an ex lover that hates you. But I’m more doubtful of this one given that’s the whole point of return a lost lover magic and I would say this one is more related to lusting for results than a limit in magic.

The third one and perhaps the most controversial statement as to the limits of magic and again I’m not saying I believe this but again I say this to promote discussion. Isn’t magic just psychology dressed up with ritual? Say for example I want to attract a lover than aside from contacting Sallos and Dantalion and other love demons I would probably be advised to practice loving myself more, wearing perfume, good hygiene etc. But each of those things can attract me a lover without the ritual to Dantalion and Sallos

So does anyone want to challenge what I believe to be the limits of magic and tell me what they believe the limits to magic are?


So far as I understood, higher the plane, more things become possible.

Physical realm is bound by rules of time and space,so of course there are limitations.

Yes and no but it would be better if someone more experienced explained this.

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In my opinion magic doesnt have any limits, lets say you want a ex to come back , so you do the ritual and get finished it with it but if you lust for results, thinking like will this work? Will she/he come back? Well then it wont work and the results might get delayed because you are making barriers for that to happen in your mind, so its you who can control and set up limits to your magick

Hello @MH155

Very good questions. Like you, I also have a background in psychology. What do we do? When clients have challenges we might use techniques we gained from our theoretical orientation to assist them in build positive coping skills such as hygiene, a healthy diet, etc. These positive coping skills will hopefully assist the client in the long run in making other positive changes such as no longer isolating, building healthy relationships, etc. etc. you get it? I’m sure you do.

Now, in magik. We are focusing on what we want to manifest. We are our own Gods and we sometimes work with entities to assist us to achieve certain goals we may have. Example: I had a state exam that took me almost a year to get a testing appointment. When I finally got the testing appointment, I only had 3 weeks to study and pass the test or I would lose my job. If I did not pass: I would have to wait 3 months and pay again 350 dollars to retake the examination. What was the biggest problem? I was not given access to the study material until the test date was given. So I only had 3 weeks of study time before my licensed expired. The worse… ugh i work 2 jobs and I’m a single mother and I cannot take time off from work last minute. What did I do?

I used my Belial Sygil. I tell people all the time that I passed my 3 hour exam because of Belial. I only studied 6 hours in those 3 weeks. But, I had my Belial altar. I knew he had my back. He had been helping me with my legal issues. So, Why wouldn’t he help me with this? He made feel confident and I knew I was going to be okay. I passed the exam the first time, when people fail to pass the first time. What did I request Belial? “Assist me in selecting all the right answers even when I do not know the answers. Guide me through this examination process.” I could almost feel his presence every day in those 3 weeks. I can’t explain it. Belial was me through the entire process. I completed the examination in 2 hours. I was then guided to go back and randomly change like 30 answers. I submitted the examination and passed. But, It was not me who passed. Belial assisted me the entire time. During my “3 week preparation with Belial”, I also made sure to “prepare” all my showers and baths using fragrances and oils during those 3 weeks. These showers and baths are cleansing methods that I used to help remove negativity. Help me build focus, dominate, and attract what I was putting out to the universe.

Limits of magik? I don’t know what the limits of magik are. I have experienced some pretty crazy shit in my journey that would have skeptics like you thinking I need to go on a 5150. I have dealt with clients who have a diagnosis of schizophrenia and I personally know it is not schizophrenia. And, when I have asked certain key questions. I’ve had crazy shit happened in my office with my client present. But, I cannot discuss spirituality or religion, so I allow the individual to form his or her own interpretation. So, the limits of magik are in your own persona. That’s all I can tell you.


I don’t believe magick has a limit. However, I do believe people and This world does. Which is based on the individual and their own somewhat limited potential.


Personally, im unsure of what the limits are. If its possible to manifest objects out of thin air (Do a forum search for the Devil Stone technique)…then it leaves you questioning what is it that magick cannot do?

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IMO and I agree with @Velenos limits are within…within your mind and within this reality,
Magic is about gaining knowledge it’s a journey with no limits.

Spells have no limitations, limitations only occur within the mind of the person using magic, obstacles are only excuses.
Some magic is not meant to be, so yes therefore it may not work, not because of limitations but due to the path your on no longer requiring that specific need.

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I’m not sure if “limit” is really the right word for this, but for magick to bring you a requested end result, there must be a pathway in the physical world for it to manifest along. Gold doesn’t just appear on your doorstep - you have to do things in the world that make money (which magick can certainly help you to do).

With the “is magick just psychology” idea, I believe that magick is a distinct and fundamental force that goes beyond mundane psychology. Magick often works with psychological processes, especially internal magick, but even here I have experienced many things which cannot be explained by mundane science. Perhaps one analogy could be that the mind, or other people’s minds, are like musical instruments, and magick is like music itself. While each instrument is a vehicle through which music is expressed and created, a piano is not itself music. It is what creates music.


The only limitation to magic is its user, that users willpower, and that users intent. It’s not people can’t do those things, they’re simply too ignorant or incompetent to remove their own inherent limitations so they can do so.


Im waiting for someone to use magick to make a blackhole or call down the stars to float street level

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How would you define specific need and who determines what path you’re on and what is or isn’t a specific need. I am genuinely intrigued

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Intrigued…is my favourite word…

IMO We all have an inner need or a specific purpose when using magic we don’t just do it without intention … every time we cast a spell, hex etc, we change our personal path we are traveling on…we are continually evolving with the more knowledge we gain and the more magic we use…

Let’s use Newton’s 3rd Law as an example…that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Please don’t confuse this with karma, I’m not talking about karma…that’s another thread all together…

Similar to magic when you use it you expect something to happen…it doesn’t always happen the way you plan but the way it does just works out.
IMO its meant to be, every caster is individual to the craft therefore their magic works differently although results my be similar, it’s not limited just different.

magic is not just about getting something for nothing, you have to sometimes work for it…wether that’s a ritual, bond, gaining knowledge or even being patient there is always workings behind magic what ever kind you use.
So if your not prepared to put the work in you’ve already limited your results.:thinking:

An example…when I started working with lucifer he literally turned my world upside down, of course that was not my intention but I needed that to happen to be who and where I am today.
I’ve gained knowledge in this journey and have been able to benefit from the original chaos in many ways.

who chooses your path…you do…your actions create that path you follow.

IMO Magic and knowledge are limitless it’s our minds that form doubts or create obstacles which In turn we manifest… but hey that’s just me :blush:

Your lucky I didn’t pull out my psychology books out for this one :wink: it could of been an essay…

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I’m waiting for someone to tell me that they have used magic to travel back in time.

I’m waiting for someone to tell me that they have used magic to travel back in time.

Me too actually.

Magick is like physics. I believe it’s the physics of metaphysics actually. Is there anything it can’t do? Well it has it’s own laws, like physics, depending on where one is.

Bringing the stars down? Easy enough on the astral, good luck not destroying the solar system/creating a binary star system/melting the ice caps on earth and (insert snarky forbidden topic remark you can probably guess here). (And if you chose to be offended at what I didn’t say, because internet, assume I referenced Anima by Tool or something.)

Perspective is all, gain this and it can all be changed with a word

I disagree, for example If i want for clients in my online business, i gain in 1 month what i would wait 8 months to achieve


Oh just wait. There are a few who will tell you they bound and broke time with one finger because they are darkness incarnate, etc.


I wasn’t offended I don’t get offended easily

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I’m speaking on specific people.
Don’t worry though, they’ll show up…

Meant that as a general open letter statement, not a personal reply haha