The liar vs Genuine Truth

I’m a chronic sufferer of anxiety & I often play out scenarios in my head of awful things that could be happening. Voices of people saying things which are downright hurtful.

My question today is: How do I know if the anxiety is real (a spiritual message or warning) or just a wild fantasy? Is there any way to distinguish intuition from paranoia? I know it may seem like a foolish question, but it’s been on the forefront of my mind.


Mmm I want you to understand something that I’ve discovered in my life. 85% of people are basically good. Either because they are actually good or don’t like punishment for not being good

5-7% are a little naughty and a little nice…

5-7% are very nasty bad people.

Yes I’m aware those numbers dont totally add right. It’s not exact it’s an estimate.

Look around you , statistically 4/5 people are not bad, they aren’t against you, they’re not your enemy.

I used to suffer from a paranoid psychosis that manifested as delusions of persecution. I thought everyone was talking about me, everyone was against me, even friends and family.

Then one day when I was hearing negative voices I realized. People aren’t rude and nasty for no reason. Then I realized it was all in my head. I immediately went to a doctor and was prescribed meds. And I took them for two years. Lo and behold after following the doctors orders my sanity was completely restored and that whole time seems like a bad dream.

My point is that you have the power to completely ignore your anxiety and chose to live your life as you choose and with dignity. You may not be able to escape it totally, but you can live above it mostly.

I really hope this post gives you some perspective


Unfortunately this is really hard, even for practiced people, but long drawn out scenes are most likley to be imagination doing what’s called “castle building”. The conscious mind wants to be in control and know and identify everything, and it’s usually wrong. It will take a small thing like, sensing a person didn’t react to something you said, and blowing it out of proportion.

The best antidote for this is to talk to the person again. You can sort of reset yourself when you notice they aren’t showing any of the traits you imagined in the daydream, and they say different things.


1- It is not a foolish question, it is an important one. If it is important for you, it doesn’t matter if it’s foolish for someone else because it is your question.

2- I have anxiety as well, it doesn’t escalate to paranoia but I’ve had instances where I got so nauseous I could hardly stand or breathe.

3- So this is what I’d like to say. Our experiences are different, but I will say what helps me.

I’d first start by recognising where you feel your intution. This can be a little hard. My intuition is in my gut, my anxiety is in my heart. Recognising where I’m feeling is the first step. If it’s in my gut, I’ll do a reading and ask my guides what’s up. If it’s anxiety, I’d first let it pass.

If you feel like sitting, sit. Crying? Cry. Anything you feel that does not injure you, do it. Allow it to pass. After the peak is reached practice mindfulness. The texture of your couch, or the temperature of the floor. Ground yourself in reality.

When you feel a little better, look for triggers.

If something triggered your anxiety, it is anxiety. If nothing was there that would usually trigger you, I’d suggest looking if it’s a new trigger or first reflect why it might’ve happened, then I’d do some divination if nothing mundane comes up.

Also, therapy.

I am not a therapist or a psychiatrist. So please take this comment as it is and not as professional advise.


You could try petitioning the Genius spirit Marnes for discernment. Tristan Whitespire and Magus Lyon both have books on the subject. Lyon’s is more aimed at over all growth and gain verses Whitespire’s is more fine tuned like a demonic grimoire allowing you to choose more so which things you want to ask of the genius.

Both methods work. Better discernment will help you know when to say simply in the moment I reject this reality and when to pay attention and take action so that it doesn’t become you’re reality.

Nothings fool proof, but a healthy dose of discernment goes a long ways in this game called magic :stuck_out_tongue: