The legendary Prince Orobas and Solomon's 72 spirits of the Goetia

Each person develops at thier own rate. If you feel called to learning a specific ritual then by all means learn it.

The recommendation I gave is geared towards new students of the art.

You’re already evoking and making contact with spirits and getting results. I’m not worried for you you know how to banish and ground properly. Bornless is a fantastic ritual.

You yourself and only you know what you’re ready for.

Good luck my friend.


So do you think Duke Astaroth will work with a noob? I feel that I am drawn to her/him…


@Vince You’ll have to try it, I’d recommend a petition.

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How do I do a petition? If I want to offer a cigarette do I light it? Or just put it in the altar?

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Use the search function here on Balg to find instructions thx.


Absolutely loved it

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I’m glad :blush:

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I just stumbled upon this thread… and saw this while scrolling. Dude this needs to be its on topic its so simple and clear and easy.

Great post


Glad you enjoyed it.


The Lost Books 5A

An invisibility spell.

This ritual is usable once a month to once every three months. It is powered by the auspices of King Bael. I got the original idea from a Scott Cunningham book of witchcraft 27 years ago and altered it significantly.

You need.

Sandlewood oil preferably but any will do
16 tea light candles

A seal of King Bael.

On a new moon night preferably stand in your temple and carve on one tealight the word invisibility on top of the candle. On the bottom carve a half open eye.
Annoint this candle with oil. This candle represents you during the ritual.

Now mix the candles together so you don’t know where yours is. Arrange the candles in four roses and columns of four so it’s like 4x4x4 long deep and wide. Should form a nice square.

Invoke King Bael however you wish, and then light all the candles. Begin chanting “who am I, where am I, which one of these is me? Puzzled be, puzzled be, you cannot find me.”

Imagine mirror images of yourself swirling around you confusing your presence. Chant and visualize 5 min atleast.

This spell can keep you safe from physical, spiritual, magickal danger and danger from the law. This functions by making people see someone else when they see you. Do not break this glamour with rash bold attention seeking behavior.

Good luck.


The last books 5B

If you have basic clairvoyance and a decent demon deck I’ve got a cool channelling divination inspired by Priestess Akelta. You probably couldn’t use standard tarot on this…
But if you were creative enough maybe because their are goetic attributions to each card.

Take and clear your space

Banish with the LBRP

Set any wards you intend

Shuffle your deck thoroughly

Cut the deck into three equal piles from right to left.

Now each card has a demon with a message for you or the querent. You or the querent must chose a card and see what demon is waiting.

You will need basic clairaudience to understand the message.

I chose card two

This is knight Furcas

“I ask for wisdom and guidance from spirit X”

Now just listen

The message for me is “big decisions are soon coming your way, it’d be best to retreat to your own inner solitude to study those choices before you make them. Regret is a hard sheet to sleep on”

“Thank you spirit X”

The reading is finished.


The lost books 6A

A good excercise that will help alot of people with thier Clair’s s this.

Pick a divination spirit to work with such as I choose Orobas.

Take a set of keys and give them to someone else in your household and ask them to hide them from you. Tell them not too terribly hard at first though. You’re just learning after all.

Now sit still with your divination spirit. Draw a sketch of the rooms in the house where the keys could be.

When the sketch is finished ask your spirit “Orobas are the keys In the living room”

Wait for the reply. If no then move on to kitchen and bedroom and bath.

You will most likely get a reply.

Begin your search in that room. Let the spirit guide you to the list object.

This is a great excercise to build confidence and trust in your patron spirit.

Another version of this I’ve tested is having your patron hide from you and you discover what room and where he is by sending out psychic feelers.

Try this, good times good skill building.


The Mystery of Murmur

It was 2018 and I was hustling in the streets of Manila’s gangland. Harrison/Pasay to be precise. No man’s land. This was a dangerous place for a foreigner to be or any one to be really. Drug gangs controlled wide swaths of territory. The police were just as bad. Your chances of finding an honest cop if you needed help were about 30/70%

Anyway I was In an alley buying drugs and an old woman came to and got right up in my face and said 'Murmur, Murmur, Murmur ". She didn’t speak a lick of English but she just kept hissing and whispering murmur.

I knew Murmur was a Goetic spirit at the time but I didn’t recall what his offices were or anything.

I never figured out that mystery.

Recently I have pacted Murmur for a year and a day. He’s been teaching me necromancy. His kind of necromancy. In the Goetia there is duchess bune who is a necromancy spirit, Bifrons, and Murmur, some like vk argue that amon is also necromantic but I digress there.

I knew Bifrons wasn’t the right teacher for me, neither was Bime, so I sent feelers to Murmur. Murmur had been instrumental in the delivery of a Message from my late former teacher to me earlier in the year.

Now I unravel the secrets, of Life, Death, and the hereafter under the watchful eye of Duke Murmur.

Agios Murmur Rex Mormoylceae
Salve Ducis Murmur


@Verdo I once met a magician (in person) who claimed they were able to obtain knowledge like this from the Akashic Records (although they did not call it this. They called it the “Spirit Library”). Interestingly, he also used it to obtain knowledge of Feng Shui, but more so object arrangement within a space.


It doesn’t surprise me bro. During possession there can be transference of knowledge, things you couldn’t have hoped to know before hand


Yeah its definitely an invaluable power to have. I do recall someone a few weeks ago asking EA in a livestream about how to attain this ability, and he said that he thinks in order to gain such a power, it will require sacrificing something. Thats the impression he got anyways. I mean, the thought of being able to instantly download any skill/subject matter I want is highly intriguing. I just can’t fathom which entity I’d turn to for such a thing. Perhaps the maker of miracles…Ant’harratu


Azazel is the only one I can really say for certain, he is a miracle worker after all.

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Yeah probably. I imagine this being sort of like a matrix movie, where you would just plug your body in and download a martial arts program and instantly you are smashing faces in. Of coarse, my interest leans more towards the sciences…things like astrophysics, quantum mechanics. I couldn’t dream of studying such subjects today. As relatively smart as I may be…I’m definitely not cut out for such courses.