The legendary Prince Orobas and Solomon's 72 spirits of the Goetia

Each person develops at thier own rate. If you feel called to learning a specific ritual then by all means learn it.

The recommendation I gave is geared towards new students of the art.

You’re already evoking and making contact with spirits and getting results. I’m not worried for you you know how to banish and ground properly. Bornless is a fantastic ritual.

You yourself and only you know what you’re ready for.

Good luck my friend.


So do you think Duke Astaroth will work with a noob? I feel that I am drawn to her/him…

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@Vince You’ll have to try it, I’d recommend a petition.

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How do I do a petition? If I want to offer a cigarette do I light it? Or just put it in the altar?

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Use the search function here on Balg to find instructions thx.


Absolutely loved it

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I’m glad :blush:

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