The legendary Prince Orobas and Solomon's 72 spirits of the Goetia

Very good point


I like how self assured you are about your practice and your path. I wish I had that same degree of confidence. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking through the woods at night and I trip and stumble Abit and sometimes lose my way. I try to stay focused on moving onward, the only direction that matters to me.

I’m just getting to the point where I’m satisfied with my life and the things in it and I’m starting to extend myself to others to assist them.

I feel like guys like you and DK are way ahead of me. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas of you guys here on Balg. I’ve learned a great deal from my experience here.


Wait…didn’t they hand you the theater’s map at the front if the ride? I’d walk all the way back and ask for one, if I were you, my friend.

Mine was a blinded and I’m stumbling just like you :joy:

If there was one thing I would add that has helped me out a lot, it WAS that attitude of servitude, in a sense. I look to those spirits I work with and trust and ask them to help men do what’s best for my path.

It’s a partnership at that point.

I question. I complain. I don’t understand half the time, but I listen when my gut says it’s the right move. Even if I don’t want to do it. And at least a third of the time (or all of it right now), I don’t want to do it. But I can feel it’s right. So, I do it.

Maybe it will let me down someday and would if I don’t continue to question it, for that’s prime time for learning a lesson (again). But it hasn’t yet.

Further along…can’t make an accurate gauge of anything like that with two different maps, my friend…

Besides, nobody reads this far without enjoying it and learning a thing or two along the way…


I had a weird dream last night, maybe because I was reading everything here so intently, I also was trying to read the Lesser Keys of Solomon. I am curious and interested in Prince Orobas. The thing is, in this dream there was a man dressed like an apostle in biblical times, he looked like the version of Jesus, they sell us- everything was gray scale except his shawl that could have been blue-
Someone began singing a special song for him, I wanted to participate so badly I joined in suddenly knowing the words- it was sung as a hymnal- as we were singing he was lighting 4 cigars to blow them backwards as we do in our religion. It’s an offering The thing is he definitely isn’t one of my guides- I wonder what that dream was about. Also, in this dream he was asking for my secret name; which I don’t give out-
Any thoughts? Or is this too vague? I’m curious, it feels like someone asking to be appropriated but I don’t know who; unless it is Prince Orobas he’s the only one I focused on and I was saying his chant from the Lesser Keys before bed- Any thoughts or advice?


@BelladonnaWengue If you were chanting his enns and or imagining his seal before bed I find it very likely you met Prince Orobas.

He frequently dresses in middle eastern or north African dress and customs.

He was asking for your name, interesting. If he wanted to know that he would just know it. It’s very very difficult to keep anything secret from him.

I also find the use of Tobacco very telling he enjoys working with it very much. It is precious to him.

My advice is go with it. Perhaps next time place his seal under your bed and a glass of water by the headboard. It will make his manifestation easier into your dreams.

Excellent experience.:love_you_gesture::horse:


Hi, thank you for your reply- the thing is regarding my name, I’m a palera. So we have a secret name that gives us license to work with spirits. We usually either “salute” and say our name. Or we draw it as a sigil/firma. It makes me wonder if he was waiting for me to properly address him, because respectfully that is how it’s done, when we call or address spirits.

The thing that has me stumped is that I’m taught not to cross contaminate. Palo is Palo, Obeah is Obeah etc… I view myself as a natural necromancer, naturally working with spirits. But in reading what I’m reading using sigils etc- I wonder why I couldn’t put my firma down, put his sigil down and call him- but that would be cross contamination.
I will do as you advise and see what happens. Thank you for your prompt reply💚


Just finished evoking king paimon to ask him if he’ll help with clairaudience and was met with a yes. Very excited and nervous! Hoping this by the end of this year or by the February, it ends with me clairaudient enough to hear him and being able to evoke other spirits so I can divine with them and have full blown conversations!! I’ll update. Want to once more say thanks mike for sharing this and also thank you to Prince orobas for sharing this with you!


Your very welcome and I’m glad I could help you.


Noticed something strange. Before I evoke I won’t be hungry, but during evocation I’ll be STARVING. As if I haven’t eaten alll day. Then almost immediately after I’m done the evocation, I’m not hungry anymore. Kind of bizarre. I wonder what that means.


Mmm @Jetsetrose I’d chalk it up to phantom hunger, especially if it leaves when the evocation is over. I frequently find myself hungry after evocation and spirit work.


Okayyy so just finished up a session and I am still working on being able to hear him speak his name to me(paimon paimon painon) and for the life of me cannot hear it, BUT I during my evocation and looked at his sigil and saw the letter m that I have drawn on it in the outer circle and asked king paimon “what number the letter M in the alphabet?” I heard 13. I counted and just now checked, and it seems that answer was right. I find it strange that I still can’t hear him speak his name but heard him say 13. And I know it wasn’t myself that said 13 cause how the hell would I have been able to guess that? Strange session today but good strange cause last week was unbelievably dull as nothing happened really. Excited for tomorrow though!


Omg @Jetsetrose it’s a communication breakthrough keep going!!?:sunglasses:

You’re really going to enjoy how this progresses.


Finally got done reading the entire book. @Mike_Bee thank you for putting this together and I’m using several methods from this.

Working on Clairs with Duke Dantalion and working on Divination with King Paimon.

Thank you Prince Orobas and thank you Mike. You’re truly a gem my friend.


I have thought about buying Golden Dawn tools myself, the chalace, fire wand and pentacle “starter kit.” To be exact. But I don’t have acess to a bare bones room with a ground to draw upon, and I know that Golden Dawn rituals have to be followed super closely and are sometimes very intricate but I digress…

My question is, did you put in the magnetized wire that’s contained within the TGD’s fire wand, or was your wand one you crafted intuitively? I hope makes sense :black_heart:
…Honesty…I have too many wands…:joy:



@Rainbow No I did not use the magnetized wire in my wand I’ve always thought that was overkill.

I just found a bamboo shoot in the rough. Took it home and sanded and painted it then affixed a nice fire agate to the tip.

Kept it simple.:grin:


I am looking forward to working with Prince Orobas in early Jan 2022, I have learned an lot though mikes helpfull posts and messages and I cant wait to try several practical attempts to summoning the good prince and developing clairaudience with his help :slight_smile:

I am already getting many things he needs and plannning to set up the right sort of altar for respectifully honoring his arrival

long live the order of the black horse and his familairs


@Miles Well yes…long live the black horse order…I did actually recently part ways formally with the order but it was on friendly terms. I went solo and it’s all good.

I’m indebted to the order for teaching me some of the finer points of Goetic evocation. Those are some pipe hard hitting practicioners. :heart::heart::heart:


Sorry Mike I didnt know you’d left that group, still though you have impressive knowledge and you’ve taught me an lot, I still have much more to learn and I look forward to that also :slight_smile:

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@Miles no problem and there’s no bad blood between me and them. They taught me a great deal and helped me immensely to take raw knowledge and hammer it like a forge into a coherent, powerful practice.

You will learn the most by doing it my friend. Make what you learn yours and build your own practice brick by brick. :smiley:


I wanna do this and add it to my rituals but I feel I’m not ready yet they way you have described the years of preparation that goes into learning this :sob: