The Left Handed Path? Maybe?

Okay so, forgive me for my views - but it was just how I was raised.

I am thinking about attempting to evoke Demons, but I’m not too sure. Honestly, I was born into a (Somewhat) relgious family, so I’m very hesitant about it.

Just because… I don’t know what happens after we die and I don’t want to go to hell lmao – also one of my friends said if I tried and demon stuff we would stop being friends and she’s a really dear friend to me and I don’t want to lose her, but I am also curious about this.

I want to try new things, but I also don’t want it to backfire.

Any tips?


It will backfire if you expect it to, hell is okay, but nothing to fear.

Better yet, why do you really want to do magick?

I feel like it would help kind of… gain control over my consciousness in a way ? Help me figure some things out essentially.

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Not an ideal reason to learn the craft, would be better to go into Buddhism if that’s your only goal.

This here is mastery of self, breaking down the mental walls that we had been raised to believe, and taking our rightful place amongst the higher beings.

If you want a biblical quote (assuming you are Christian) then here it is:

“God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God.”

We seek this, is that what you seek?

We have cookies in Hell.
Do you like cookies?



Oh your friend said shell stop being your friend if you summon us? Well tell her she wont get no cookies from us when she gets down here


I think i can relate wrt scared of summoning demon cause religious family

But honestly if you’re scared to lose a friend over demon stuff you’re not ready for it


Man just do it. Hell isnt a real thing. And just don’t tell her. You can summon bael as your first demon so that she never finds out your into magick. Regardless of what was said before. Magick can be used spiritual purposes or material success. It’s really up to you. Look into the gallery of magick that’s my go to place. Demons of magick by Gordon winter field Is the easiest way to call on the 72 demons of the goetia. They use the names of god and angels to Make the magick safe. Good luck


If you are been honest, truthful and respectful to these entities, you would gain alot. And your friend who is thinking of leaving you and will probably leave you will surely come back, when she sees that you are soaring higher and not what they are taught about fallen spirits.

It’s just that simple.

It wont backfire but you shouldn’t go into thinking it is or it might but I’m not sure. The gallery of magick has everything you will need to get into magick. Demons archangels, angels. I treasure there books deeply since ive gotten life changing results along with some very interesting ones too

And if only you know what Heaven and Hell mean, you won’t pee in your pant from what religion taught you.

They are figures of speech, but people translate them literally.


  1. Science of Mind/Law of Attraction has some overtly Christian authors, and is as powerful a method to manifest changes as any kind of black magick, because it goes straight to your own divine energy within.

  2. come at this through core shamanism which is largely taught in alignment with conventional morality, and other spiritual healing methods. You’ll increase power, while having direct and provable contact with spirits, who can fill you in on the way things really work.

Life isn’t either “no magick at all” or “Demons” - there are ways to “change reality in accordance with Will” that have nothing whatsoever to do with demonic, dark, or sinister forces. :+1: