On "Magickal Backfire"

It’s kind of risen to the surface that a lot of people are in fear of something, namely curses or anything that is similar to such a thing, backfiring upon the individual. I decided that I’d contribute by writing some essays or just my general thoughts on subjects like these.

Firstly, what is magick and what affects magick?
Magick is the art of bending reality to conform with one’s will. The act of destroying a complication of sorts and creating an opportunity for something to surface. Something along those lines. Magick is affected and fueled by the following: _thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and lastly emotions. _ Those very things can easily dictate what happens to not only your spells and rituals but also what happens throughout your daily life, practitioner or not.

Thusly and finely put: if you think it will happen or believe/feel it will, it most certainly will.
^this very statement, is why I and several other occult colleagues of mine stress the importance of self control over your mental and emotional states and the deprogramming of ones previous belief systems.

Of course, one is more than welcome to not perform magick, etc but if one does, it is best to keep this in mind, that indeed, your magick and life is affected by your thoughts, feelings and emotions, etc as they literally fabricate a lot of the things around you.

In fact, having control over one’s state empowers one’s self.

Hopefully this has helped some of you.

(Disclaimer: this is for educational purposes, not to point out, belittle or harass others.)


I think this is why some people are concerned about using certain bodily excretions of their own in that they will be affected or it will backfire on them.

The ones I’m talking about are the ones that you need to excrete to function normally - not bodily fluids such as blood, semen, and mucus.The last group have very specific functions and these can create a link depending upon your intention.

Funny I read on one site about creating a ritual involving faeces (they suggested dog faeces) and someone asked if they could use their own. The response was NO NO NO - under no circumstances ever. OK - that really makes you wonder about the really effective poop, write, wipe and flush spell doesn’t it.

It is exactly that which you push into the object whether it be a lump of your finest home produced bum truffles or flute of Chateau Dominate YSA 2018.