The law of Karma

What are your thought on the law of karma?
If you’re not protected by a powerful spiritual entity, do you really think you won’t have to pay for the karmas you accumulate through magick?
What are the thoughts of demons about the law of karma? Is there no reincarnation?

I’ll share my thoughts as the discussion goes on.


Copied my answer from the other Karma topic of today:“I personally don’t think there’s any sort of karma that you don’t make yourself. If you feel guilt about doing something you feel is wrong, even subconsciously, that can easily draw negative spirits/energies which result in bad things happening to you. Of course other people/spirits/deities can also decide to act if they find your actions questionable to them.” Reincarnation exists in my opinion and experience (past life memories would be quite hard to explain without it) but it seems to be pretty random unless you had enough spiritual power to control it in your previous life. Also there’s a rule about introducing yourself in the intro topic, so you might wanna go do that.


So according to you if I don’t feel guilty about hurting someone, I don’t incur the karma?

Yeah I’ll go do that.


Like attracts like, if you base your entire life around attacking people you’ll be put into a cycle of attacking people, if you constantly do one thing or have one thing done to you that’ll continue happening to you in a cycle over and over again basically.

Not the normal definition of Karma but its the more accurate version.

Also, the original version of Karma is really just doing whats most beneficial, a cause-effect relationship, if you do this that willl happen and onwards, and the best karma is therefore learned from listening to your inner buddha nature/atman/whatever you want to call it.


@Akashiel I haven’t considered that being the case but it resonates with what I’ve experienced.


I always felt that the law is universal. If the world is One giant great being, and everyone is a part of this Whole, hurting anyone/ anything is equal to hurting yourself.

I asked about reincarnation as most people pay for their karmas in their future lives.

Indeed, in esotericism there is a theme about Universe as the individual’s body and resolving impotence/difficulty like it were a sort of unconscious part. Theoretically the problems may be dealt with also in this view.
Hermeticist authors believe in reincarnation, by the soul reduced basically to a seed. They are already affirming a break in consciousness. But some esotericists extends the idea, saying that ordinarily there is no afterlife. In special cases, mainly with initiation, there may be survival and even immortality.

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If you have chemo therapy to kill cancer cells in your body, are you acting against universal law? Some people are a cancer on the collective. But their journey doesn’t end there. Their energy changes form, just as the tumor does.


That is a very valid point, and ill add that intentions matter a lot under the law of karma. Still, from what I know I would say that even killing cancer cells must carry some sort of karma, as all things have the right to exist, whether we consider them good or bad.

I believe that if one truly believes in karma and they do something bad, the one who punishes them are themselves. Like, if you feel as if someone is out to get you, you may end up cursing yourself. It happens. :woman_shrugging:

Also, if you think you deserve a reward, you’ll end up subconsciously rewarding yourself, and especially if you know even little of magick.

If any of that makes sense, lol…


believing in Karma brings you Karma!
But for real life, there “action and reaction” it is just natural, and no karma will be involved in those mechanics,
Like, you kill someone? you go to jail,
You eat too much with a low metabolism? you get fat!
But in regards of black magick, just never even think karma will sneak around, and you will finish all of your dread rituals fresh like a flower…
BUT, in my own case, i learned to no do everything i wanted concerning stealing energy, baneful shit, revenge, because my mentors would e disappointed, the first thing anyone should learn in this path is inner mastery, and it means not wining about and plaguing everyone or everything that is not in accordance with my will,
not because it is bad or evil, but rather because i should use my energy for ascent, instead of bitching small fries around!


What about the understanding that we have to experience the karmas of our past lives in this life and the ones to come? Believing or not believing will not negate a universal law.

What is karma?

You hurt someone, nothing happens
You hurt multiple people, people seem ruder, even strangers?
You hurt a lot of people, suddenly people are hurting you, relentlessly.

What you put out you receive back simple as that.

You spend, but you don’t save? You always find your self-broke
You save, but you don’t spend? You never get new shit.

Karma isn’t something hard to understand.
it’s just another way of calling it the same thing.
Law of attraction.

Is it a universal law? yup.

Does victimizing your self to karma and claiming you carry karmic debts from previous lives make you vulnerable to negative outcomes?
Yup, you think you’re fucked, therefore you’re fucked.

You don’t believe in a universal law like karma?
Well, the reality is subjective…
What reality is, is really what you perceive of it.
You really don’t believe in Karma?
Then in your reality, there is no Karma

Same goes with Magick…
Don’t you believe magick is a real force?
You don’t?
Then it simply does not exist nor work for you.


It’s your choice to reincarnate.
There is no punishment after death…That’s the truth.
If you were to be approached by “angels”, and to be told you have a karmic debt, and that you must reincarnate to pay it.
Then it’s your fault you forced your self into this situation.
Because that’s bullshit.
You’re the God of your reality, and as you Say you will.


Karma is different to different people but the most damage was done by Buddhists who explain that universe is in this way because of karma and karma is eternal. It is all rubbish. Karma is time, karma is mind. When you perform an action with intense awareness that action will be an end in itself and there won’t be any residue. But if your conciousness is fragmented any action you peform will leave a residue and no one knows how it impacts the universe at all, except that it does.

The horrible things or the good things you experience in this life have nothing to do with your karma in past life or past lives.

But it is a fact that actions peformed in the field of time have consequences. These consequences need not be in direct magnitude or quality of the actions peformed. Karma is not Newton’s third law of motion.


I dislike the word Karma, don’t even know why we changed Dharma into that.

Karmic Debts are a funny topic. According to Dharma a bad person NOT acting on their true nature and being good will receive Karmic Debt.

There is no Karmic Law, there is the Law of Attraction however but this isn’t the same as Karma. There is no unseen, omipresent entity who dishes out punishment for “bad deeds”.

It is a pendulum. It will always move to both sides but if you push it too far one way it is garanted to come back with the same amount of force.


It seems western occultist believe more in the law of attraction rather than the law of karma.

The whole theory of your thoughts create Reality doesn’t resonate with me Eg because if I hypnotise someone to fully convince themselves that they have an extra arm they don’t grow one out of the blue. It seems thoughts create only a perception of reality. But to each his own

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Oh it’s all perception I agree but I don’t get why you feel Western Society believes in the Laws of Attraction? The average person in that region sees it as Kalifornia Karma where you are always followed by that invisible force that will hit your hands with a ruler for thinking bad things.

More Occultists, I’ve noticed, believe in the Law of Attraction but I wouldn’t say that means Western Society.

Edit: Western Occultists are kindof a mixed bag though. Some are adamant about Karma some are not.


I wrote " western occultists". I don’t think eastern occultist would believe in the law of attraction.

I was under the impression that is where it came from?
Hermetics and all.

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