The Khulari Arcana- Necromantic Sigils

Before you ask- these runic works were derived from sustained contact with the energy patterns behind what is represented as the Khulari in the Elder Scrolls. For those unfamiliar with the concept of such workings, in the multiverse nothing is truly original, and there exists an inspirational or source pattern for all of creation. The source pattern of the Khulari is what imparted to me these runes. For reference:

However, as you will see, the sorcery itself is quite different:

I will explain how to use each individual sigil and what they do.

And no, I’m not an artist and yes, I drew these in MS Paint.

1. Ishun, the Negative Cross

Ishun, or the Negative Cross, is one of the functionally simpler yet more widespread of the sigils. Ishun’s basic purpose is “polarity reversal” in that an Ishun at either end of an object creates an energetic torsion-like field.

Whereas the cross, and double-armed cross, represent the unity of points such as flesh, mind, and soul, the Negative Cross distorts this implied stability. The painting of reversed Ishuns on an object can create a prison for souls, and Ishuns placed strategically around a temple can enhance the power of bindings and create increased spiritual pressure.

Additionally, Ishun applied to the human body is a study in and of itself. When drawn with a finger over an open wound, Ishun accelerates its closure and the stoppage of the blood flow. Similarly, done over a person’s head it can apply pressure to their mental stability and disorient them, and in a big enough “dose” can cause brain trauma.

2. Digmark, the Seed

Digmark, or the Seed, is a very specifically crafted piece of arcana. It serves a refined function and operates directly within its sphere. A basic understanding of Digmark would be a pre-programmed bit of spiritual DNA operating through a symbol. Allow me to explain.

A proper Digmark may only be constructed under the moonlight, when in dual-consciousness with a spirit of death, shade, or other such ruling intelligence. A Digmark is drawn in the four directions in the air, by which the spirit may implant its influence in the corners of the world, and your intent carried upon the waves it sends out through the world.

It is kind of like a magnifying glass of power. By sending out a Digmark “package”, the entity you share consciousness with gets fed with power and your force of intent gestates within the world, where it interacts with other factors which may further magnify or shrink it.

3. Shatome, the Eye of Reflections

Shatome is another specifically refined necromantic sigil, with a bit more variety in its applicability. See, the primary use of Shatome is to enhance the focus of energies linked to the sigil. It works kind of like an accelerating agent to the dormant and dominant energies of the surroundings as well, intensifying the general area.

This has a few ways it can be used. For one, a Shatome drawn attached at at least one end of any of these necromantic sigils enhances their power. Where possible, an overlap can be created, and the more the sigils overlap the less the power bleeds into the nearby environment. This creates a very focused, very tight ball of power, especially when you take into consideration the binding mechanics utilized in this arcana.

However, when placed in a grid-like fashion around your temple, Shatome runes will create a definitive increase in the sheer intensity of your rituals. Furthermore, this intensity carries increased energetic force, which at times may be perceived visually.

4. Zagamud, the Chain

Zagamud is the equivalent of “eat or be eaten” to the Khulari. The application of Zagamud’s energy to a spirit will cause their magical functions to be incapacitated and revealed, allowing for a live dissection of sorts. Zagamud is a torturous thing, that can keep those branded with a significantly powerful enough variation of the rune essentially aware during their suppression and conquering.

Zagamud’s effects vary greatly based on the power of the individual releasing an iteration. A minor bolt of the rune’s magic might cause a momentary lapse in thought, while a skilled, powerful blow can result in the target entering a vegetative state. The Chain may also in human targets work against their nervous and endocrine systems, and if the application ritual was strong enough it may carry enough weight to crack bone.

Zagamud’s applications do not stop at consciousnesses however, as even hostile hexes may be bound and discarded, or even the very forces of death itself.

5. Ei’mortel, the Doorway

Ei’mortel is a more peculiar piece, however, this does not mean it is any less useful. It kind of resembles the shadows of three pyramids, which is relevant because it is exactly that type of energy: the “converter to the stars” but on a more personal level.

See, Ei’mortel doesn’t have a necessarily “basic” application, but it has three primaries instead. One, represented by the left side, is the ascension to the stars, another, the right, is the climb from death into this life, and the center is more of a non-specified portal. What I mean by this is that by “feeding” (drops of oil, incense, etc.) a certain side of Ei’mortel, you can balance it to assist in drawing shades from death, sending them to a location, or assisting their souls- and your own- in evolution.

You can feed all parts of Ei’mortel at once, one at a time, only one, only two, etc. There’s not really a limitation. Combined with Shatome you can move armies of spirits, if not mountains themselves.

6. D’ga, Will’s Fragmentation

D’ga is more of a direct control variant of the arcana than any other piece of the set. The purpose of the rune is to create a “noise blind” that suppresses an individual’s true conscious processes, and subverts their natural desires. It’s quite an ingenious tool because it makes the victim actually want to be your slave, your tool.

D’ga may be applied to an object that has a shade (or an army of them) bound to it in order to coerce the shade(s) into your service. This may also be applied on any “haunted” object, or other home of a pesky spirit, to begin the process of subverting its will. The more instances of D’ga present, the more powerful the persuasion, though an increased number of repetitions may not always be necessary.

Additionally, a powerful enough single instance of D’ga may be as strong as, or stronger than, a bunch of little D’gas.

7. Morigus, the Animator

Personally, Morigus is my favorite of the sigils. The principle behind its operation is “something from nothing”, and by that I mean Morigus can stitch together energetic parts to create a functioning consciousness. It is sort of like a servitor engine. The pieces are placed around or imbued within the sigil, it “cooks”, and after a time spits out the new intelligence.

Although this has obvious uses that are not necromantic, it is keen when employed in the spheres of death. If you’re familiar with the anime Blue Exorcist, there’s a type of creature called a Naberius in it that is essentially a stitched-together corpse monster ( Morigus functions similarly.

However, Morigus requires a more adept hand than most of the other runes. You see, Morigus doesn’t exactly have a “timer” for when the entity it creates will be ready. So it takes a keen astral eye to watch over when it will spit out its work, and the “babies” require almost immediate attention and commanding. They’re like small birds, the first thing they see they think is their “mother”.

8. Aprugal, the Alchemist

Aprugal is an alchemical rune that will most likely be applied to you. In order to do so, you have to open it like a normal sigil, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used on other people- you just won’t want to.

Because, see, Aprugal’s function is also very specific- it makes things more efficient. Need to enhance the power of a binding? Slap an Aprugal on it. Whereas Shatome increases the intensity of the energy, Aprugal converts it to the most efficient form and paves roads for that efficiency to be sustained into the future.

This is most useful when dealing with events that may increase your strength, such as a battle of power. Applying Aprugal to your skin is not recommended as Aprugal will function on whatever it is placed on, while working on the target. So unless you want to, if you’re say fat, lose the ability to eat, or if you’re skinny, slip into a coma after you break your bones and be fed through a tube. The Khulari do not scamper around and these runes, a fraction of their sigils, are a nice representative sample of their magic. And, like them, it will. fuck. you. up. if you try to “slow down”.

Good luck.



I’m looking at number 3 and 8 here to speed up and focus a working on my altar for money and prosperity.

If I carve these on a yellow or orange candle and place it next to the spell working, do you think it could work ?

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They truly seem rather interesting with an open mind approach since they descend from a game (which I love btw) but it seems that they need “charging” and quite a bit at that. The link of the established energy is fragile while drawn and the intent if not focused and backed up by meditation or charging techniques the symbols just seem random at best. I ve experimented a little with them but they seem that their application is in specific targeted people that had an effect and by that I mean people that can be affected by occult means through the way of talk or enchantment trhough speech in conjuction with the runes. At least that were my results at the time, Iam very interesting to hear from other members here if they experimented with them…

@Lotuslouvena I can definitely see 3 being useful, though depending on the structure of the working you may want 5 instead of 8. What are you working with?

@Alexander12 They’re what I received in regards to the shapes, I’m not an artist so I attempted to represent them through Paint. They’re not random though, they are symbols of their function. Did you try using them before or after the forum shift? If after, it’s possible the shift affected them. And yes, they each have different targets. Unless you refer to something else?


Ok , I kind of meditated over my choice before I saw your message and tried to reach out to get an answer.

I was aiming at two spells

One for weight loss ( the post baby weight has gotten bad and now I’m like 40 kg over weight) so here is what I did yesterday ,

Made a mixture of my blood patchouli and bergamot oil
Anointed a blue candle with it and put number three and number eight under it.Added a sigil made in saturn square to lose weight in a month without becoming sick or hurt or losing money.Annointed all sigils too.

36 hours later I have lost one KG and everything is OK.I have just lost the urge ( very weird!) to hog on cheese, carbs and sweet fuzzy stuff.Two blue candles gone so far.

I knew number 8 was working as I suddenly ( and this was totally out of the blue) took a gym ball which is generally lying idle in my house and did some stellar exercises on it.Now , if you knew me better, I can’t even get on a treadmill to save my own life.

So, my husband is giving me a weird look which is kind of mixed with hope he will get his slim and attractive gal back.

Let’s see what the next few days show.

Now my other working is for money.Im a lawyer and business tends to get slow.I was thinking of attaching number three, number five and number 8 to a working for money ? Any ideas or suggestions.

Where can I read more about the nature of the khulari to meditate on it ?

I used them after but as I said i can clearly see were the power lies between them and within. I am just curious about the shade control which after many tries still I had no effect, bit still it can be just me failing xD. Any interesting story regarding them(in rituals)? Of course I ask out of “scholarly” curiosity

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@Lotuslouvena Use 5 for the working only if you’re involving death or stellar energy, as unless you travel into the rune it can be difficult to “anchor” where the Doorway lands. Otherwise, if you’re working to draw more clients to you, 3 and 8 together should work well.

@Alexander12 How have you been applying it? If using the energy of the rune directly doesn’t work on the spirit, have you tried binding them to an object and drawing it there? Remember that the more instances of 6 that are applied to an object increase the persuasive pull exponentially. And sure, here’s a little anecdote about each of them:

1- The story about drawing it with a finger is mine, a little while after discovering this rune I fell into the corner of my patio and sliced my ankle. The cut wasn’t deep, but it was long and One of the Khulari appeared and told me to use Ishun over it, so instead of getting a bandage I sat down and traced the Negative Cross over the wound for about three minutes, and when I stopped there was no physical evidence of the injury. Even the blood disappeared. I’ve also used it as a fortifying part of some prisons.

2- I did this with a vampiric friend of mine way back after first contact, which was a year and a half or so into my magical career. A month later on the day, Twilight was released. I still tease the spirit about it.

3- I had a rug fashioned with Shatome on it to use in rituals. The first night of using it, after it was ready for action, was my most intense ritual experience up to that point. It has since become normal.

4- I used this on a man I saw abuse his daughter, which happened to be an associate of mine. I placed it in his bloodstream. His liver and kidneys shut down, and he lost his voice from inhaling too much smoke at a fire that broke out at his workplace. The first thing that happened though, was a punctured lung by way of broken ribs, which occurred when he got hit by a minivan. He’s barely alive.

5- I’ve used this to establish telepathic communication with the inhabitants of both the stellar and infernal realms at the same time. It’s an elevator that functions well as a “conference call”, but using it gave me access to deeper locations in those realms than I had previously discovered. One of my trips through the Doorway, I discovered a now priceless addition to my collection.

6- When my water heater broke, I set this up in front of my door. The water company’s original price for one was $1700, and as I focused the sigil into the company logo, the guy they sent over to estimate the damage “forgot” to charge me, and the company didn’t have the record of my installation.

7- @AdamThoth’s plague doctor servitors were partially connected to it. This is a dangerous one to use.

8- I don’t have a specific story for this one, except that I required less energy to manifest stronger results after implementing it in my systems.


You have given us something very powerful x thank you!

I have noted down your suggestion about number 5

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Wow this is plenty enough of results like daaaamn son xD Ill try working a little bit with a more vampiric like technique with them, a couple of days ago I created a certain incantation with a Fu like talisman with a certain sigil that taps into dragonic energy currents and I used for (chaos purposes and intent focusing) the dragon language found in the TESS. 4 Days have passed and the more meditation and repetition in incantations I use the more energetic shoft I see and that is thanks to your post which gave me the idea and of course the valuable knowledge that you provided for us, thank you my friend.


I have another question and sorry for my nagging, lets say you have a sigil or a grid likesigil mechanism eg: for enhancing your energy or to gather and store energy, if you add number 8 to the equation would that be a proper use or it will instead harm the whole thing. Also if the combined new sigil is applied to the body the number 8 still will affect your body in a negative way? Or is it more safe to say, like you put a potion or oil over it and after the enhancing you consume or apply it. Once again sorry if I bother you with my questions, I plan on working with them for the next month so I want to be sure I have grasped well the concept as not to make any fatal mistake


Instead of applying it your body the best way is to feed it a few drops of your own blood and combine it with the actual sigil (i make these on planetary kameas).

Btw…I have lost so much weight in a few days and I am still healthy and not hungry.

Number 8 is awesome.Just feed it and let it know what to do.It will “accelerate” your spell.

You could also anoint a candle with some blood drops and carve it on it.

If this weight loss spell works then I hope everyone on this forum can benefit from it.


I see seems that these are much promising sigils, Ill try that way and If Iam successful Ill report back, thanks for the info and well done with your progress through this work


8 Kgs down today.

Target was 30 KG.

I’m happy I can fit into my old clothes again.

This fat really needed something with a Vampiric twist to suck it away.Think of it as a cleansing of the system.

When the doctor quoted me 3000 dollars for a tummy tuck, I figured what is the point of me being a struggling Magus/Witch/Sorcerer if I cannot sort my own problems.

I will try shapeshifting next to resemble one of my ancestor witches.It will be fun.


Oh my thats awesome! Iam glad for you, seems those vampiric rune sigils are something else~
Cant wait hear more of you


I have applied number 8 to one of my domination works today.
I will keep everyone updated x


It depends where you place 8, in a grid it should be surrounding the center generally. If you’re combining other sigils with 8, make sure you include 3 (as sometimes the properties of 8 get drowned out easily) and a safety valve, in the event it transmutes too much. However you can also put it in a potion to have it work on the material. You’re not bothering me with the questions, don’t worry.


what about using 3 and 8 in a crystal grid? would the same thing apply since it is still a grid in terms of what you told him?

edit: if it helps, the geometrical grids im thinking of employing are the following: Hexagram (not unicursal), triangle or a pentagram (not to be confused with pentacle)

secondary edit: i also plan on placing fetish links and an additional crystal in the center for a more stronger, quicker and direct effect. as well as employing blood magick on the outline of the grid itself (not the crystals)

My advice would be to feed them with your DNA /blood drops before you assign the runes a task.

They feed you back.Let me give an example.

10 Kgs down today.I am not hungry or weak or sick.It has been a week.Number 8 and Number 5 have been ‘fed’ to do their work.They are feeding me back with energy now so I don’t drop dead.

Everytime I feel I lose weight I feel goosebumps.I have stopped craving for junk.Just taking some health shakes and fruits everyday.

Look at it this way, we are all on the BALG forum because we have what other people don’t. A faith in our left hand path and an ability to create our futures.

We can achieve anything, literally if we put these runes and other entities to work by feeding them with our attention and focus.They always feed us back.


i hear what you’re saying.

How would these sigils best be applied to manipulate someone on the physical plane? Say a hot chick or a job recruiter.

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