The Khulari Arcana- Necromantic Sigils

Ok so I had a parasite problem. One that was around me for a VERY long time way before I was a sorcerer. It had been feeding on me and my emotions and problems for years and I just realized it was around me. I managed to weaken it but I couldn’t seem to remove it so I merely vamped it and binded it (without using a rune) to my will. It worked but not entirely. I found the demonic manticore (that’s the parasite) to be uncooperative (this is without d’ga) so today I decided to employ d’ga upon the poor manticore I fed the sigil with most of my energy and performed a binding of the manticore into my will and service. It has worked flawlessly. I want to take the personal time to thank @anon68160656 for posting these because d’ga got me out of a sticky situation and reversed it into my favor and I am very pleased. These runes and their capabilities are absolutely beautiful. Thank you again. I will soon test d’ga on a person and see where it leads me.


Update 13Feb 2018-

These are working great for baneful magic and even self-empowering magic (read their qualities before you unleash them) on Radionics machines too.I am loving the results.

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Another update they like chicken blood too x

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I decided to work with nunber 5, Ei’mortel the doorway. I can say I’ve already been experiencing strange anomalies just by painting it.


I was wondering how to use #4 on myself for hex/binding removal

hello could you please explain to me how you activated the seal of N 8, I want to increase muscle mass and change some things with my physical …please how you activated what procedure you did

Can it work like this … ?