The Keys of Ocat: A Necromantic Journey

That is awesome! When you have time and feel like up to it and write more about it will be perfectly fine :clinking_glasses:

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I obviously have spent some time reflecting, and doing just one more thing magically than I would everyday, as well as just one more activity than I would normally in my day as far as getting out of my apartment, eating right and things like that go.

Unfortunately, sleep has been a fickle mistress and I’ve been struggling with my daily routine. That’s not incredibly surprisingly with me, change any one factor in life and I go through a period of time where I either sleep way more than usual, or not enough. The trouble has been I’ve wanted to sleep, and have found myself instead trancing out for literally hours and even if I’m going to bed at 2 am dog tired, I’m still awake at noon without any sleep and then I end up sleeping until late in the evening.

It doesn’t really matter, I do always prefer to be awake at night, but it’s thrown my schedule a bit off and left me feeling at times rather unmotivated.

Despite this, I seem to have an influx of entities reaching out to me. I started my last week with an entity that’s name I won’t share while projecting, then Ariel popped up in my dreams, and then the next day I ran into Lord Bale while projecting. Bale, I’m assuming is Bael, despite the fact it sounded just like hay bale to me, and they appeared to have a head made from a skull- cow, horse or something to that affect. Anpu has also been around recently, dreams about an ex forum member cursing me, and my ex-mother in law popped up randomly on my social media liking my profile pictures. :thinking: :smirk: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tuesday, I also noticed that the Lily’s I planted were begging to pop up. I had three bulbs so I was excited to see all three peaking out at me.

Then last night I get up and found that while I was sleeping, I purchased a book that I had not come across before.

Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft: Brannen, Cyndi: 9781578637225: AmazonSmile: Books

I found that odd, as yesterday morning I came across a thread where @DarkestKnight mentions that Jason Miller has put together an entire system of magic dedicated Hecate. I wasn’t surprised as I read his Protection and Reversal Magick defense manual, more than a year ago and noticed Hecate was a big deal to Miller but…

I dedicated my Lily’s to Hecate when I planted them, and I keep having odd random thoughts about devotion, entities, and Hecate. So I did some looking around and ended up getting his book on Strategies to practical magic, just to see if any of it included Hecate, with plans to reread his defense manual in the near future. Wasn’t really sure what I was looking for.

But I managed to find exactly what I was looking for in this book that I purchased while I was apparently sleep walking. (again- guess it’s just part of life at this point) It’s pretty religious as far as the author and their position on Hecate goes but, I found why the book was for me, rather quickly.

Plant spirits, are something I’ve encountered and that I plan to spent a lot more time with in the future, particularly now that I have windows and a balcony, and places I can grow things. I was just like wait, in all I’ve come across about Hecate, I’ve not encountered this association with plant spirits- somehow, but I should have!

I found rather quickly the author of this book feels about plant spirits the way I do, that each plant has a main/master spirit or archetype and most if not all individual plants have a more minor, individual spirit that has a similar feel as the other of the species do- essential each plant species is a race of it’s own spirits.

I ended up returning my kindle version of this book, and ordering a hard back. At first I thought maybe this new found working meant I was done with the Keys of Ocat, but I realized after quite some time contemplating, it’s really just an extension of the work I’m doing with this. I’m using herbs and plants with this work, and I’ve worked with Hecate several times already, so I I think it’s more of a call to go deeper with Hecate before I move through the rest of the entities as I keep on planning to do.

Each time I go to start it however, something comes up, and I find myself delayed another day. I never consider it a major ordeal, I’m doing something magical everyday, I’m working with the sigils from the Angels of Omnipotence as I still have a commitment with several more angels, though I’m no longer working at the pace of the book club and honestly I have plenty of time in my day and this authors banishing methods and rituals for working with the plant spirits and Hecate as well as her daughters fit quite nicely with what I’m doing with the Keys of Ocat.

As such, I’ve decided to consider it an extension of this work, a deepening of the relationship I’ve only just began to have with Hecate and I’m going to include it with this journal, as eventually I know the phase will pass and I will be onto working with the other entities related to the Keys of Ocat as well.

Unfortunately I don’t blow through grimoires like @norse900 :frowning: or at least those that I have, I wasn’t comfortable sharing and this one is a lot of deeper work, and really transformative to my life and my practices, rather than me just evoking one being after another for specific tasks.

Oh and my 3 Lily bulbs, decided to give me four sprouts yesterday. I was super happy with three, and downright ecstatic to see four, would be the addition to my little family.


Your thread is absolutely amazing. The Info is Gold. Hecate, Circe and Medea how interesting and cool is that?!

Bael is the Ruler of Oreb Zaraq, the place of the ravens and even if is a Venus qliphoth is related to the beauty of working with the dead and the death.

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Interesting, I’ve not really worked with Bael so it was surprising and I just figured sometime soon I’d reach out and see if there is more than that brief message for me or not :joy::laughing:


I started today a little late, errrr rather early for today and late for yesterday. I was going to go to bed around 5 am, then figured if I just got started doing things, goodness knows I’d be a little bit happier and nothing takes as long as it seems, or is as much trouble as I make it out to be.

I began with banishment from -Entering Hekate’s Garden: The Magick, Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft: Brannen, Cyndi: 9781578637225: AmazonSmile: Books

It is a Khernips ritual, so something a little bit new for me, but I really liked it. If you don’t know what Khernips is, I’ll let you google it or here is a link I found- this is written similar as far describing the purpose of the ritual as the book I am using.

Making Khernips | Hellenic Faith

Of course, I had to improvise a little since I only have dry and ground herbs for what the book called for, and I didn’t want to substitute today. I’m sure in the future I’ll try it with sprigs of herbs, but for today, I just smashed a charcoal disk, lit parts of the fragments, covered it with herbs then proceeded to follow the rest of the steps for the ritual. I really liked this type of banishment a lot.

Next I went back and forth playing video games and doing mundane things for the majority of the day. I finally realized late in the afternoon, that I might as well go ahead and get started on my altar closet.

Yep, you heard me right, altar closet. I had the fantastical notion the other day, that I could slide a piece of furniture, into my bedroom closet and voila! I can create an altar on top of this furniture, and use the storage below for my magic shit.

Cool beans dude. I always thought I didn’t have a place I could leave things up but…now that I’m turning my living room into a bedroom for my son and keeping the bedroom, I can’t see any reason not to use the closet this way. Granted I may have to put my foot down once @anziel_merkaba gets here at the end of the month, and maybe get a tape measure and show how I can slide it alllllllllllllmost all the way to my side of the closet, soooooooooooo nooooooooo ya girl man, ya not loosing closet space for your miraculous polo shirts and khakis. I promise. If not too bad, I decided and ya not here to argue with me (physically) right now, so there. Hah!

Altar closet it is. So I moved this black furniture thing to the closet, and began moving things around and then it hit me. I didn’t know how I was going to decorate this or what I was going to put on it, I just know that right now for a little bit, this new space goes to Hecate.

Got it. Okay well I’ll figure it out right? Right, I sure did. I decided to make… Idk what ya gonna call this other bullshit dedicated art lmao…So guess I’ll just show you what I did.

I had this metal tray thing I got my from my step-gram when she was still talking to me, and I like it but it’s just sitting around chilling. Taking up spacing and not paying rent. Well now it’s paying rent as I used it as a base for my clay altar center piece. It looked exactly like this before I fckd with it- I just forgot to take a picture of it. Thank you Home Depot, for always having the same product at a higher price. It means I can always find photos when needed. Anyways I made flour and salt clay, and I rolled it out, kinda, sorta- not all that smooth cuz I suck ballz but…. I did my best and then…

I sat there.

Huh. Now what? I swear this was a great but…………

Oh… Duh.

Herbs. Flowery herbs. I like those, and I’m almost out of lavender and it’s my favorite so… I’ll press herbs into, so they stick and make my surface textured. Boo-yah, defeated the ferocious your works not smooth monster in one fell swoop.

I wasn’t even down with that, when I realized I could draw Hecate’s sigil from Connolly’s books on it, and gosh I never have the right size candle holders and always have to melt wax off the bottom to make them stand up… but they are no drip so…why don’t I make built in candle holders…

And so I did. Oh what am I going to color the deep indentations I made for the sigil, with? Blood red.

Great, I don’t have anything blood red, I don’t think. But I kept on working on my project and before I was done with the previous, I realized I did have hibiscus flower petals, for tea. The look like a mixture of deep reds and pinks to me. I think that’s close and even if it’s not-it’ll stand out against the clay and lavender.

So that’s pretty much all I did, because after that I had to put it in the oven to bake, for about 3 hours. I could have done more piddly things with my new altar closet while I waited, but it didn’t really make sense to get too far on it, until I get the center piece on my table and decide how I want to do things around it.

My kitchen smells amazing today, even if it looks like part of my clay got too cooked.

Oh my lily babies are doing fantastic as well, btw.


It’s been so long that I don’t really know which ramble train to get on. I’ve been doing things, but my life has been much fuller than usual, so I just haven’t had time to sit down and write about any of it. It kinda makes me wonder if this journal is worth keeping, but I guess time will tell.

I don’t normally have much of a social life. I spent most of my years as a mom, someone who worked and I came home after work and took care of a family. Friendships outside of work never happened and rare are the people I liked at work to truly consider them friends.

I’ve spent the last year nearly holed up by myself. After the weather got to cold for my lungs in October, I don’t even go out except to buy smokes. I’ve considered walking a few times for minor groceries, but it’s a pretty long ways and I’ve just not felt up to it. Riding the bus to town is a pain because I need to take at least three buses to get anywhere, there’s a lot of wait time in between and I have to be back at the final bus switch by 3:30 pm period or there is no way home.

So, with this is mind I tossed out a tarot reading about two weeks ago that indicated my social life over the next month was going to be brimming over. Sure @Anziel_Merkaba is moving in with me on the 29th, but that isn’t going to change the lack of friends I have.

Interesting enough however, it came up in conversation with my old man friend the last time he stopped by, that I hadn’t seen a particular person since I’ve been home. Like my old man friend, he used to sit and watch over me while I was pregnant and working alone late nights about 13 years ago.

Friday, I walked out my apartment long enough to go across the street for smokes, and on my way back to my parking lot, I saw the guy I had been asking about. My old man friend walks up and before you know it, I have someone safe that I can trust to take me to the bar, to hang out with, to game. Someone who knows a bit about my history and ex, so he doesn’t believe the rumors- like me he can feel someone out and know more than he should.

Retired Marine, that then went into the army because he was bored, hit a semi truck head on with his motorcycle and lived, and well him and my boyfriend talk about cars for what seems like days. But I was really struggling to relate to the car thing, even though I usually can be interested and supportive in whatever the interests were, this one gets me because of past trauma. Well my new friend makes it funny, and understandable, and is into the suping shit up so its fast and fun and dangerous and ridiculous and even though I am a truck girl lol. I didn’t think about how fun it could be to have a couple of car supe up a Chevy Colorado for me lmao.

So my life’s been fun and busy. It’s kinda of nice to live for a change, I’ve been needing and wanting this, but there’s so few people in this town that I can trust, and tolerate that it’s ridiculous. Most of them believe what they hear, and that alone tells me they aren’t worth my time. They should have known me better.

Anyways, I realized I forgot to update that I finished my closet altar and I think it turned out fantastic, considering I only used materials I had on hand. It’s not even, it’s not perfect but in my mind it’s pretty damned cool. I’ve had the closet door latched so to speak so the pets can’t get in it, but when I opened the closet to take pictures to post here, I noticed something really weird with one of the candles I put in it.

It’s really strange, because I know my kids didn’t get in there and I know my pets can’t and I’ve had the door shut for like two days, while I’ve been out and about so wtf.

Then I noticed I have a sea shell turned upside down, but I didn’t notice it until after I took all of the pictures. I righted it, but I’ll post the picture of it upright, so maybe you’ll notice it upside when you look at the rest lol.

There’s a lot of things going on, on my altar. Most of them mean something to me, though I’m sure some of it may allude the rest of you :stuck_out_tongue:

So other than that, I’ve noticed that I’m manifesting a lot of things simply by thinking something along the lines of I need to do something for this, or I’d like to have that. From help moving the boyfriends things in because my lungs suck and I’m not that strong, to a ride to town to get my meds instead of taking the bus, it seems here lately I’m having way more manifest without effort than usual. I’ve experienced it all along like most, but not at this level of think it and a few days later it’s taken care of without any effort from period.

It makes me pause and wonder if it has anything to do with this altar and the path of devotion I’ve decided to trek down. Don’t confuse me for a meatbag worshipper, because I still don’t worship anything or anyone but. It has come to my attention more than once, that devotion and honoring something or some entity does not require worship. I know Ea mentions the path of devotion and the rewards and power that can be gained in one of his books, but I can’t recall which off hand.

In other news, I very excited have $196 worth of herbs coming my way this week. Not just herbs, actual plants. I was downright tickled when I was able to talk Anziel into see this huge window ledge in the kitchen, and the balcony… I can so make this an indoor outdoor herbal thing, so that I can grow herbs and plants year round…

So things are good and none of the work I’ve actually done seems worth mentioning atm, but I figured I’d catch ya’ll up. I think next on my agenda is opening the gates and trying to reach my daddy. It won’t be today, but soon. I’m not sure why but it hit me hard this morning that I need to.

I know my daddy hung around for about a year after his death, he visited me a few times while I was pregnant with my daughter, then she was born and I’ve not seen him since. I’ve encountered other dead relatives, like my stepmother fairly regularly here the last few months so it strikes me odd. I was super close to my daddy and not my stepmother so I can’t quite work out what the difference is, unless it’s he reincarnated and she did not. I figure it’s about time I find out.


I’m super excited because one of my boxes of herbs arrived early.

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. This particular bunch was a bundle I got off Amazon (I have reasons but they be mine).


I was under the impression I was going to get six random herbs and I’m ecstatic that I somehow got two lavenders out of it. I almost purchased two of this bundle because I wanted two lavenders :laughing:

They are a little root bound, so I’m going to need to transfer them ASAP- I wasn’t expecting that but they are all alive and mostly pretty healthy looking.

I wasn’t expecting two lemon balms, and they look like they’ve been watered just a bit too hard but that’s okay- it’s an herb I have been using a lot in my necromantic work so it’s all win in my mind.

I even got a guide for dummies :laughing::smirk: doesn’t hurt to refresh my memory tho, it’s been about two years since I had a garden and about 16 since I had access to a green house to play in all I wanted.

It is interesting how the card lists the six herbs I was expecting and I still got two duplicates, but I’m not sure I want to complain because I definitely wanted two lavenders.


Herbwitching is so totally awesome :star_struck:

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I have a friend that’s in a bit of bind. He’s technically disabled after hitting a semi-truck, head on with his motorcycle. But he’s proud. Too proud in fact, but at any rate despite his physical issues, he’s doing his best to work. That’s great, except you know we’ve had covid a long time now so employment has been more down for this guy than up, his roommate hasn’t paid rent in months and his electric is overdue more than a few months. He’s working everyday, he’s trying but it’s hard to get caught up in his life. His roommate has a steady income with low commitment, so I feel like he needs a nudge to cough up some of his responsibility.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do, as soon as I realized I wanted to do something. The more I planned it out the more it fell together, to the point I had it figured all out. Woo go me lmao. It did however take me longer, because I took breaks and played video games and was generally a little lazy, but I was also contemplating it while I was doing these other things- or rather I was letting things flow into me and pop up as they may. Either way, I worked out my plan, while mostly not focusing on it specifically, but rather by allowing my mind to wander where ever it may so choose.

I know that sounds contrary to planning, but honestly my best schemes come together when I’m not even trying to figure it out, the ideas or whatever just come- I don’t always need to calculate and work it out the hard way. Sometimes I do, I need to- the problem doesn’t need me to lmao. I like to over think, and I’m pretty good at that too lol.

Anyways, I decided to start by opening the gate and summoning Hecate. This seemed appropriate due to my reason choices, and well she seems to be good at everything from what I read, to some extent or another- so why not. I then started looking up correspondences for Jupiter, as I decided to use the fourth pentacle of Jupiter, pretty early on in my process- as in first thing. I don’t know why, but for some reason I am really drawn to using the pentacles in my workings, and I’ve used them on and off since I began really. Most time’s have turned out successful to my goal, though they have sometimes manifested things in ways I did not expect.


While I was looking up things for Jupiter, I realized that I could combine my book on Hecate’s garden with this working, and was even more pleased. I probably would have picked herbs and things- somewhat randomly based on what I’ve learned so far, but it was rather fun to flip through my book and look at both planet associations and magical uses, by herb.

Somewhere along the lines I go Oh yeah, and remember Bune is not only necromantic they are associated with money as well. I figured that was appropriate and got out my copy of the Keys of Ocat to look up the sigil Connolly uses for them. (Yes I know the planetary correspondence doesn’t match. Let me be, I’m doing me here.)

I gathered my supplies and settled in for the long haul.

I began by opening the gates and calling upon Hecate, explaining my intentions, then summoning Bune and giving the short story. After summoning I drew out the pentacle I chose, and it’s kinda awful- but it doesn’t really matter, the intentions are what matter. (Guess I forgot to take a picture while all four candles were lit, oops)

After I finished drawing out the pentacle, I wrote the guys name on one of my bay leaves, money, on one and something else on the third leaf. I burned the leaves and then dumped some of the ash, and ritual herbal material onto my sketch of the pentacle.

I then folded my paper, towards me to symbolize money flowing towards my target. I finished by wrapping the packet with green thread and sealing it with a bit of wax from each candle.

Now all I have to do is drop it someplace, that even though his house is an absolute mess- his well trained eyes won’t notice.

I also took the opportunity, to make an on the fly money come fast oil. It’s an idea I picked up from hoodoo, but adapted to my ritual.

Basically I just put a cinnamon stick in an essential oil bottle I washed and saved for magical stuff.

Then I added in basil, olive oil, closed the lid and shook.

I only made about 3/4s of a bottle, it holds about an ounce. I don’t feel like I need shit tons of fast money oil, but you never know what mess you might find yourself in and it gave me an opportunity to work with herbs and tapping into the spirits behind those herbs.


It is done! :star_struck:


Hail Bune! :hearts:

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Koetting said to have fun while doing magic, but that’s a new level :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Well, it wasn’t during the ritual- it was during the plotting it out part. :rofl: But if I’m doing heavy energy work, or long rituals- I bring smokes and a snack :laughing: