The kabalah angels

Does anyone know about the 72 kabalah angels? Their names are:

1.Vehuaiah - Subtle spirit. Endowed with great wisdom, enthusiastic for science and the arts, capable of undertaking and accomplishing the most difficult things.
2. Jeliel - To quell popular uprisings. To obtain victory over those who attack unjustly. Sprightly spirit, agreeable and courteous manners, passionate for sex.
3. Sitael - Against adversities. Protects against weapons and wild beasts. Loves truth, will keep his word, will oblige those in need of his services.
4. Elemiah - Against mental troubles and for the identification of traitors. Governs voyages, seatravels. Industrious, successful, keen for travel.
5. Mahasiah - To live in peace with everyone. Governs high science, occult philosophy, theology, theliberal arts. Learns easily, keen for honest pleasures.
6. Lelahel - To acquire knowledge and cure disease. Governs love, renown, science, arts and fortune.Features (include) ambition, fame.
7. Achaiah - Governs patience, secrets of nature. Loves learning, proud to accomplish the mostdifficult tasks.
8. Cahetel - To obtain the benediction of God and to drive away evil spirits. Governs agricultural production. Inspires man to rise towards God.
9. Aziel - Mercy of God, friendship and favor of the great, execution of a promise made (sic). Governs good faith and reconciliation. Sincere in promises, will easily extend pardon.
10 Aladiah - Good for those guilty of hidden crimes and fearing discovery. Governs rage and pestilence, cure of disease. Good health, successful in his undertakings.
11 Lauviah - Against lightning and for the obtainment (sic) of victory. Governs renown. Great personage, learned, celebrated for personal talents.
12 Hahaiah - Against adversity. Governs dreams. Mysteries hidden from mortals. Gentle, witty,discreet manners.
13 Iezalel - Governs friendship, reconciliation, conjugal fidelity. Learns easily. Adroit.
14. Mebahel - Against those who seek to usurp the fortunes of others. Governs justice, truth, liberty. Delivers the oppressed and protects prisoners. Loves jurisprudence, affinity for law courts.
15 Hariel - Against the impious. Governs sciences and arts. Religious sentiments, morally pure.
16 Hakamiah - Against traitors and for deliverance from those who seek to oppress us . Govern crowned heads, great captains. Gives victory. Frank, loyal, brave character, sensitive to points of honour, an affinity for Venus.
17 Lauviah - To be invoked while fasting. Against mental anguish, sadness. Governs high sciences, marvelous discoveries. Gives revelations in dreams. Loves music, poetry, literature and philosophy.
18 Caliel - To obtain prompt aid. Makes truth known in law suits, causes innocence to triumph. Just, honest, loves truth, judiciary.
19 Leuviah - To be invoked while facing South. To obtain the grace of God. Governs memory, human intelligence. Amiable, lively, modest, bearing of adversity with resignation.
20 Pahaliah - Against enemies of religion, for the conversion of nations to Christianity (!). Governs religion, theology, morality, chastity, purity. Ecclesiastical vocation.
21 Nelebael - Against calumniators and spells and for the destruction of evil spirits. Governs astronomy, mathematics, geography and all abstract sciences. Loves poetry, literature, avid for study.
22 Ieiael -Governs fortune, renown, diplomacy, commerce, influence on voyages, discoveries, protection against storms and shipwreck. Loves business, industriousness, liberal and philanthropicideas.
23 Melahel - Against weapons and for safety in travel. Governs water, produce of the earth, and especially plants necessary for the cure of disease. Courageous, accomplishes honorable actions.
24 Hahuiah - To obtain the grace and mercy of God. Governs exiles, fugitives, defaulters. Protectsagainst harmful animals. Preserves from thieves and assassins. Loves truth, the exact sciences, sincerein word and deed.
25 Nith-Haiah - For the acquisition of wisdom and the discovery of the truth of hidden mysteries. Governs occult sciences. Gives revelations in dreams, particularly to those born on the day over whichhe presides Influences those who practice the magic of thesages.
26 Haaiah -For the winning of a law suit. Protects those who search after truth. Influences politics, diplomats, secret expeditions and agents.
27 Jerathel -To confound wrong-doers and liars and for deliverance from one’s enemies. Governs propagation of light (sic), civilization. Love (sic) peace, justice, science and arts; special affinity for literature.
28 Seeiah - Against infirmities and thunder, protects against fire, the ruin of buildings, falls and illnesses. Governs health, simplicity. Has much judgment.
29 Reiiel - Against the impious and enemies of religion; for deliverance from all enemies both visibleand invisible. Virtue and zeal for the propagation of truth, will do his utmost to destroy impiety.
30 Ornael - Against sorrow, despair and for the acquisition of patience. Governs animal kingdom, watches over the generation of beings. Chemists, doctors, surgeons. Affinity for anatomy and medicine.
31 Lecabel - For the acquisition of knowledge. Governs vegetation and agriculture. Loves astronomy, mathematics and geometry.
32. Vasariah - Against those who attack us in court. Governs justice.Good memory, articulate.
33 Iehuiah - For the identification of traitors.
34 Lehahiah -Against anger. Known for his talents and acts, the confidence and fervor of his prayers.
35 Chevakiah - To regain the favor of those one has offended. Governs testaments, successions andall private financial agreements. Loves to live in peace with everyone. Loves rewarding the loyalty of those in his service.
36 Menadel - To retain one’s employment and to preserve one’s means of livelihood. Against calumny and for the deliverance of prisoners.
37 Aniel - To obtain victory and stop the siege of a city. Governs sciences and arts. Reveals the secrets of nature, inspires philosophers, sages. Distinguished savant.
38 Haamiah - For the acquisition of all the treasures of heaven and earth. Against fraud, weapons,wild beasts and infernal spirits. Governs all that relates to God.
39 Rehael - For the healing of the sick. Governs health and longevity. Influences paternal and filial affection.
40 Ieiazel - For the deliverance of prisoners, for consolation, for deliverance from one’s enemies. Governs printing and books. Men of letters and artists.
41Hahahel - Against the impious, slanderers. Governs Christianity. Greatness of soul, energy. Consecrated to the service of God.
42 Mikael - For safety in travel. For the discovery of conspiracies. Concerned with political affairs, diplomatic.
43 Veuahiah - For the destruction of the enemy and deliverance from bondage. Love glory and the military.
44 Ielahiah - Success of a useful undertaking. Protection against magistrates. Trials. Protects againstarmies, gives victory. Fond of travel and learning. All his undertakings are crowned with success; distinguished for military capabilities and courage.
45 Sealiah - To confound the wicked and the proud, to exalt the humiliated and the fallen. Governsvegetation. Loves learning, much aptitude.
46 Ariel - To procure revelations. To thank God for the good he sends us. Discovers hidden treasure,reveals the greatest secrets of nature, causes the object of one’s desire to be seen in dreams. Strongsubtle mind, new and sublime thoughts, discreet, circumspect.
47 Asaliah - For the praising of God and the growing towards him when he enlightens us. Governs justice, makes the truth known in legal proceedings. Agreeable character, avid for the acquisition of secret knowledge.
48 Michael - For the preservation of peace and the union of man and wife. Protects those who address themselves to him, gives premonitions and secret inspirations. Governs generation of beings. Avid for love, fond of walks and pleasures in general.
49 Vehuel - Sorrow, contrariness. For the exaltation of oneself for the benediction and glory of God. Sensitive and generous soul. Literature, jurisprudence, diplomacy.
50 Daniel - To obtain the mercy of God and consolation. Governs justice, lawyers, solicitors. Furnishes conclusions to those who hesitate. Industrious and active in business, loves literature and isdistinguished for eloquence.
51 Hahasiah - For the elevation of the soul and the discovery of the mysteries of wisdom. Governs chemistry and physics. Reveals the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone and universal medicine. Loves abstract science. Devoted to the discovery of the properties of animals, plants and minerals. Distinguished in medicine.
52 Imamiah - Destroys the power of enemies and humbles them. Governs voyages in general, protects prisoners who turn to him and gives them the means of obtaining their freedom. Forceful, vigorous temperament, bears adversity with patience and courage. Fond of work.
52 Nanael - Governs the high sciences. Melancholy humor, avoids rest, meditation, well-versed in the abstract sciences.
54 Nithael - To obtain the mercy of God and live long. Emperor, king, and prince. Renowned for writings and eloquence, of great reputation among the learned.
55 Mabaiah - Beneficial for obtaining consolation and compensations. Governs morality and religion. Distinguished by good deeds and piety.
56 Poiel - For the fulfillment of one’s request. Governs renown, fortune and philosophy. Wellesteemed by everyone for his modesty and agreeable humor.
57 Nemmamiah - For general prosperity and the deliverance of prisoners. Governs great captains. Drawn to the military; distinguished for activity and the courageous bearing of fatigue.
58 Ieialel - Protects against sorrow and care and heals the sick, especially afflictions of the eyes. Influences iron and those in commerce. Brave, frank, affinity for Venus.
59 Harahel - Against the sterility of women and to make children obedient to their parents. Governs treasure and banks. Printing, books. Love of learning, successful in business.
60 Mizrael - For the cure of mental illness and deliverance from those who persecute us. Virtuous, longevity.
61 Umabel - To obtain the friendship of a given person. Fond of travel and honest pleasures; sensitive heart.
62 Iah-hel - For the acquisition of wisdom. Governs philosophers, illuminati. Loves tranquility and solitude, modest, virtuous.
63 Anianuel - For the conversion of nations to Christianity. Protects against accidents, heals the sick. Governs commerce, banking. Subtle and ingenious, industrious and active.
64 Mehiel - Against adversities. Protects against rabies and wild beasts. Governs savants, professors, orators and others. Distinguished in literature.
65 Damabiah - Against magic spells and for the obtainment (sic) of wisdom and the undertaking of successful ventures. Governs seas, rivers, springs, sailors. Sailor; amasses a considerable fortune.
66 Manakel -For the appeasement of the anger of God and for the healing of epilepsy. Governsvegetation, aquatic animals. Influences dreams. Gentleness of character.
67 Itaiel - To obtain consolation in adversity and for the acquisition of wisdom. Influences occult science. Makes the truth known to those who call on him in their work. Enlightened requirements of the spirit of God. Fond of solitude, distinguished in higher sciences.
68 Chabuiah - For the preservation of health and the healing of the sick. Governs agriculture andfecundity. Fond of the countryside, hunting, gardens and all that is related to agriculture.
69 Rochel - To find lost or stolen objects and discover the person responsible. Distinguished in the judiciary, morals and customs of all peoples.
70 Iabamiah - Governs the generation of beings and phenomena of nature. Protects those who wish to progress spiritually. Distinguished by genius; one of the great lights of philosophy.
71 Haiel - To confound the wicked and for deliverance from those who seek to oppress us. Protects those who call upon him. Influences fire. Brave.
72 Mumiah - A divine talisman should be prepared under favorable influences with the name of thespirit on the reverse side. Protects in mysterious operations, brings success in all things. Governschemistry, physics and medicine. Influences health and longevity.

And these angels would be attributed to you from your birthdate and maybe also birthplace, I don’t really remember but I had a book where you could calculate your angel. But has anyone ever invoked them? What’s your experience with them and are they even real? Because I never hear about them.


what you call the kabbalah angels are known as the shemhamporash. the names are taken from the torah verses exodus 14:19-21, which are read boustrophedonically to produce 72 names of three letters, and the suffixes -el (masculine) or -iah (feminine) are added to them to connect them to the syrian god el and babylonian god enki (ea, or iah).

to work with the shemhamphorash, you call them in pairs. use the miracle of new avatar power to map your request to the tree of life and call the angels in the order given here under 2. changework rites: iii. the complete nap titanic rite.

if you want sigils for the shemhamphorash, you can find them on pp 135, 140, 145, 151, 157, and 162 of robert ambelain’s book practical kabbalah, or you can find them all on aaron leitch’s website.


מלאכים השמ המפוראש can be called individually with success using a variety of methods, even without seals.

Could you elaborate on the variety of methods? I have used Damen Brands book 72 Angels quite a bit with generally very good results, so I am certainly interested in other methods.

Could you elaborate on the variety of methods? I have used Damen Brands book 72 Angels quite a bit with generally very good results, so I am certainly interested in other methods.[/quote]

varieties of methods include, using an archangel as an intermediary (not רזיאל), using a psalm verse alone to gain access, commanding by a divine name and word of power as if the spirits were powerless to disobey (commanding by אראריתא), invoking the spirits of the seasons times and hours to provide a communication platform enabling access, etc

IMHO the psalm verses used by that source are erroneous.

Interesting. I also have a Damon Brand book about angels. But it’s about 133 angels and not 72… Also some of the angels I have listed seem to be missing. And why 133 angels if there are only 72? Besides, do you agree that we all get one of these angels as personal guardian from our birthdate / birthplace?

I think you will find that he writes about 72 angels, with each different powers, amounting to 133 powers, not angels.
Please also note that the same angel goes by different names by different authors. Even Damon Brand has done this in the book you mention compared to earlier versions of this book (two books were merged into one)
I cannot comment on guardian angels as I simply don’t know from personal experience.

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you are confusing the angels of shemhamphorash with your daimon (holy guardian angel).

your daimon (known as your holy guardian angel in the magickal grammar the sacred magick of abramelin the mage) and familiar are both calculated using your astrological birthchart’s altumen figuris along with various methods. these names are to be kept secret and known only to you. if you are interested, you can calculate your altumen figuris here. your daimon’s characteristics are represented in astrology by your part of spirit. your familiar’s characteristics are represented in astrology by your part of fortune. these two beings have nothing to do with the shemhamphorash.

to find the shemhamphorash angel ruling over your day of birth (or any other planet on your birth chart), look here. the shemhamphorash angels are listed by their 5 degree rulerships and the angels ruling their zodiac sign elements are named as their superiors.


The zodiacal assignments seem to be based on tenuous assumptions. Why begin at 0 Leo, or 0 Ares, or any place? None are justified more than another, even if aligned with a fixed star.

Add to this the fact that Ptolemy’s new astrology completely contradicts ancient Babylonian astrology and the whole idea of a Shem angel governing a decan is in serious doubt.

IMVHO the Shem angels were either discovered by Kabbalists and then arbitrarily assigned to the Name, or were created by the Kabbalists themselves.

If the latter is true, this might account for their cooperative nature.

i’m willing to bet they were created forms by the kabbalists, but i’m of the belief that many of the kabbalist angels are created forms anyway - magick being the elaborate fiction that it is

HGA is just a protective intelligence that can take any form. In this case, spirit doesnt just take human understanding of form, but also Spirit in itself is Information where an uttered word (vibration…aka true kabbalah) is Spirit in movement. Astrology is just playing with those different informational forms of energy. Likewise, demons can be your HGA because they are also guidrs to your future destination. They can also be Bodiless as well, as well as go beyond the bounds of what people list them as in thr grimoires regarding the information that composes their existence.

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Here are 3 lists of 72 Spirits taken from French sites. According to those sources, each Kabbalah Angel has an “evil” or a “dark” counterpart. Say, somebody’s Kabbalah Angel is Harael (#59), their “dark angels” would be Halan (#59) and Oriax (#59).

Those sites say “dark angels” are evil and only bring negativity, obstacles or temptations in someone’s life, but that’s bull as I know countless mages have developed great relationships with Spirits such as Belial, Paimon, Dantalion, Buné and so on.

What do you think? Also, the 72 Genies first listed below are not the same as the 72 Goetics but those sources I’ve mentioned imply they are… Therefore, Belial (#68) would be the same as Cléraka (#68).

72 Dark Genies. Many of them are referenced in the Demonic Bible.

1 - Sémiaza
2 - Aratak
3 - Kimrah
4 - Samane
5 - Daniel
6 - Arédros
7 - Samiel
8 - Akariel
19 - Chochariel
10 - Ezékiel
11 - Batriel
12 - Sathiel
13 - Atriel
14 - Tamiel
15 - Barakiel
16 - Kobabiel
17 - Anatnah
18 - Thoniel
19 - Ramiel
20 - Aséal
21 - Rakéiel
22 - Touriel
23 - Joumiel
24 - Oramamé
25 - Alcanor
26 - Diralisen
27 - Ergamen
28 - Kirik
29 - Timirah
30 - Dramas
31 - Buk
32 - Extéron
33 - Amaniel
34 - Raner
35 - Lamalon
36 - Semlin
37 - Bubanah
38 - Ambolin
39 - Abutés
40 - Tarès
41 - Amalin
42 - Orinel
43 - Tachan
44 - Tromès
45 - Nominon
46 - Hakamuli
47 - Borol
48 - Amatiah
49 - Onéi
50 - Sbarionath
51 - Gilarion
52 - Bacaron
53 - Abadir
54 - Omet
55 - Maggid
56 - Igurim
57 - Rax
58 - Golem
59 - Halan
60 - Camal
61 - Argilon
62 - Aporménos
63 - Toxai
64 - Darek
65 - Elaphon
66 - Agibol
67 - Gagalim
68 - Cléraka
69 - Trisaga
70 - Grasémin
71 - Elaton
72- Bahal

72 Genies referenced in the Goetia.

  1. Bael
  2. Agares
  3. Vassago
  4. Samigina
  5. Marbas
  6. Valefor
  7. Amon
  8. Barbatos
  9. Paimon
  10. Buer
  11. Gusion
  12. Sitri
  13. Beleth
  14. Leraje
  15. Eligos
  16. Zepar
  17. Botis
  18. Bathin
  19. Sallos
  20. Purson
  21. Marax
  22. Ipos
  23. Aim
  24. Naberius
  25. Glasya-Labolas
  26. Bune
  27. Ronove
  28. Berith
  29. Astaroth
  30. Forneus
  31. Foras
  32. Asmoday
  33. Gaap
  34. Furfur
  35. Marchosias
  36. Stolas
  37. Phenex
  38. Halphas
  39. Malphas
  40. Raum
  41. Focalor
  42. Vepar
  43. Sabnock
  44. Shax
  45. Vine
  46. Bifrons
  47. Uvall
  48. Haagenti
  49. Crocell
  50. Furcas
  51. Balam
  52. Alloces
  53. Camio
  54. Murmur
  55. Orobas
  56. Gremory
  57. Ose
  58. Amy
  59. Oriax
  60. Vapula
  61. Zagan
  62. Volac
  63. Andras
  64. Haures
  65. Andrealphus
  66. Cimejes
  67. Amdusias
  68. Belial
  69. Decarabia
  70. Seere
  71. Dantalion
  72. Andromalius
    There are also exists a 73rd Goetic named Pruflas.

72 Kabbalah Angels.

1- Les Séraphins
Gouverneur : Métatron
1-VEHUIAH Sardoine 21 au 25 MARS
2-JELIEL Améthyste 26 au 30 MARS
3-SITAEL Jaspe 31 MARS au 4 AVRIL
4-ELEMIAH Sélénite 5 au 9 AVRIL
5-MAHASIAH Chrysolite 10 au 14 AVRIL
6-LEHAHEL Topaze 15 au 20 AVRIL
7-ACHAIAH Agathe 21 au 25 AVRIL
8-CAHETEL Sardoine 26 au 30 AVRIL

2- Les Chérubins
Gouverneur : Raziel
9-HAZIEL Cornaline 1er au 5 MAI
10-ALADIAH : Turquoise 6 au 10 MAI
11-LAUVIAH Grenat 11 au 15 MAI
12-HAHAIAH Quartz rose 16 au 20 MAI
13-YEZALEL Aigue marine 21 au 25 MAI
14-MEBAHEL Béryl 26 au 31 MAI
15-HARIEL Améthyste 1er au 5 JUIN
16-HEKAMIAH Agathe 6 au 10 JUIN

3- Les Trônes
Gouverneur : Tsaphkiel
Sphère : Saturne
17-LAUVIAH Quartz rose 11 au 15 JUIN
18-CALIEL Agathe 16 au 21 JUIN
19-LEUVIAH Chrysolite 22 au 26 JUIN
20-PAHALIAH Topaze 27 JUIN au 1er JUILLET.
21-NELCHAEL Hyacinthe 2 au 6 JUILLET
22-YEIAIYEL Onyx noir 7 au 11 JUILLET
23-MELAHEL Hématite 12 au 16 JUILLET
24-HAHEUIAH Lapis-lazuli 17 au 22 JUILLET

4- Les Dominations
Gouverneur : Tsadkiel
Sphère : Jupiter
25-NITH-HAIAH Chrysolite 23 au 27 JUILLET
26-HAAIAH Tourmaline 28 JULLET AU 1er AOUT
27-YERATEL Sélénite 2 au 6 AOÛT
28-SEHEIAH Sardoine 7 au 12 AOUT
29-REHIEL Jaspe 13 au 17 AOUT
30-OMAEL Cornaline 18 au 22 AOUT
31-LECABEL Aigue Marine 23 au 28 AOUT
32-VASARIAH Topaze 29 AOUT au 2 SEP.

5- Les Puissances
Gouverneur : Camael
Sphère : Mars
33-YEHUIAH Agathe 3 au 7 SEPTEMBRE
34-LEHAHIAH Hyacinthe 8 au 12 SEPTEMBRE
35-CHAVAKIAH Topaze 13 au 17 SEPTEMBRE
36-MENADEL Emeraude 18 au 23 SEPTEMBRE
37-ANIEL Aventurine 24 au 28 SEPTEMBRE
38-HAAMIAH Lapis-lazuli 29 SEPT. au 3 OCT.
39-REHAEL Jade 4 au 8 OCTOBRE
40-YEIAZEL Néphrite 9 au 13 OCTOBRE

6- Les Vertus
Gouverneur : Raphael
Sphère : Soleil
41-HAHAHEL Sélénite 14 au 18 OCTOBRE
42-MIKAEL Améthyste 19 au 23 OCTOBRE
43-VEULIAH Sardoine 24 au 28 OCTOBRE
44-YELAIAH Cornaline 29 OCT. au 9 NOV.
45-SEALIAH Hématite 3 au 7 NOVEMBRE
46-ARIEL Corail 8 au 12 NOVEMBRE
47-ASALIAH Chrysolite 13 au 17 NOVEMBRE
48-MIHAEL Topaze 18 au 22 NOVEMBRE

7- Les Principautés
Gouverneur : Haniel
Sphère : Vénus
49-VEHUEL Hyacinthe 23 au 27 NOVEMBRE
50-DANIEL Lapis-lazuli 28 NOV. au 2 DECEMBRE.
51-HAHASIAH Hématie 3 au 7 DECEMBRE
52-IMAMIAH Lapis-lazuli 8 au 12 DECEMBRE
53-NANAEL Amazonite 13 au 16 DECEMBRE
54-NITHAEL Turquoise 17 au 21 DECEMBRE
55-MEBAHIAH Ambre 22 au 26 DECEMBRE
56-POYEL Sélénite 27 au 31 DECEMBRE

8- Les Archanges
Gouverneur : Mikael
Sphère : Mercure
57-NEMAMIAH Sardoine 1er AU 5 JANVIER
58-YEYAEL Agathe 6 au 10 JANVIER
59-HARAEL Turquoise 11 au 15 JANVIER
60-MITZAREL Cristal de roche 16 au 20 JANVIER
61-UMABEL Citrine 21 au 25 JANVIER
62-IAH-HEL Tourmaline 26 au 30 JANVIER
63-ANAUEL Topaze 31 JAN. au 4 FEVRIER.
64-MEHIEL Emeraude 5 au 9 FEVRIER

9- Les Anges
Gouverneur : Gabriel
Sphère : Lune
65-DAMABIAH Grenat 10 au 14 FEVRIER
66-MENAKEL Hématite 15 au 19 FEVRIER
67-AYAEL Lapis-lazuli 20 au 24 FEVRIER
68-HABUIAH Sélénite 25 au 28/29 FEVRIER
69-RAHAEL Nacre 1er au 5 MARS
70-YABAMIAH Chrysolite 6 au 10 MARS
71-HAIIEL Topaze 11 au 15 MARS
72-MUMIAH Jaspe 16 au 20 MARS

Original post:

3 Lists of 72 (Guardian) Spirits - Find Yours!!/

i think all of these lists of 72 are arbitrary. anyone can say anything, and everyone says everything, as you can tell from this thread alone

the only way to find out what magick is for you is to call the spirits up and experience them for yourself.

Spirits are not called “Goetics.” The magician is a Goes, in the art of Goeteia; not the spirits.

Which planet does the Angel “Ananuel” fall under?
Also, who would be the darker counterpart to the angel anauel?

Thanks :sunglasses:

Toxai and Andras (#63 like Anauel). Anauel’s planetary energies are Mercury.

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Is anauel considered a “fallen” angel?

They are not called Kabbalah angels , but angels of the Shemhamphorash

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