The Help Eachother Thread


Okay, I think we’re all about ready to get started.
I suggest we get started tomorrow, except for the evocation, so everybody still has the chance to prepare .

Based on the comments in the “friends with benefits” thread, I’d suggest that we get started by evoking Azazel and ask him for his blessing and guidance in this Operation as well for his empowerment in our actions.

Those of you who are not yet experienced in evoking, see this as your opportunity to get initiated in the Art of Evoking. Don’t worry about it, like E.A. and others already stated: just do it and expect nothing but a succesfull evocation.
Others may feel uncomfortable about working with demons and that’s okay. You are free to evoke any entity (such as Angels) to your liking.

So here’s what we gonna do:

First of we evoke Azazel. If possible, please do this today because the number 1 on the list is an urgent matter. More about that later.
If the evocation can be done today then we can get started tomorrow with the first action. As I live in another timezone than most of you, I will have posted the first task by the time you guys wake up.
Also, there’s no need to work simultaniously IMO. It would be nice if this could be done but with all of our different lives and agenda’s, I don’t see this happening. But I have all the faith that we’ll still have a bombardment going on as long as we all do it on the same day.

Once the evocation is done you are free to use any technique that you know to get the job done. All magic works!

Below you’ll find the list of the participants, each with their respective number. I will only post the names and their numbers without the requests; I do this so that our full concentration won’t be distracted by the tasks to follow. Every second day I will tell you what the next person on the list asks for. We will do this in two days
So: Day 1 ==> evocation of the appropriate entity; this can and hopefully will be discussed in the “Friends with Benefits” thread in this section.
Day 2==> whatever works for you to get the job done.

All suggestions and/or questions are welcome; I just ask not to post them here, so that this thread stays orderly; this makes it much easier to have an overview. Questions and suggestions can be send to me by pm, or posted in the “Friends with Benefits” thread in this section.
People who are not on the list yet are still welcome to join. Send me a pm telling me what it is that you want.

I trust that everybody who’s on the list will actually do what is expected. Please don’t just sit back and wait till your number comes up, but do your part. It goes without saying that joining this Operation requires this from all participants.

With thanks to Maxx for this awesome idea.

So here’s the list:

1. Ridgerunner
2. Zoe
3. Reaper
4. Beboe76
5. PyreOD
6. Sultitan_Itan
7. Maxx
8. Cloud9
9. Bran
10. Freya
11. Neophyte
12. ZachD555
13. Michael (Attis)
14. Defectron
15. Sinata
16. jillblack

So c’mon people… let’s just do this. Succes!

EDIT: If we want to stay on schedule I propose not to discuss which entity shall be used. Rather than that, we can all suggest one and then decide for ourselves which one we shall summon; I’d say, follow your intuition.

EDIT II: The 2-day working is nothing but a guideline. If you can get the job done in one day, thats fine. After all, if one evokes an entity to do the job then there’s really no need anymore to do another working the next day; unless you feel so. Nobody is obliged to do exactly as I say lol
But doing the work in 2 days will prevent that people would rush into it (as Beboe already said) as we don’t always have the time for it every day.
But taking out 2 days per person gives everybody the time to keep up.


I’m gonna immediatly post the first job te be done because of its urgency.

At the place where she lives (Lawrence County Missouri) people are in the middle of a drought and have grass fires that the fire departments can’t get out. She asks for a heavy soaking rain to eliminate the fires.
Just don’t cause a flood instead of the fire lol

For this job I suggest calling upon the elemental Undines as they control the elment Water. They are governed by King Nichsa (Evoking Eternity).

Another idea that pops up in my mind is to summon Pazuzu (for the more experienced Mage) and ask him to take his fiery breath away from that place. maybe in addition to the Undines.

Suggestion from Maxx: Itumo - from the works of Franz Bardon; storms, lightening, pouring rain is his specialty, so you may care to look him up and consider his aid


FYI… One of the participants has stepped out because of personal reasons. I made the change in the list, so check out what your current number is.

I would also like to add the following single rule:

As of August 15th, I will no longer accept any requests for joining this group, so for those not in yet, you better hurry. I take this decision to keep it fair for everybody and to avoid the “last minute parasites”.


After having read all of your comments, it’s obvious that our group took an awesome start. Kudos to all of you, my friends.

So now that we’ve got this thing going, let’s proceed with the next on our list, namely:

Zoe longs for a state of overall well being, physical, emotional and mental.

So let’s do this for her, give it your best shot!

Suggestion for evocation: Hent’yos (BoA)
Any other suggestions are welcome.

For those not familiar with evocations (good reason to start with it, though) or lacking the time, other techniques will do as well.


I am so proud of this group! It’s such an immense power that we bring into existence. And meanwhile we keep empowering ourselves by doing it!

So let’s move on to the next one.
The next on the list is Reaper
Reaper would like to have financial improvement and financial stability.

You can find some nice suggestions to do this in the topic that houses this thread.
Also, in the BoA, E.A. actually recommends Ant’harratu. Well, not litterally recommends him, but he describes the successes in getting a better income and how Ant’harratu works to reach that goal.

Good luck guys.


Time to move on to the next! We haven’t heard from Reaper yet, but I’m sure that’ll come. After all, sometimes the money needs more time to manifest, depending on the position the receiver is in and on the available “conduits”.
So let us know when the money comes in, Reaper!

So who’s next? Beboe76

Beboe’s request is also about money but in a more specific way: what she actually wants is the money that is owed to her. She would like help collecting all her past due child support.

So Ant’harratu could be asked to do this work also, but I also think about Azazel because I’ve had some good experiences with him when I wanted justice to be done.

As usual, any other suggestions are most welcome and never forget: do your own thing as well!


Just to check: is everybody still in? If so, please click the “Like” button so I can keep track of this procect. Thanks


In agreement with PyreOD, we’re gonna aim our powers at Sultitan_Itan instead of him today. This due to the urgency of his request.

Sultitan_Itan needs money and he needs it fast. I don’t know if he wants everybody to know what the urgency is, so I leave that up to him; you can always ask in the other thread.

Besides the money in itself, he also asks for stability, wealth and peace.

So let’s do this!! Succes!!


PyreOD, let me be the one to thank you for swapping places with Sultitan_Itan. It’s a noble gesture and much appreciated.
The same goes for Maxx as well, of course.

Today however is yours.

PyreOD would like to strengthen his psychic faculties/spiritual vision so that he may sense spirits better and therefore communicate with them more effectively.

So here we go…


The guidance of this group will be taken over by Zoe for a while.
Thanks a lot, Zoe.


Hello Fellow Magi!

Bran has approached me with a need for some Personal Time, so at his request I will be temporarily stepping in as organizer.

I’m getting Bran’s file on the “Friends with Benefits” project, and after I review it and meditate on the next person up, I’ll be posting my thoughts regarding our next Group Working. If I’m not mistaken Maxx is up next.

So please check back here in about 12 hours from the time stamp on this post … surely I’ll have my act together by then!

ttyl, Zoe :wink:


Good Evening Everyone!

If You’ve kept up with the list, You know Maxx is up for our next Group Working!

MAXX is wanting a generalized stabilizing across his financial endeavors; to see a steady increase in prosperity through interests already established. His resources are insurance & farming, and he wants to see both become healthier, more vigorous avenues for abundance.

For those of You Working with the Nethers from Book of Azazel, I have had Pent’osch come forward to Me as Our willing Assistant toward the utter fulfilling of Maxx’ ambition. So Work with this Nether, if You will …

As always, ALL forms of Ritual Assistance is welcome! If You are currently Working with other disciplines of Magick, then by all means use the method You are familiar & comfortable with. The Goal is the same.

I’d appreciate it if each of You would hit the “like” button to let Me know You’ve read this and are on board for the MAXX ride!

Wishing You Successful Castings! Zoe :wink:


Whew! Man! Sometimes working 2nd shift sucks!! But, I finally got the last of my guards out the door and this last hour is mine to do with as I will … a small perk, but hey I’ll take it…

Now then - on to the Desire CLOUD9 has given us to Work with…

As with so many of us, Cloud9 would like to see significant Financial increase, but also to move into a job situation he finds TRULY ENJOYABLE!!!

So Our joint intent for Cloud9 shall be: A minimum base income of $2,500.00 per month doing work that is interesting, enjoyable & satisfying.

My Nether of choice for Cloud9’s fulfillment is ~HALAH’THOR~ because I’ve already had a personal success Working with this Nether in exactly this arena. And I have heard from another of our BALG Forum members that this is actually Halah’thor’s “specialty”.

Let’s see how quickly we can get Cloud9 on the fast track, shall we?

(As usual, please aknowledge by tapping the “like” button!) Zoe :wink:

*** IMPORTANT EDIT *** It seems I was a tad confused! CLOUD9 is going to post an addendum to this, which I fully intend to honor … sorry about that! Zoe


Addendum: I would like to change the wording just slightly:

Earning £1,500 extra or more every month with great joy and excitement (still doing the same job which I like a lot).




If you’ve been to the FWB thread lately, you’ve read some terrific reports of SUCCESS!!! And I love a good Success Story, don’t you?

Beginning on the 17th thru the 18th, our recipient of Group Magick will be BRAN. Bran also would like to see a significant & stable increase in his Finances. (Maybe money doesn’t buy happiness, but try being TRULY happy without it!)

The unique issue with Bran’s request is that he is very specific about CHOICE; he wants to choose his environment, describe his future Himself. This tells me he has already got a clear picture of how he wants the next few years to unfold for him…

So I have selected Lae’ti’kohl from the Book of Azazel as the Nether of choice. Lae’ti’kohl’s expertise is in planning & plotting a course based upon the Evoker’s Idea, or Picture. Whatever Bran “designs” She will pull together the people, events & circumstances to get him there. She will communicate to him wise choices that are in alignment with Her own Works. I believe She will serve Bran perfectly in this.

Those of you Working with other Entities and/ or traditions can reinforce & increase his immediate financial picture, as I’m sure Lae’ti’kohl’s Workings will be extensive, but perhaps not as immediate financially as Bran would like. In fact, this is one of those instances where the whole gamut of “Money Spells” will really come in handy!

As always, I will make myself available if you have questions … and remember to “like” for me … its an easy way to know I’ve been ‘read’!

… and remember to appreciate YOURSELF for all you do! Zoe :wink:


Hello “Beneficial Friends” :wink:

Our next Friend to Benefit is FREYA. Freya’s desire is to enjoy enough abundance to create a New Home for her family; a home that is comfortable, luxurious & filled with a loving, supportive & nurturing atmosphere.

I have elected to keep Lae’ti’kohl as the Nether to Work with because, as Bran & Freya are a couple, their individual Visions for their Lives are intertwined, linked to many common goals.

For other Workings, any Work that includes a Prosperous Home with a safe, secure Family environment will fit the bill nicely. As the couple is in a position to move into & establish a NEW home, success in finding a Home that pleases them and meets or exceeds their Desires will also benefit greatly.

This is the last Group Working I will organize for you; Bran will return Monday to carry on. It has been a delight being part of a Group who is so easy to work with; whose enthusiasm & diligence is so contagious. You are all “worth your weight in Gold” … it has been positively INSPIRING …

Thank you so much! Zoe :wink:


My wonderful, Magickal Friends:

After giving the matter careful consideration, I have decided to withdraw from the BALG Forum entirely. I do this because it is best for Me and for no other reason. I have not been offended, treated poorly or otherwise “run off”. It is simply a Personal Preference.

I want to impress upon you that I have a copy of the Friends with Benefits list and I WILL HONOR My commitment to each of you, just as you have honored yours to me.

Live Well. Pursue Your Passions. Respect Each Other.

I will miss you and remember you with great warmth.

Zoe :wink:


Hi guys,

I’m back and ready to rumble again.
First thing I saw when coming here is the goodbye message from Zoe; I hit the like button, but I don’t like it. I for one will miss her here, because I know she was a very encouraging and motivating person for many of us.

But shit happens, so let’s carry on, shall we?

Our next target is Neophyte

What Neophyte wants is a permanent job offered on good terms, and restored finances.

So here goes:

My suggestion for this task would be: , Halah’thor

Go for it, people!

Please hit the like button upon reading this


Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Already we’re at number 12 on our list :

What Zach would want is a financial explosion delivered through business succes as well through his musical endeavors.

I suggest to work with Halah’tor again as he specializes in careers.

Succes y’all!

P.S. Don’t forget to like. :wink:


12 down… 4 to go!

The Lucky number 13 on the list is Attis.

What Attis wants is an improvement of his psychic abilities with the emphasis on Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

Maybe with the help of Mepsitahl (Works of Darkness)?

Keep us posted, Attis