The Hecatean banishing for a beginner?

Hi, it is appropriate to use it even as a begginer ? Like for the first invocation or evocation instead or LBRP ?
I want to do this, it’s for invoking a demonic king


I tried to contact hekate but she is pouting…Perhaps something that went ‘‘not favorable’’ back in the days when I was with her…well, in fact, I never had confirmation it was her because guess what; I cannot see Ghosts with my eyes…and never talked to her…

Yes, you can use a Hecate based banishing as a beginner.

My concern having read this is, at no point does it actually give you a moment to put a banishing intent into the working.

It’s a call to invoke Hecate and doesn’t do any banishing at all. I don’t know why you’d assume that calling in a spirit because you just drew a pentagram left to right would banish anything if you don’t explicitly intend that.

After that, for me holy crap but this is terribly fussy, might as well use the LRBP it’s actually easier, and the reason I don’t do that for the same reasons: a) it takes too long, and b) it gives away your power. In that case to “angels” and in this to Hekate.

Btw “Ugia Hecate” is a kind of moth: weird UPG with Agia there.:slight_smile:

Imo, if you want something banished, just do it. Do it with a vengeance, but do it yourself. Declare all shit banished, fill the room with light from your heart, sweep your arm and firmly and grandiosely declare without doubt or reservation that all unwanted presences are uninvited and shall begone. Done. It’s not at all hard and doesn’t need this kind of fluff.

But hey, some people love ceremonial pomp and psychodrama, it gets the juices flowing and they feel like if it’s not enough effort it won’t work… so it doesn’t. It’s very useful in doses, so if you like this, go for it but I’d say, insert some good intent into actually seeing your space get cleared out as your’re drawing the pentagrams, to make sure you’re not just going through the motions, waving your hands around for no reason.


For a beginner, it really shouldn’t be a problem.

I personally dislike it’s structure as it’s largely trying to plug into a lbrp model.

If you’re wanting to do something with Hekate, the “cloak of Hekate” from Mark Alan Smith’s “Queen of Hell” grimoire is in my opinion a lot better than that one.

Ok thx

Yeah I’v heard from some occult Youtube that think like you
Like we don’t need to banish before invoking because it translates that we feared about being harm or something, but as long as can’t consecrate holy water by a spirit to cleanse the room I need the minimum

I do semen retention, sporting activity, meditation but I smoke a little bit of weed and I sometimes I can be irritated, so I don’t want parasite come or being glued in my area/appartement, exploiting my weaknesses at the beginning

I’ve seen that monks aren’t annoyed with the tremondus aura/field energy that they have, but unfortunetly that’s not my case :smile:

And I don’t have the imagination to create my own potent banishing yet, I didn’t even know that it would be possible with just the intent but it would be cool afterwards :crystal_ball:

I disagree with this notion.

It’s more about clearing the chalkboard before you start a new thing on it.

It can also be about neutralizing or balancing what might be conflicting energies that wouldnt mesh with what you’re invoking.

(It can also be about creating a more contained field where the energies will permeate and be in stronger concentration)

BUT, if you’re working with very similar energies, then there probably wouldn’t be any need.

I see the argument, but it assumes the reason for banishing is fear based, and there’s no reason to assume that. ASSume makes an ass of U and ME. :joy:

Do you not touch a hot stove because you’re afraid of it, or because you know that would be dumb?
Do you shower because you’re afraid of being dirty?

Didn’t think so. Keep your space clean and don’t allow dirty entities to hang around, because they exist and they will.

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In this case, cleanse as a matter or personal hygiene, exactly like you shower to stay clean, shower off your energy body to keep it healthy and balanced, then you won’t attract things that feed on dirt in the first place.

Ok like for the same entity it wouldn’t be useful to do it every time
Unless I perform the invocation on the woods in random places, in this context it would be necessary I see

Like brushing my teeth, drinking a tea of quality after the shit has been smoked ? Or you mean just leave out the only vice that I have :slight_smile: ?

No, cleanse your energy of your body and your space.

Weed is not dirty, but can open you up to parasites because it makes you all mellow and non judgemental, you can get taken advantage of more easily. But that won’t matter if you’re not in a space where there’s critters around to even do that.

Don’t eat food off the floor, don’t smoke in a space packed with astral entities looking for easy nom noms.

It seems more like a Hekatean Invocational Pentagram, rather than a banishing one. Like you would cast it in order to sync your energy with hers in a ritual.

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