The Greek gods are very dark. Experience

The Greek gods I’ve been with for a while now, I just noticed that. When I’ve seen them, the appear as very dark figures. Athena was dressed in dark green with a crown. Zues I’ve experienced as very dark. I always see him in a dark thunder cloud. Poseidon recently came to me and has very raggedy clothes long hair that covers his face. Not at all what I was expecting. Hollywood sure has made everything shine. It’s so bad ass the way they looked. Almost like a snyder film lol. Has anyone else experienced these similar traits.


Hi ThunderChief,

I am sorry for you bad experience , but sometimes there are other entities fooling you to believe something which might not be true, or simply impersonating.

My personal experience, I’ve contacted Pegasus, Poseidon and some other greek gods or entities, by far one of the best and lovliest experience ever.

Keep it up, just right before you try to contact some spirit, imagine yourself inside a very shiny bright bubble, that will keep you safe from any negativity. (At least it works with me ) :slight_smile:


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The Olympians are usually hard to evoke. Good job. They certainly have darkness to spare. They are the go-to when modern people think of mythical nonexistent gods, so they might want to make a hardcore gritty impression.

If anyone tells you that Western civilization was built on Jeudo-Christian values, give them a swift kick in the nuts. Athena built this house and Jesus is a total rip-off of Socrates.


Athena, F*ck Yeah!


This actually makes sense if you dig into the myths. The greek gods are not all light and fluff and sweet this is how we tend to want to view them in most modern depictions but if you look into it they can be brutal. Good work @Thunderchief :+1:


Not really a bad experience. They didn’t across to me as what I was expecting still very interesting. Athena shows me visions of real time as she opens my head up with glowing gold from my head and puts knowledge in. She also gives me these brown golden tablets for healing. Zues usually just gives me bolts of electricity all over my body. Its feels fucking amazing. I wanted to know why I had a weird connection with the element water. They wanted me to go Poseidon hence my experience.

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Brutal. I like that.