The Greatest Challenge Of All

I think I have finally come up with what would be the greatest challenge/feat for a occultist to accomplish. It’s something that I don’t even think it’s possible. I used to think that materialization of objects into the physical was the greatest feat. But then I thought, what if you took it one step further? I now propose the greatest challenge of them all, creating a living being out of thin air. I know that technically everything is meant to be possible with magick, but this? I only have half of an idea of how it could be done. Share your thoughts on this concept and what you think about it’s possibility.

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The idea that everything is possible with magick in my opinion is from a fantasy perspective. Magick itself has limits based on the plane you’re on.

Here you’ll never see a practitioner create a living being, etherically maybe with the help of a Deity, astral wise most definitely with their imagination to manifest them. However, physically no.

Of course there’s the mythology behind tulpas.


Yeah I’m aware about creating spirits in the other planes (I’ve made a few servitors myself). Fair point about magick being limited to the plane. It interests me though that objects can be materialized or transmuted on this plane. In Ipsissimus EA’s teacher and students turn desert sand into fruit. Which, know that I’m thinking about it, is kind of living in a way. No where near as sentient as a human, but fruits are kind of alive. What do you think about that?

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Personally I don’t believe objects can materialize out of thin air, manifestation is bringing about a situation that gets you the item in question not really making it materialize out of nothing. Magick still adheres to the concept of energy not being created nor destroyed and an object out of thin air defies that concept.

Fruit are alive but I don’t really follow Ea’s teachings so I can’t comment there.

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Well from what I understand about materialization, it is more of transmutation than pure creation. I personally have tried doing it, but from what I know is that the practitioner directs energy to condense on this plane. I think that first the object is made on another plane, then it is condensed to this plane. Again, this is all theory as it’s not something I’ve tried, but that’s what I believe the process is.

Most of my experience with it just results in an event where I got what I wanted be it money, games, and so forth it just came to me through means of an event.


Makes sense. I guess I don’t 100% understand the need for materialization when manifestation can bring whatever you desire. Maybe it’s a power thing, the ability to make something from thin air. I do have a bit of an idea I’d like to hear your thoughts on related to the main topic. Can you choose the soul of your children? I’ve considered the thought that you ask a specific spirit to be the one of your child. In theory, maybe it’d work. But I don’t know much about children and souls to know definitively. Like when they get their soul. Is it immediately at conception? Sometime in the womb? Birth? Or maybe even after birth? No idea

I mean in some cases possibly, I know a friend of mine has spiritual children and were going to reincarnate them into her physical children but in my opinion you’d have to time it properly i.e does the soul enter before birth or after birth.

I planned to do something like that myself or something different yet quite similar which was merging the soul of my spiritual child into my physical children (if I were to have one or more) since a lot of my practice has been dealing with working with souls and the likes merging a soul with another is almost 2nd nature.

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It really brings into question though, nature vs nurture. If you did get a spirit to incarnate as your child, how similar to the spirit would the child actually be? Fun question that makes you think about how much of your identity is you and how much of it is a product of your environment. The biggest benefit I could think of is that the child would have an easier time with some magicks, like if it were a demon reincarnated that would probably have an easier time doing black magick.

Sorry, but what do you think you people our doing evertime you invoke or cast a spell etc? You are bringing into existence an entity, a semi consciousness being to do your bidding…a slave of sorts! You are either feeding an existing one or creating one… with no regard for its existence…

You seem to have misunderstood what I was going for. I’m talking about taking a spirit and giving it a completely physical body from nothing.

I think you kind of jumped into the conversation without understanding it lol, besides not all spells even require the aid of an entity and no spell is creating an entity from nothing lmao.

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This is exactly what the Tibetan word “tulpa” refers to. Many people these days use the word incorrectly to mean the same thing as a servitor, but if you actually read the book that first introduced the idea to the West, Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel, the word actually refers to a living being created from thought.

Another book that details the author’s encounter with a man who believed himself to be a tulpa is An Unlikely Prophet by Alvin Schwartz.


I have a habit of that…lol… jumping in without, knowing full conversation…in my defense, I work on emotions…x

I’ve only vaguely known about tulpas. Only time I’ve seen them mentioned was with Servitors, and I didn’t quite know the difference in what a tulpa is. Have you ever experimented with them Knight?

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The Tibetans had knowledge, mantras, prayers etc, to actually bring a being of thought into existence, elemental, golem of sorts…a baby…

No. The technique to create a living, physical being from thought, is quite beyond me. It requires a certain discipline in meditation and concentration that is very difficult to maintain in the modern world. In the book I mentioned, Alexandra David-Neel only vaguely describes the technique, and it required 6 months of daily concentration and focus on a specific mandala for her to accomplish the feat, only to have the tulpa run amok so she had to put it down.


Every thought/feeling has its own existence…it is the nature of things… these collective emotions/feelings of us…is what has created, willed/fed these entitys. Hence the old saying ( BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR) x

Damn, a lot of work without much reward. It does make me think though. How would you try and navigate making the Tulpa and actual citizen? You can’t just tell the government “Yeah I just created them using pure thought power over 6 months”. Sounds like a nightmare to me. But I guess I’ve found what I’ll next be looking into over the next few days.

From what I understand, tulpas are generally created as companions. In the other book I mentioned, An Unlikely Prophet, a man claiming to be a tulpa searched out the author because his creator had died, so he needed someone with a strong enough imagination to maintain his reality (the author of the book was a comic book writer, known for his work on Superman). He winds up teaching the author some neat occult tricks as well.