The golden circle of Lucifer

Lucifer showed me an evocation Circle just now which he named after himself. It is simple. the Circle itself is the same snake as in E. A.'s Circle of Solomon where the hexagrams should be are unicursal hexagrams in the middle is a normal hexagram. Also he said that e a s circle can be used if you use it well that is to say replace all the names of adonai in the Hexagrams with Lucifer. both variantions of the circle are made completely in light golden color. of Also be aware that Adonai does not care for your godhood it is not he who exalts man in this way. He is a servant for man a spirit to be used a servitor a tool. and to be exalted is to only be exalted to godood this is the only greatest becoming progress and path. every thing and aspect of the whole can be exalted to godhood and this is what Lucifer does what his light does what it is for. . Each aspect and part of all of your personal lives. if the level of exaltation is not godhood it is not exaltation it is not ascent. godhood is the standard. Also ever investigate whether or not the entities you work are concerned with your exaltation or if they are to just make something happen it is those that are concerned with exaltation that are Worthwhile. the rest may come and do something but they will just cease to exist without leaving impact. it is such spirits that you call egregores. only spirits cocerned with the exaltation of man are real solid and self existing in that they do not just evaporate after being called. because they are concerned with man, the evocator who keeps existing after they depart. they are thhus atached to him trough their conscern and sustain themselves trough it the channel of power which feeds them because the evocator exists He feeds
them by existing always. Also it is woth mentioning that Lucifer is Thot well the ebergies are different but they are of the same beinfg because both are teachers guides exalters uplifters of man. in that their attributes are so similar. The mot important spiuriuts for man are those concerned with man. . As ucifer is. the rest are not worth comsideration If you seek him , when you call him let your concern and desire be for the complete exatation of yourself and your empire for this is his sole only true one purpose to do . Seek exaltation the rest is meaningless for what exaltation brings is all in the sweetest and best most beautifull forms. he himself is the force of exaltation the state of exaltation and the exalter it is in his name it is in him self it is in his ligh it is his light. the light that imcreases matures and grows all things upon the earth. the light of the sun. Lucifer says that the centrer represents man clibing up to, upon and raping god. TAKE YOUR GODHOOD YOUR UNION ALWAYS AND ONLY BY FORCE FOR GOD IS PRESENT BUT DOES NOT INTERVENE HE IS PASIVE YET MOVING, STABLE THE CENTER. SEEK AND DEVOUR ALL THAT STANDS IN YOUR WAY ALL BEFORE YOU AS YOU CLIMB UP TO HIM AND DEVOUR HIM AND CLAIM HIM EVEN IF A MASTER OR SOMEONE WILL HELP YOU DO THIS TAKE ALL SPIRITUAL ATTAIMENTS BY FORCE THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RISE TRANSCEND AND PROGRESS. THIS MUST BE DONE BY FORCE OF WILL IT MUST BE CLAIMED. SEEK EVER THE PUREST, HIGHEST MOST POTENT FORM OF GODHOOD. IF YOU DO NOT TAKE IT IF YOU DO NOT FORCE IT AND TAKE IT BY FORCE GODHOOD WILL NEVER BE YOURS. FOR IN THE SAME WAY THAT HE IS PASIVE SO DOES MAN GO TROUGH LIFE naturaly with the flow without evolution. the evolution that occurs naturally is not even worth Lucifer’s consideratioon for it is so small weak insignificant. it must be forced. what separates man from god is wether or not he can will himself force himself into his own godhood. he who cannot is not god and does not become god. notice that to gain godhood is to transform yourselves. There are truths in this post that are new to myself freshly channeled hope you enjoy Channel and spread the light! with joy. hois light is also joy as is the light of the sun. And though some may dislike this and not agree with it, there is no Golden Dawn without Lucifer. but is also true to say that without him there would be no light fizicall or in thje lower worlds. he is the cause and the giver distributor of it. and if you werre to study any book any order or anything for that matter with him being present you would know the secret meaning of that. including the golden dawn. The goldemn dawn is he. the very proces and the whole pf it he is my wisdom my thoughts and my words. make contact abnnd open yourselves become the chanells to his light open to your own greater capasity which is he and top which he is the gate.