The four elements and healing

When I read about the elements they have all been associated with a form of healing. With the 3 I can understand. Earth the organs, air the mind and water the emotions. But the fire element? What does the fire elements heals?

Spirit? You have body, mind and emotions, but not spirit.

Its not so simple as that, I know for a fact some organs carry different elemental properties

The best thing to do for elemental balance from my perspective is to form a pentagram posture with your body and breathe from your Palms, feet and head, it will get you super high and balance the energies in your body, I saw this in a book once but I was slightly different

If you look into mantak chias books he has some good techniques too and correspondences for the elements but there’s elements like wood and metal which I personally don’t resonate with

It’s wise to find as many perspectives you can find and form your own opinion on what works best for you, elemental work can be different from tradition to tradition

The dragons for example have 9 elements while humans only see 5 or 4, I’d say the dragons perspective it the best you’ll find because they’re beyond ancient and masters of magick

The Fire element is ultimately responsible for all healing, as it represents the metabolic processes of the body. The food you eat (earth) and the Air you breathe are simply the fuel that stokes it.

Fire healing the spirit?