The filthy grimoire sugar mummy ritual not working

Hi I did a ritual more that a year ago from jareth tempest filthy grimoire for a sugar mommy. I have not had any sugar mummy show up into my life.

Is this book a scam?

You can manifest a sugar mommy, especially if you have strong manifestation. All magick has roots in manifestation after all.


Based on only one ritual, no. Magick fails for many reasons, but ultimately all a grimoire is, is a list of ideas, it’s up to you to make it manifest.

Sugar mommies are very rare and looking for specific qualities in their arm candy toy boys. They also don’t usually call themselves that. Is there a path to manifestation for what you want?


:point_up_2:. This!!

Doing a ritual isn’t the end of it. What work have you used in the mundane to attract a sugar momma.

Many people forget that once you do a ritual you still have to work at it in the mundane. What work have you done in the mundane to attract a sugar momma?

Sugar momma’s as already stated tend to look for specific qualities in their partners and anything that deviates from that is ignored. They can afford to be picky (quite literally)


be sure to work at the spell at the mundane level as well! put yourself out there, it’ll aid in the spell’s success.