The Fate Of All Fools

It’s kind of funny. When I use Tempest’s pathworkings, she always appears as a female, but when I evoke using Raziel’s seal, he appears as a wizened male figure, which I believe is his traditional description, if I’m not mistaken.


Oh my God ! This !
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I think he’s the only one I’ve ever seen describe Raziel as a female, other than balgers, too.


embodiment of The Hermit, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: interesting, I’ve never looked much into the traditional descriptions of entities, except maybe out of curiosity after calling on them.

i feel drawn to work with her more now. maybe time to look into some pathworkings :thinking:


I’m glad this resonated with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I really needed that ! :blush::pray:


Saturday, April 3rd

One note I wanted to add on to my post of yesterday:

I neglected to mention it, but I think the “technique” of phrasing affirmations this way has a greater ability to bypass your stubborn conscious mind, similar to the way “afformations” / “askfirmations” work – which is when you affirm by asking yourself questions, like “why does money come to me so easily?” “why am I so skinny?” “how is it so easy for me to get dates?” – when you ask yourself a question, your brain will accept the conclusion as truth and internally scramble around in the background trying to figure out the answer.

Your brain is always trying to work around your thoughts and prove them to you, one way or another – positive, neutral, or negative.

Saying “I am someone who deserves…” gives me a similar feeling. It doesn’t feel like or a struggle or an argument, there’s no feeling of force or resistance as there might be if I were to just repeat to myself “I am wealthy”. If I think that to myself, it can stir up doubts. Some part of my brain is like “Hmm, are you though? Then why do you spend so much time dreading looking at your bank account and worrying about how much money you’ve spent this week?” – that’s not what wealthy people do.

You want your brain working with you, not against you. And let’s be honest, most people do have an innate sense of worthiness – main character syndrome. They, we, you, I do believe deep down that we do deserve to have good things happen to us: that we deserve the fulfilment of our goals, we deserve a happy ending. Don’t fight against your own brain, work with it. I’ve found personally that a huge part of manifesting is simply accepting and allowing and getting the hell out of your own way. Remove your attention from what you do not want and place it on what you do want. Simple – not easy.

On a slightly different topic, when it comes to manifesting specific people – there are seemingly many pitfalls and traps along the way and it’s so easy to fall into them. Obviously I am no exception and I’ve spent my fair share of time focused solely on other people, rather than myself.

The truth is, when you put so much focus on someone other than yourself, sooner or later you place them on a pedestal. That in itself is detrimental. Rather, place yourself on a pedestal. Stop wasting time and energy affirming “X loves me” or “X wants to hook up with me” or “X finds me attractive” or “X calls me all the time”. No, it doesn’t hurt, but those thoughts should be supplementary or complementary to bigger and better things. (Also, honestly, you’d be better off going for something like “I am X’s favourite person” or “I am X’s dream boy/girl” or “I am X’s boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse”.

There are no exceptions to the Law. If you see yourself as universally loved, if your self-concept is of someone who is always lucky in love and always blessed with wonderful relationships, if you see yourself as someone who always gets what they want no matter what, someone whose romantic affections are always returned by the person you’re interested in - your specific person must conform to that. No exceptions.

It’s the same as manifesting anything – money, or a certain car, or a new computer. “Money wants to come to me”, “this car really wants me as its owner”, “the new computer is obsessed with me” – sounds kinda silly, right? Focus on yourself as being the person who already has the thing they want, who deserves to have the thing they want, and watch the world shift around to make that happen.

Few more notes just on general evolution of my practice. I’ve been using both of the following prior to any workings:

First, this:

Then, the below (original thread here):

I do this after the Invocation of Inner Divinity, holding my hands outstretched, palms up and open, as I envision any unwanted beings or astral trash becoming locked and suspended in place around my temple area. Then I turn my palms down, and sharply gesture downward with both arms simultaneously (still holding arms outstretched – kind of like a bird flapping its wings down, once), envisioning all the astral garbage and unwanted presences and “negative energy” around me being crushed out of existence and banished from my space. It’s very effective.

I’ve also – kind of going back to basics here – but when I perform any opening rite, I picture myself sitting or standing in the darkness at the centre of the universe, and when I call out or vibrate words or names (aloud, but usually silently), I “hear” them emanating from me and crossing the vast distances of the universe, losing no power or volume. It gives me this curious feeling, like I’ve just lit myself up on some other plane, and in response I sense the firefly-flash signal of other beings, near or far, lighting up in response, like raising their heads to the call, even if in pure curiosity, if they are not the ones I’m calling.

Finally I’ve also adopted the method of – I think it’s of The 72 Angels of Magick – where calling on any angelic presence, I call their name thrice and imagine lightning striking my crown on each call.

Not much else to report. I accidentally fell asleep while evoking Dantalion about two nights ago. I kept dipping deep into trance and losing focus. I did get a sense of his presence and I was able to communicate to him what I wanted, but it was sloppy, so I’ll probably make him a welcoming cup of tea and then re-do it.

Finally, thought I’d link this here:

A nice little summary of my ritual successes to remind myself in moments of doubt :+1: not that there are many of those. Plus it’s a fun thread, go participate.

Until next time :two_hearts:


Wow… im bookmarking this post. Such incredible advice. I would like to ask your opinion on something though If it’s OK? Currently my mindset for relationships is rather than do magick in going to begin learning loa and become a person that the girl i imagine wound be attracted to. Basically send out the energy and have the girl come to me. Does this sound plausible based on what you understand about loa?


Oh actually I was thinking of you earlier @dagar, I went and found this for you – all of Goddard’s books:

(Note: as far as I am aware all of Goddard’s works are public domain/out of copyright, so the PDF versions of his books are perfectly legal to download/own.)

And yes of course, always happy to give advice if and where I can :smiley: that is probably the best place to start – focusing on yourself. “I am whole and healthy,
I am attractive”, et cetera. Become a person who is happy and fulfilled in your own right and recognise that you can choose to give love and happiness and wholeness to yourself. From that place you can use the Law to bring you a happy relationship and someone who fits you. “I am in a wonderful romantic relationship,” “I am always attracting amazing romantic partners”, stuff like that.


Omw!! That’s incredible!! Ty @Veil! I’ll have to go read them now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: regarding the advice yeah my idea is that I make myself the best version of me and whoever will love me will be attracted to me and brought to me by the universe since I started putting that out in the universe is that makes sense.


Protip: you are the universe :wink: there is nothing outside yourself, it’s all you. Give yourself where credit is due!

Go read some Goddard and get started! I think you asked the other day which are best to start with, I’d recommend these ones:

  • The Law and the Promise
  • The Power of Awareness
  • Feeling is the Secret

Yep! Already reading the law :hugs:


Proud of you! Go get 'em! :grin: :four_leaf_clover:


Monday, April 5th

Starting the BALG book club working. Quoting my experience here:


Wednesday, April 7th

Just a short one while I avoid doing work.

I had a dream last night that God had left a puzzle for me to unlock, in the form of a huge wood or stone monolith with scripture or a quote on it, but sections of it were missing. I had to run video-game style through a maze to find the missing pieces, and when I came back to the monolith I slid the blocks into place, and it was simply a message along the lines of “God became man so man may become God”, although in my hazy post-sleep state the notes I wrote were “God gave up his life to his children so he could save the world.” My dreamself felt like she’d achieved some great Truth, and I started crying with happiness, then I woke up.

Weird but OK.

Not much else to report. I’ve had a few instances of hypnagogia the past week or so. The other night/morning it was accompanied by the sound of chimes and bells. Slight buzzing/vibrations. The weird thing was I didn’t do anything with it. I didn’t try and leave my body even though I never have trouble with that any more. I just let it pass and went to sleep. :woman_facepalming:t3: Wasted opportunities.

I’ve been working with the Elubatel sigil, Become More Persuasive, for the BALG book club this week. I like to think I’m pretty persuasive but never hurts to have a boost. Strangely it’s been hard for me to settle and focus or build up energy. Need to work on that.


Wednesday, April 7th, pt. II

From those to whom much is given, much is expected.

Today’s musings on the Law, concerning “mental diet” or “inner conversations”. Basically, the thoughts we have in their entirety, whether they’re imaginary scenes, imaginary conversations with others, or our own inner monologue speaking to us in voice or in image or in mood or feeling.

When I have a negative thought now I catch it and ask, “whose thought is this?”; if a negative feeling or scene arises I ask "who does this belong to?"

Does it belong to someone who acknowledges their own god-self? Does it belong to the immortal spark of consciousness which is the Source of all things?

Or does it belong to the ego, the “old man”, the person or the narrative that you are leaving behind?

And of course, always, it’s the latter. And as soon as I acknowledge that, it is so damn easy to shrug it off and brush it aside. Does this thought serve me? Does it empower me? No? Then it doesn’t belong to me, and I won’t waste time dwelling on it.

This goes hand-in-hand with the thing I mentioned the other day, so is usually followed by: I am a new person now. I am someone who is X, who deserves Y…

Prophet of Regret

I named this journal, in its current state, after a spaceship from a video game. :upside_down_face: But it speaks to my current journey, I suppose.

There is a fine line between delusion and enlightenment. Not that I’d go so far as to call myself enlightened. But I feel peaceful, sidling right up to the border of delusion. Not that I’d call myself delusion either. But… it’s a journey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of this I write for myself, so I can look back in my dark days and realise the things I’ve learned along the way. I know the Law is not about forcing happiness. I don’t believe I need to force myself or convince myself I’m in a good mood at all times so I can “raise my vibration” to “attract” good things to me, or else I’m doing something “wrong”. I don’t believe in ignoring my human emotions when they arise, I just don’t think it does me any good to wallow in them. (Except for, you know, the occasional breakdown.) Better to remember who and what I am, and what I’m capable of, and focus on that.

I don’t believe it’s about forcing anything, or even about performing exact techniques in the hope they’ll bring you what you want – like you’re building IKEA furniture and if you put one screw in the wrong place you’ve fucked the whole thing up. It’s not like that. It’s more about changing how you think about things, on the micro and macro level – from your inner, unspoken, unbidden, subjective thoughts, all the way up to how we perceive the outer world as objective reality. Accepting and acknowledging and allowing.

I leave with this:

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.


This was one of the first things I learned in therapy so this seems to be a universal truth about emotions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Also, lol. This letter has been sitting on the bench for a while but I felt compelled to open it just now when I was going to the fridge for another glass of wine.

“He will wipe all tears from our eyes and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain”

Here’s hoping :pray:


Lol. Those always sweet! Annoying, but sweet


Yeah, definitely glad they couldn’t make it to my door :joy: I always tell them I appreciate the work they’re doing but they are barking up the wrong tree.

Reminds me of when I was a teenager, chatting with my friend as we took a train into the city. A stranger overheard me complaining about something or other and before he got off at his stop, he tapped me on the shoulder, said something pithy that I don’t quite remember, and handed me a note which said “with God, all things are possible”. At the time I just laughed with my friend at the audacity of this person (my country is very secular and trying to find a devout Christian is like trying to find Chansey in the Safari Zone); and I crumpled the note up and threw it away as soon as I got the chance.

I wish I’d kept it, honestly; if I had, it’d be framed on my wall right now. The difference is now I recognise that God is consciousness, and the human imagination, in which indeed all things are possible; rather than being some fairy-tale for borderline delusional people who couldn’t face reality on their own terms (as I thought of it as a teen, no offense intended to any traditional Christians).