The Fate Of All Fools

Good luck with learning french, it is a pain in the ass, even us, native speakers, have a hard time with our own language :laughing:


J’étudie beaucoup mais merde c’est difficile… trop australienne :sob:

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Courage, tu vas y arriver :muscle:


Merci :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Day two(?) of a three-day challenge: I can get anything I want in three days.

Yesterday I applied for a new job at just past 5pm, outside of business hours. Today the company called me. Missed their call, but when I called back I was given an impromptu informal phone interview. About a half hour after we ended the call, they called me back requesting a formal interview.

Habibi ya leil

I have been putting myself on tilt these last few days trying to manifest “signs”. Why should I give a fuck about signs? I want results, outcomes, not “signs”. I get enough “signs” doing absolutely nothing. What a waste of time – manfiesting signs. If I focus on signs then I’ll only ever get signs and be no closer to a result.

(Note 27.06.22: Caught myself doing this again today. And yesterday. And probably the day before that. Funnily enough yesterday I was so focused on looking for minor “signs” that I missed one quite literally right before my eyes until the last moment. I was driving behind the same car for 20 minutes and then I noticed the wording of their personalised licence plate just before they turned off the highway. Like an unmistakable sign. I laughed and sighed at myself. Today I just sighed at myself. Asking myself if I want to be in the state of “a person who sees signs” or “a person who has X”. Yeah, I think I know which one I’d prefer.)

My point is, after I’d been doing this, and being silly because of my frustration at lack of signs, I realised I’d been dropped a not-insignificant sign, on the day of my birthday, which I hadn’t noticed until a few days afterwards. :roll_eyes: OK Veil, you can stop focusing on signs now, k?

26.06.22, ~2:00 AM

What the fuck?

I sent a DM to someone a few weeks ago and then kinda regretted sending it because they never replied. I just now opened the platform I sent it on and… it wasn’t in my recent messages.

Checked if they had blocked me – nope.

Opened the same app on my phone and checked my DMs there. I saw their name in my list of DMs for a second, then it deleted itself before my eyes. Gone.

Uhhh… what?

Three day challenge, or…? I suppose not, since that’d make it day four of three.

26.06.22, ~2:40 AM

Later – well, comparatively later, as in right now – my brain is doing some odd thing: I’m heaaring someone else speaking (or thinking?) in my head. Just a consistent clairaudient stream-of-consciousness type speaking. Not talking to me, just talking. Legit like overhearing someone else’s internal monologue.

I was/am not not meditating, in trance, or zoned out in any way. I’m awake (but tired) and actively reading and looking at things online. I did not reach for it. I am not hearing it from memory and I am not imagining it, which would imply some kind of focus on keeping it going. It just appeared spontaneously and is running along under and alongside my own thoughts and my own internal monologue. Like, right now. I can still hear the voice talking to itself.

The voice is not speaking English, so I have no idea what it’s actually saying, it just sounds like “֏Քԃԧӿ աףּꝛꝊⱺ םᴫᵹ₸₽ ⱺ‡… ᴐⱺӿԧӿ ӻՒ Ւԇᴕᴐᴪ… ₪ⱺ ӻՒԇӿՔ Ꝋᴫᵹ₸?”


…Continuing from above, at first I thought it was a weird throwback because I spent hours the day prior studying, transliterating, and translating two languages. But it just kept going. And, I thought I recognised whose voice it was.

I’ve had similar things before (clairaudiently hearing voices), but only ever in alpha state or during sleep paralysis. There was one other time I recall, as a teenager, when I was on holiday with my mum and we were sleeping in the same hotel room, and as I was dropping off to sleep I could hear her thinking; like I was catching bits and pieces of her internal monologue. (Actually as a teenager I would experience that pretty frequently, almost every night when drowsing off into the alpha state. Never any specific voices I recognised, though. I always described it as like walking down a long corridor with many rooms on either side, and the door to every room is slightly ajar, so as you walk past you hear snatches of voices or conversations from inside each room, but not enough to make sense of.)

But I digress.

When I talked to my loved one to tell him about it (after we’d already bade each other goodnight), the voice stopped. Like I said, I thought I recognised whose voice it was. No frontloading – I first said sorry for disturbing him after saying goodnight, and he said it was funny and that he was just thinking about asking me something or about having a conversation with me. We agreed that maybe it was because earlier I’d done some working for him, which was quite personal, in the sense that you have to get very close to someone, spiritually speaking, to do that kind of work. We spoke a bit more then said goodnight again.

About an hour later I was dozing off and a phrase popped into my head. Again I messaged him and said “what does this mean?” and he said one of the words I wrote was undeniably his native language, and the meaning of the phrase was relevant, and something you would say to someone you have a relationship with, and was echoing something he had been thinking.

Earlier today I looked it up and while my transliteration was off, when I find a phonetic match, it sounded like the phrase I heard. When I wrote it, while it was phonetically incorrect, part of it was grammatically correct… sorry, confusing. The phrase I heard was “I …” (translated) but what I wrote was “I … you too” because that’s how my English brain heard the sounds from a language I do not speak.

…Kinda like that time I had those two phrases pop into my head strongly enough to wake me up, and I wrote down something that seemed phonetically correct, until I did some digging and found the actual word in English, which led me to the Book of Sirach, aka Ecclesiasticus of the Biblical apocrypha.

Reality getting REAL fkn soft right now.
Which reminds me, I’ve been lazy. I had a nice lazy weekend, which I could have put to better use as far as rituals go. Right now I’m just taking my time. Tonight, and/or tomorrow, I will be working with Raphael; and I will continue with AoO sigils.

Sigils and seals

On that note, I looked at the AoO glyphs to see if I could puzzle out any that matched my weird bruise. On reflection, to me, it looks like a mash-up of four glyphs (two of them reversed or rotated): “fortune/abundance”, “magick”, “harmony”, and “child” (or “project/creation”)… aye, it’s a bit of a stretch, but I can see it. Maybe this is a riddle that’s going to remain unsolved. Who knows.

Edit: maybe I should make a sigil from those glyphs and use it and see what happens. :thinking:

Also I’ve been seeing foxes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I happened to scroll back through my dream journal today and realised I dreamt of foxes two days before I even bought my fox tail and vixen bust taxidermy. Retrocausality? Who knows. I am keeping my eyes open.



After two rounds of “interviews”, I signed the paperwork today, and resigned from my current job just before COB today.

New job, + roughly $20k/yr.

One week. Seven days exactly.

Melek Taus, Leviathan, Metatron, I thank you for the gifts you have given me – the ability to achieve my goals with my own power.

Atuesuel, Tabatlu, Labusi, I thank you with my whole heart for supporting my endeavours.

“A big clean is coming.”

– Melek Taus

Edit: And my Raphael/healing work for a loved one was a resounding success. Thank you to all who helped me with this. <3


Does your magick ever fail? :smiley: Congrats dear, nice one.


One way or another, somehow I ultimately get everything I want. :thinking:



Congratulation for your new job ! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I hope that you got room and possibilities in this compagny to ascend !
What a nice thread you got ! Too much information !

About the angels of omnipotance are you using Jareth Tempest book? If yes, did you create your own set of Glyph ? Are you using his method, or did you add slight modifications, i am really curious about that.

Cheers !

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