The Eye of the Trident: Jack's Chamber of Divine Divining 🔱

The Eye of the Trident seas…oops, I meant sees…all! I’ll be offering free tarot readings here to practice. I may use other methods of divination as well but the Eye sees only tarot readings for now. As of this thread’s creation, only an RWS and a Thoth deck are in my possession.

IMPORTANT things to know:

  • You must claim your slot in this thread. Do not dm me asking for a reading unless I allow it.

  • Do not request a reading if this thread is closed!

  • If you request free reading but someone beat you to the last slot, your request not be put on hold.

  • You must wait until I re-open the thread, and then race to claim your slot.

  • I record and number all the readings I do in my physical tarot journal. The first reading given here will be my 80th!

  • Tarot isn’t bs, 80 anecdotes are enough to prove the divination method’s power.

  • I own EA’s divination course but I haven’t touched it yet. I’ll let you know when I start it and when I finish it.

  • As I am writing this, I have minimal experience with intuitively reading for others. The majority of my readings were for myself and two of my occultist friends.

  • As I said, this thread was made for me to practice. I have faith in my power and hopefully so will you as this thread grows.


I’m offering 10 free one card readings with my Thoth deck! The readings will be posted here. I want to practice using my intuition before I offer some readings with this cool spread I came up with. Expect all of the 10 readings to be done and posted after a week. (I mean before the end of next week). Please post your question here. General readings are welcome.


Hello @Jack_of_Tridents.

I would like a general reading.

Thank you!

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Hi Paulino! I’ll get to it soon after I rest.

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Hi fam, glad you’re practicing your reading skills :smiley: I would take a general one, please :slight_smile:

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Hi Paulino! I decided I was done shuffling then The Moon fell out, face up.

Putting my intuitive thoughts together, I have to say that you are called to integrate some unconscious masculine traits in your waking life. These include courage, loyalty, and protectiveness. Reject society’s discouragement of masculinity and stop being Mr. “Nice Guy” to people who you don’t think are deserving of it.

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Hey I’d definitely be interested in a reading.

Thank you for offering this!

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Yw! Do you have a specific question?

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Note: I’m not reading reversals this time. I don’t like seeing them as the opposite of what the card represents; to me, they mean that the card’s energy is stagnant.

Additionally, I just want to use my intuition to hear what the card has to say.

Nothing in particular, been working on quite a lot of different things lately so something general would be fine

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Got it!

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@Jack_of_Tridents - Please do a general reading for me.

Thank you much!

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@Jack_of_Tridents, thank you for this!

Can you do a general reading for me?!

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Hello I’m okay with something general. Feel free to ignore if i don’t meet the criteria.

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@Jack_of_Tridents I would like a reading on my magick path. Any advice, how it’s going, etc.

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3 more spots left!

The Queen of Wands! It’s interesting how your name is “A Pariah” and I draw the introverted Queen of Wands for you.

I tried my best and I interpreted the card as a representative of your spiritual life. I saw you as the strong-willed Queen in the card. You were entering a powerful “I know magick, think twice before you f with me” state. Very soon if not now, the Queen of Wands should reflect your spiritual life and also your mundane life too.

Thanks for volunteering!

Feedback would be more than appreciated. This goes for everyone here.


“Mr. Nice Guy” - That guy is me!
Thank you!
I need to hear this!

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Hi can i get general reading.

Thanks you

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Oh hey Jack!

I would love a general reading anything that pops us


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