The Extremely Powerful Magical ThoughtForm "THE HOLYSPIRIT/The HOLYGHOST"

Hi Magus,

What are the MOST POWERFUL and VERY EFFECTIVE(quickly effective) Magickal Uses and Benefits of The Extremely Powerful Magickal ThoughtForm “THE HOLYSPIRIT/THE HOLYGHOST”??
Let us Discuss These In Details.
Kindly, Include Your Personal Experiences with The ThoughtForm and/or Real Verified Experiences of other people in Your Circle or people who have used Him/It or use Him/It very Successfully and Powerfully…


Not sure if this really counts:

Before I started my own personal journey, I still considered myself to be Christian. There was a time that my grandmother did a prayer over me, as well as my sister. I can’t remember what prayer she used. I only know that it wasn’t any of the usual ones I would hear. I remember feeling absolutely pure joy. It was the most intense tickling feeling in my gut. I could literally feel the energy entering me through my stomach/core. My sister described the same thing. The both of us could not stop laughing out of joy throughout the whole prayer. I remember feeling protected ever since that prayer, but only for some time. Eventually, I broke off from Christianity- like a lot of us- and started my own thing. Not sure if it’s still within me or not. Perhaps it faded overtime. Not sure.


The Holy Spirit is not exclusively or inclusively connected to christianity. Obviously older than that brainwash. The christian bible says to ask for the Holy Spirit. It does not say ask for the spirit of jesus in the same way. When I was a brainwashed christian… not anymore. I experimented because of that and asked for spirit of jesus. The moments after that, I felt more dishonest than anything else. That’s when I started to actually deny jesus. Christiany is vanity, hipocracy and misogyny. Bible does not specify the Holy Spirit. Those details are excluded. It says to wait for the “helper”. Due to the vanity of the religion it’s more likely someone the christians would/have wrecked and then would turn against them. Who is more of helper than a woman? Due the misogyny of organised religion such a person in spirit of living form is rejected.


Unless it is adapted from a Greek/Roman concept, I don’t see why it’s necessarily older than Christianity. The Holy Spirit does not appear in the bible up until the New Testament, unless it is not a being but rather the energy of YHWH, that’s the only way you could interpret it to also appear in the Old Testament


What makes you think the Holy Spirit was not included in the old testement. Or do think that invisible angels were running about but not noticed. The water that fed those ungrateful israelites in the dessert from a rock. Where do you think it came from? Do you think that water came hell?


The “spirit of god” is mentioned in the hebrew bible but is considered different from the “holy spirit” which is said to be an aspect of Yahweh in his trinity of Yahweh, Holy spirit, and Jesus, either as jesus being son of God or simply the physical embodiment of God.


If that trinity stuff is what you’re into then you might as well as for the spirit of jesus. You may be disappointed.

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Who said I’m into it? I’m allowed to state information without assumptions no? lol because the concept of the “holy spirit” was not exactly mentioned until Christianity is my point.


The ‘Holy Spirit’ is not viewed as one of the Songs of the Elohim, it’s viewed as an aspect of YHWH himself, and intermediary between The Father and The Son.

Well, probably not what you mean but I doubt if that even ever happened. Those events were written by many different people (Not who they claim to be either) centuries after the events supposedly happened. But from the traditional view, it would have either been through YHWH directly, or through the legions of angels at his command.

Yes, the ‘Spirit of God’ in Hebrew is ‘Ruach Elohim’. Everyone has Ruach in them, and Angels are composed of Ruach, it is simply ‘YHWH’s Energy’


Holy trinities actually predate the Christian religion


That is true, it seems the Jews adopted the concept from the Greeks/Romans.


What is it your trying to say exactly I just woke up so heads in the clouds at the moment :sweat_smile:

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Pretty much, which is why I agree that the ‘holy spirit’ is the essence of Yahweh.

The holy trinity was never stated to be a Christian thing it’s just in this moment we’re talking about Christianity and the holy spirit not other concepts of the trinities had before Christianity.


Don’t forget the trinity in Egypt.

Ra, Ptah, Amon.

Ra = The Light Of The Sun

Ptah = The Body & Heat Of The Sun

Amon/Amun = The Black Hidden Core Of The Sun/Dark Solar Core


Actually couldn’t the Holy spirit be the very spirit of source, okay hear me out…


Let’s step out of the box of myth and fables for a moment and break it down metaphysically

Think Of God as the source of the cosmos right

Now the source emits its creative and destructive fiery ocean which takes on form the further away it moves away from its origin point. Although it solidifies and becomes existence, it would still be a universal force. It isn’t exactly the source its a extension, a separate emanation of the source, a mutated essence if you will taking on its own sentience in some cases.

To me personally this is sort of like the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost

So it’s not exactly God its not actually God’s essence wouldn’t it be the case its a extension just breaking it down without the religious or mythological ties

I by no means wanna belittle the belief in the Holy Ghost but to me, it is like star wars (The Force) that universal essence which is divine, it lays dormant until it chooses not to or someone calls it or even wields it


Can you really break it down from where it originated? it’s taking it from one myth and just slapping it onto your own personal constructed mythology.


I would riff off what @C.Kendall is saying which somewhat uses terminology found in the Kybalion, and say I have experienced this as the innate tendency of the manifest universe to seek out more life, more freedom, variety, and complexity - from the mold that forms in your coffee cup if you leave it under the bed for a week, to the hunger of a child for new toys, to our hunger for more knowledge and power to control our own lives, and steer them along paths of growth and wisdom. :thinking:


Not really to understand something sometimes it’s better to step outside of the box right ?

So for the sake of looking at it at a much grander perspective, we remove the system of myth involved for the time being and then once the realisation is achieved. Reinsert the myth back into place and you’ll appreciate it much more and see things differently


PS IMO it’s the “spirit of” that same drive which causes Source to become manifest individuated forms, and then sets them along their own expansionist direction, in general. I posted about it one time, I was buzzing when I wrote this so it’s a bit of a rant! :smiley:

When people describe the Holy Spirit settling upon them, it’s almost always in pursuit of more of some good thing, like healing, or liberation, etc., all of which seem to be the dominant spirit of (meaning, core drive and intention of) Source-as-manifest-forms in our universe.