The expulsion of aggressive spirits from the house

Hi, I would like to know who had experience and what methods can be used to calm the spirits,
the fact is that methods such as protection using runes, the use of wormwood and other room cleansing do not work. My grandmother has an apartment in a two-story house, but these spirits, in addition to living in my grandmother’s apartment, also live in the apartments of other tenants. They have been there for 40 years. They manifest themselves by coming in dreams, in the astral, and they are visible with developed vision and after the practice of opening 3 eyes. All the time that you are there, you are constantly experiencing tension, as if you are being watched, this is the greatest pressure that I have felt in any house. Usually the entities left after the usual purification rite. A Christian grandmother lives in one of the apartments, but it is in her apartment that you feel the presence of spirits the most. Of course, I can assume that this land is a place of power, because there I dreamed of pagan rituals like those that witches conduct on their most famous holidays. And her uncle came to my mom to warn about the death of his friend and that they stopped it, but in the end no one listened and he really died. At that time, when my mother’s father worked far from home during her childhood, she got up at night and wanted to go look for him, but she was stopped at the door by an entity in the form of an old woman, as I was described, she looked scary but at the same time she had good intentions because she did not want to let a little girl go at night, it is unclear where. I do not know the history of this house is really complicated

Could they be domovoy?

Have to tried placating them through communication an offerings?

I’ve tried offerings, but maybe they need something specific the next time I go there, I’ll try to conduct a session using the phenomenon of electronic voice. I was thinking about domovoy but these entities are as tall as a person while domovoy they usually look like a cat or like a forest spirit

From what I understand, while animal shapes are common, domovoy can also take on humanoid forms, particularly that of ancestors and/or the master of the house, according to folklore.

You mentioned an old woman, and that could be the female counterpart of the domovoy, a domania.

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I chased shadow entities from a house with the help of Raziel and by ordering them to leave n’y invoking divine name. Your will just have to be stronger than theirs.

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This seems like a good place to investigate. Is she attracting them somehow? Many Christians are taught to be afraid of spirits and call all of them demons, but what you fear is what you find, and she could be manifesting the haunting through her fear. I don’t know but it’s a thought.

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