The End of my Pathworking with Naamah

Things I asked Naamah for
*Sexual Gnosis
*Learn how to soul travel
*Learn how to manifest desires easier.

Things Naamah gave me:
*Easy soul travel methods and understanding I never had (It’s really easy plus I can spy on and manipulate people)
*Vaymprism/Predatory spirituality -So fucking cool Probably my favorite thing she taught me cause I learned so much from it and I feel like it has limitless potential

*Self accountability for my experience- “The Buck stops with you” You manifest your experience you take responsibility for every aspect of it.

*Financial lessons- How to think about money in a way to make it manifest faster Also how to loose all your money over night and then get it all back in less than a week🙃

*How to think about life situations in way to better detach from them enough to let my intentions manifest.

*Kundalini techniques and how to use it in a way I never really understood. For the first time I can really feel all of my chakras vibrate when I activate it and I can use it to manipulate energy alot easier than before

*Hard lessons about overcoming physical pain with raw willpower

*Over indulgence- How to have self control and why it’s bad to over indulge in anything because it can throw you off balance

*Hard lessons about Staying grounded in my own personal power- It’s easy to get frustrated when your in the heat of a situation but when you step back from it you feel silly for being frustrated because you’re literally a walking God among Mortal men.

*How to deal with relationships better- How to vibe better with people. Depending on the person I can swoop into thier Aurora and start bouncing off of them in a way I never could before it’s great for initiating conversation with strangers :slight_smile:

All of these lessons were taught in a way I couldn’t have ever anticipated
It’s really hard work and it tears your life up big time. Things have to be destroyed to be re created
From the day I started this pact I was in serious emotional and physical pain that I thought would kill me literally.
But then I stared death in the face and said come get me bro. That’s when things started to get good and I really started learning.

I wouldn’t recommend this path for anyone who isn’t crazy enough to burned alive and then brought back to life only to be burned again to see if there is something they missed about it the first time.

It’s that kind of mindset that’s required to succeed with this kind of work. You have to be willing to experience any kind of fear or pain in the name of growth.
If there’s anything you aren’t willing to face about yourself or life in general you will not succeed here.

This pact for me lasted 2 lunar cycles
Tommorow I’m going to say goodbye for now and burn the sigil. I’m going to miss her she’s really great :sob: I fell in love with her for sure.
I’m just a hopeless romantic for demon succubi😍


I’m going to take 2 weeks till new moon to finish incorporating these lessons into my life and grounding myself before I start with Lilith whom I also love :slight_smile:


Wow, That’s a great experience @Daniyel97.

Can you let us know which book/source material you have used for the pathworking?


It started with Asenath Mason and deamon Brazil’s books on Qlipothic Pathworking and visions of the Nightside.
That’s what inspired me to start the work.
But once I got deep into it and started getting the itch from Naahmah to learn vaymprism, Michael w Ford was definitely the biggest influence even though he doesn’t really write alot about nahaamh specifically, His books on predatory spirituallity changed my entire outlook on everything and what Luciferanism means to me. I would highly recommend his books
The Bible of the Adversary,
Sekhem apep - Typhonian vaymprism Magick
Also vampyre Magick by Father Sebastian had some good stuff too.


Thank you for the references @Daniyel97. Look forward to post on working with Lilith.

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Naamah truly is a gem. I love that Goddess to pieces.


Isn’t she?
The first time I connected to her energy I was overwhelmed.
I just kept repeating “I am Changed forever” towards the end of the ritual.


She is always there when you need Her. I remember one time, I thought She was going to appear lmao. Hopefully soon. One thing for sure, You know when She is there.

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Dude I just dismissed her
Omg I had no idea how present she really was until she was gone…
She was literally with me 24/7 in my inner mind and I didn’t understand until now
Now I’m all alone and I’m sad cause I didn’t appreciate her enough…
It’s fucking scary being alone after having her with me for 2 months…
She was there with me the whole time and I only talked to her when I felt I needed too … :tired_face:

U said you learn all that. Where is the process detail? the how to?

Was I supposed to dismisse her?
Or keep her with me?
I really don’t like the feeling of her being gone…im kinda freaking out…

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What do u mean?

for example. u said you learn soul travel. SO how did you do it? same questions with the other stuff you said you learned. financial lessons? kundalini techniques? vaymprism/predatory spirituality? you say you learn all these lessons so where is the step by step methods? … Don’t be selfish. tell us the formula process.

I’d have to write a book…
I can start with one if you like ?

that’s up to you to share. not everyone is going to get same results as the way it was taught to you. But we can break down the process and reinvent. lol

Do you want a how to
Or how I was taught?

ARent they the same? the how to and how you were taught have the process in it.

Ok I’ll start with Soul travel
I want to soul travel before I made the pact
Once I started having mediation expierence with Naahma she showed me that I had been soul traveling my whole life
Whenever you are in deep meditation and you think of a place your awareness moving to that place even if ur day dreaming about a place you are low key soul traveling there it gets more vivid and real the deeper into trance you are
It’s like doing the traditional astral projection methods where u focus on ur breathing for a long time and you start feeling your chakras pulsating and seeing lights but instead you focus your intent on a person place or thing.
This is what I did in my “Astral Rape” thread that everyone got so upset about.
I soul traveled to that person and had energy intercourse with them.

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No it’s not in ur head because I have even saw what people are wearing and told them
My friend who I haven’t seen in almost a year was wearing a charm bracelet I never saw before and I told her about it I also left a kiss on her hand and it manifested into 3D
Somehow she knew it was my doing and texted me about it the next day but she didn’t know I did it

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that’s cuz they too busy hypnotized by the label rape instead of the process of learning. Lots of people too focus on the detail of fluffy content instead of the context which is the structure and the how to. Of course one have to learn the concept of such content vs context. it’s the core understanding foundation for those who are hypnotist. So i guess i can’t expect others to understand since they don’t have same training as a hypnotist.

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Vaymprism was more interesting cause even tho we all do it I never understood how deep it goes especially for the Black Adept who is doing soul travel .

It started with lots of synchronization about vampires in general.
Then I remembered reading something about vaymprism in a book on draconain Magick that I was reading.
I thought it was more of a metaphor for a lifestyle but then I started digging and found some of Michael Ford’s work
I started learning about feeding so I tried it and realized it was real and had real effects especially in dream world.
Then something compelled me to watch Dracula
Which I hadn’t seen since I was a teen.
Being a student of occult art I picked up on so much symbolism it changed my whole perspective.
I realized that what Dracula was from an Astral point of view was what I could be.
The ability to be Omnipresent in that way and to manifest into people’s dreams and feed off of them.
To be in total control of life situations by controlling the astral influences around a situation.
This too me is the whole goal of GodHood is too be like Dracula.