The Dweller on the Threshold

Hello fellow magicians, I’m following BALG newsletters and find much wisdom on it for me a beginner on the Path to Godhood. I’m actually more centered on basic exercises of mazdaznan, a kind of yoga, but I keep with my occult practices (banishings, evocations, pendulum and tarot) plus studying some books.

Yesterday night I had an astral experience with the Dweller on the Thresold, it was quite late, I went to bed, had some dream, and I enter an altered state of consciousness where I found myself on my bed and started to contact a friend telepatically, talking about some subject we’ve been talking (he’s a practicing magickian so I tried to contact him telepatically as nights are more effective to do this kind of work, so I was trying).

Well in a moment I found someone opened the door of my room (a familiar figure, but it was not very definite) and look inside, then he closed the door and left. I stood up opened the door and menaced him to not disturbing me again (I was nervous), nor entering my room, and I grabbed some thing he had in his hand. So he fleed up, I closed the door and a minute after he came back again to trying opening my door, wich I kept shut, then I woke up.

I know it’s important to do some banishing before trying astral projection to avoid this until overcome, but I just didn’t thought I would leave my body tonigh. I also found yesterday my ajna chakra more active, because of my visualization exercise, it was active all day long yesterday. So, I’ve met this Dweller on the Threshold more times, I know it’s a part of myself, and I know what I have to do to confront him, just I must get ready. But I’d like to hear from your experiencies,

Cheers for everyone

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Im in the process of preparing to do this as well, so I was pretty delighted to see this thread. Synchronicity is awesome

I have a question about this topic. Dweller on the threshold. Yogapprentice, you said this shadowy figure is a part of you and knowing what you have to do to confront him. Are you implying that this is a subconscious part of yourself that must be handled before progressing into high planes of consciousness?

Meaning that reports of people about seeing the dweller and the writings are actually seeing their shadow materalize before them is actually a subconscious defense?

Or is this a particular entity identified outside of subconscious thought?

I have read accounts of people confronted by shadowy figured and malelavolent predators. i was just wondering if there is a connection between subconscous thoughtforms compared to an actual entity?

Would you care to shed some light on this?

Sure, I’m dealing with it yet. For me its a barrier. It represents my unconscious fears and blocks, plus the egregores I’m part of (groups). The hard thing to deal with it is in my personal situation, I’m always short of time for my spiritual practices, so I encounter him maybe once or twice a year and rarely under a singular form like this last time, it masks himself as things wich impress/scare us

To weaken it’s effects I “feel” meditation and opening of the heart chakra to be very useful (if you’re not short of time as me)

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so what you are saying that this is an entity seprate from your subconscious self that plays on fears and blocks that could suggest to you to put up a barrier that hinders your progress?

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nope, its a part of myself.

You see, I view blocks as negative thoughtforms of oneself. Some people never see the Dweller on the Threshold, and that maybe cus they don’t have such blocks/negative thoughtforms to overcome

It’s something wild on yourself, irrational, you must dominate, like overcoming a trauma or fear.

You can do it, but it takes time and effort

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Please explain.

Post was made 6 years ago, sadly I doubt that’s going to happen.

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I didn’t realise, can you point me to more current posts or topics?

No, because I’m not the forum’s search engine :laughing: but you’ll see a little icon for search top right which IS. :mag_right:

Point taken!

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Just thought you should know, I did do that before, that’s how I ended up replying to that post, didn’t realise it was an old post!

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No probs, I have nothing on this because I never encountered the Dweller, or if I ever did, I have forgotten.

Try asking Dorr?

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Thank you, much appreciated. X

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The OP is explaing why he doesn’t see or hear or experience Spirits/demons in other dimensions as his rituals do not seem to be successful as he is blocked or has blockages as negative energy that will not manifest and is hindering his magic.

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I have just googled about dorr! Not really what I was thinking or feeling, no offence! but thanks for the advice!

What is an OP?

U wot m8? :laughing:

I posted the spirit here, I (re)discovered them, so not sure what Google would be able to add to that, I was thinking if you soul-travel to them and ask them, as a threshold being, what the Dweller is, means, etc…

  1. I don’t know how to soul travel.

I sent you a method ages ago?