The Dream Of A Witch

Hello. I have this theory and I want to test how many of you others have experienced this.

I have 6 witch friends and all 7 of us have had this dream in varying forms where a snake bites us. All of us had this dream before coming to the path of a witch.

So my theory is that witches see that dream and that it is a sort of precognition dream that means you are a witch. How many of you have had this dream? This is a little experiment to see if my hunch is correct.

Now that you mention it… I recall a red serpent with glowing orange eyes in my dreams, before I got into the path… But I am almost certain it didn’t bite me. If I remember correctly ,it had some sort of black sting in its tail, which was plunged in my neck. After this I was left with black dots all around my neck that resembled rope marks.
I don’t know if that’s the same, you just kinda reminded me of it…


When I was a kid I used to have this dream where I was in Roman or Greek halls and id come acrossed a witch in front of a purple sphere and shed smile and id run and find another orb that took me home when I touched it. When I touched it, id wake up. When id wake up id go “it was just a dream phew” and then go back to sleep and wake up there again. Then I started seeing her and having nightmares.

I eventually started doing thr lords prayer and it all stopped. I said that it was all in my head and went atheist.

When my occult practice started, through study of Carl Jung, I crafted a version of merkabah activation and attributed it to her, I then started having dreams of green vipers lunging and biting me. Not only dreams. But whenever id close my eyes that is the image id see.

Ive also been seemingly followed by hawks.

These were my precursor/omens that I sorta took as signs that “you got a call buddy”.

Given there’s no such thing as “aye you’re a witch and you’ve always been a witch” a witch is nothing but a path to follow. Dreams can lead you on a specific path but you’re not forced to follow it. The dream could of been a “hey you could follow this path, it might lead you places” or it could mean something entirely different for each of you.


While I totally agree with @anon48079295, what you say is pretty interesting because I had that dream too in the past.

It started with a snake I had bought, but I somehow wanted to get rid of it cause it tried to bite me.
It repeated itself again and again and over time I learned how to hold the snake properly so it can’t bite me.