The dictionary of demons by michelle belanger

I just found this book a year ago. It has about 1500+ names of demons, plus their corresponding houses, planetary alignments, constraining angels, and more. It would take some time to read


I used to have the book. It’s only use is for names, and correspondences. It does not provide any sigis except for a few for illustrative purposes. It is alright as a starting point, if you are looking for the name of a demon for a specific purpose. Then you will have to consult the oracle known as Google.


I agree I have the book. It’s ok for quick references and such. But it leaves alot out and doesn’t give all the sigils like @DarkestKnight stated.

So if your just need names or some basic information it’s fair.


Although it doesnt have sigils. The names should be enough to evoke them

Yea but some magicians like having the sigils and more in depth information. It would have been nice to have had that all in one place.

I will say I like how it includes so many demons from so many different resources. And it includes alot of lesser know demons. So it does have pros and cons.

Reminder there’s a big list here:


I have this book good reference

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I have downloaded it

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