The Devistation of Ancient Rome (Hekate's Healing)

While I lived in Virginia a couple of years ago, I had two dreams. The first I was female, walking along a white wall. I was carrying a basket and felt like I had been shopping. I ran straight into a familiar face. He was looking for me. I know because someone standing beside him said ’ there she is’. Only in this life he had passed away years before. I was surprised to see him so I spoke his name. Right after I looked up into the sun and it was so bright I had to use my hands as a visor. Just as soon as I looked at the sun, I knew I was leaving. But I didn’t want to leave. I tried so very hard to stay there. But I did leave.

The other dream i was at a pool. It was like those ancient baths or Egyptian pool. I was standing at the end and a lady was about half way down. She floated a water lily to me and said ’ I’m sorry about what happened in Rome’.

These two dreams have stayed with me though pushed to the back of mind. Until BALG released the book Herbarium Diabolicum. In which I saw there was a cheaper titled Hekate and the Blue Water Lily.

The book pulled at me. Which is actually no easy feat. I don’t jump up and down over every book.
But this book I had to have. And so I got it. I haven’t done the ritual for that chapter yet as I’m still waiting for my seeds to arrive :disappointed:

But I was visited in a strange way by a bird. My skin on my shoulder recently morphed into a bird’s talons.

Which is very close the owls in the bottom picture.

After that I kept seeing from the vision of an owl flying over a city, it was night and fires burned everywhere.

Then I realized what it was. It was Nero’s fire.

Nero’s fire destroyed most of Rome. Including the Temple of Jupiter Stator, House the Vestals, the Forum which had an open mall in the middle and was a commercial center. (Hence why I felt like I had been shopping)
It also destroyed the Temple of Vesta. Locates in the Forum. It housed the Sacred flame. Which was the symbol of Rome’s safety and prosperity. It also destroyed the Temple Luna.

Now when I first started out with magick I went to visit the grave of the one I had dreamed of. I was just talking and told him… We were gods once. You were Hermes and I was Hekate. I didnt even really know what I was saying. But I will always remember sitting on that bench and telling him that.

It makes sense that this fire was so devistating to me. It destroyed everything I loved. But most of all it destroyed the sacred flame. Which would have devistated me. On this very forum in one of my journals I tell Set, the sacred flame can never go out or there must be consequences.
The sacred flame is very important to me. I would have been desrought.

Also an important note, the Temple of Vesta also housed a wooden image of Athena, brought from Troy as pledge and warranty of Empire. Which explains an owl on my shoulder.

I’m not sure how to heal from this. There are so many stories about how the fire was started. And any could be true or not true. Perhaps Ive been blaming myself.

In my dream it was daytime. The fires didnt start till night. But the Sun pulled me away. I think the sun might be a god possibly Apollo … If I ran straight into Hermes who was a messenger its possible I was pulled away right before the fire. And I know I would blame myself for not staying. The other thought is maybe the sun was the fire and the message was my time there was up.

No matter which way it is, this has devistated me through lifetimes. I have to find a way to heal from it.

I do know that without even knowing what I was saying to Set, I said if the sacred flame goes out there must be consequences. I also told him he would have to do it because he is a meaner… Meaner than me.

But I’m not sure if this is something I can wait for Set to handle. Maybe its my burden to figure out.

Should there be consequences? Or has that already happened? Did I walk around with this pain enough that the debt is paid?
Should hunt down the culprits? Or should I try to just heal from it let it wash away from me and move into my next phase like new butterfly?

I know I will do the ritual when my water lily seeds get here so I can make the tea. I look forward to that.


Anyway thanks for reading.

Ari :sunflower:

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Very poignant, princess :rose:

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Thanks for making me use a dictionary :laughing:

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That is kind of adorable :kissing_heart:

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Of course I’m adorable… Sometimes :laughing:

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Maybe thats why I hold on to this plaçe. Holding on to a past that maybe more healthy if I let go.

It makes sense. Hermes was telling me to let go of everything at the forum … The sacred flame wasnt gonna be there anymore.

Now all these mercury dimes have been coming to me in odd ways. Mercury - Hermes is telling me it’s time to let go. The sacred flame I loved isnt here anymore. Its time to let it go. All over again. Its time to let it go. What will be will be.